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Tracing Luo people ….!

Luo peoples_The Luo (also spelled Lwo) are several ethnically and linguistically related Nilotic ethnic groups in Africa that inhabit an area ranging from South Sudan and Ethiopia, through Northern Uganda and eastern Congo (DRC), into western Kenya, and the Mara Region of Tanzania. Their Luo languages belong to the Nilotic group and as such form part of the larger Eastern Sudanic family.

Luo groups in South Sudan include the Shilluk, Anuak, Pari, Acholi, Balanda Boor, Thuri, Maban, and Luo of Dimo, and those in Uganda include the Alur, Padhola, and Joluo. 

The Joluo and their language Dholuo are also known as the "Luo proper", being eponymous of the larger group. The level of historical separation between these groups is estimated at about eight centuries. Dispersion from the Nilotic homeland in South Sudan was presumably triggered by the turmoils of the Muslim conquest of Sudan.[citation needed] The migration of individual groups over the last few centuries can to some extent be traced in the respective group's oral history. The Luo (also Lwo) are part of the Nilotic group of people. The Nilote had separated from the other members of the East Sudanic family by about the 3rd millennium BC. Within Nilotic, Luo forms part of the Western group.

Within Luo, a Northern and a Southern group is distinguished. "Luo proper" or Dholuo is part of the Southern Luo group. Northern Luo is mostly spoken in South Sudan, while Southern Luo groups migrated south from the Bahr el Ghazal area in the early centuries of the second millennium AD (about eight hundred years ago).

A further division within the Northern Luo is recorded in a "widespread tradition" in Luo oral history: the foundational figure of the Shilluk (or Chollo) nation was a chief named Nyikango, dated to about the mid-15th century. After a quarrel with his brother, he moved northward along the Nile and established a feudal society. The Pari people descend from the group that rejected Nyikango.

The Anuak are a Luo people whose villages are scattered along the banks and rivers of the southwestern area of Ethiopia, with others living directly across the border in South Sudan. The name of this people is also spelled Anyuak, Agnwak, and Anywaa. The Anuak of South Sudan live in a grassy region that is flat and virtually treeless. During the rainy season, this area floods, so that much of it becomes swampland with various channels of deep water running through it.

The Anuak who live in the lowlands of Gambela are distinguished by the color of their skin and are considered to be black Africans. The Ethiopian peoples of the highlands are of different ethnicities, and identify by lighter skin color. The Anuak have accused the current Ethiopian government and dominant highlands people of committing genocide against them. The government's oppression has affected the Anuak's access to education, health care and other basic services, as well as limiting opportunities for development of the area.

The Acholi, another Luo people in South Sudan, occupy what is now called Magwi County in Eastern Equatorial State. They border the Uganda Acoli of Northern Uganda. The South Sudan Acholi numbered about 10,000 on the 2008 population Census. Around 1500, a small group of Luo known as the Biito-Luo, led by Chief Labongo (his full title became Isingoma Labongo Rukidi, also known as Mpuga Rukidi), encountered Bantu-speaking peoples living in the area of Bunyoro. These Luo settled with the Bantu and established the Babiito dynasty, replacing the Bachwezi dynasty of the Empire of Kitara. According to Bunyoro legend, Labongo, the first in the line of the Babiito kings of Bunyoro-Kitara, was the twin brother of Kato Kimera, the first king of Buganda. These Luo were assimilated by the Bantu, and they lost their language and culture.

Later in the 16th century, other Luo-speaking people moved to the area that encompasses present day South Sudan, Northern Uganda and North-Eastern Congo (DRC) – forming the Alur, Jonam and Acholi. Conflicts developed when they encountered the Lango, who had been living in the area north of Lake Kyoga. The Lango also speak a Luo language. According to Driberg (1923), the Lango reached the eastern province of Uganda (Otuke Hills), having traveled southeasterly from the Shilluk area. The Lango language is similar to the Shilluk language. There is not consensus as to whether the Lango share ancestry with the Luo (with whom they share a common language), or if they have closer ethnic kinship with their easterly Ateker neighbours, with whom they share many cultural traits.

Between the middle of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, some Luo groups proceeded eastwards. One group called Padhola (or Jopadhola - people of Adhola), led by a chief called Adhola, settled in Budama in Eastern Uganda. They settled in a thickly forested area as a defence against attacks from Bantu neighbours who had already settled there. This self-imposed isolation helped them maintain their language and culture amidst Bantu and Ateker communities.

Those who went further a field were the Joka Jok and Joka Owiny. The Jok Luo moved deeper into the Kaviirondo Gulf; their descendants are the present-day Jo Kisumo and Jo Rachuonyo amongst others. Jo Owiny occupied an area near Got Ramogi or Ramogi hill in Alego of Siaya district. The Owiny's ruins are still identifiable to this day at Bungu Owiny near Lake Kanyaboli. The other notable Luo group is the Omolo Luo who inhabited Ugenya and Gem areas of Siaya district. The last immigrants were the Jo Kager, who are related to the Omollo Luo. Their leader Ochieng Waljak Ger used his advanced military skill to drive away the Omiya or Bantu groups, who were then living in present-day Ugenya around 1750AD.

Between about 1500 and 1800, other Luo groups crossed into present-day Kenya and eventually into present-day Tanzania. They inhabited the area on the banks of Lake Victoria. According to the Joluo, a warrior chief named Ramogi Ajwang led them into present-day Kenya about 500 years ago.

As in Uganda, some non-Luo people in Kenya have adopted Luo languages. A majority of the Bantu Suba people in Kenya speak Dholuo as a first language and have largely been assimilated.

The Luo in Kenya, who call themselves Joluo (aka Jaluo, "people of Luo"), are the third largest community in Kenya after the Kikuyu, and Luhya. In 2010 their population was estimated to be 4.1million. In Tanzania they numbered (in 2001) an estimated 980,000 [1]. The Luo in Kenya and Tanzania call their language Dholuo, which is mutually intelligible (to varying degrees) with the languages of the Lango, Kumam and Padhola of Uganda, Acoli of Uganda and South Sudan and Alur of Uganda and Congo.

The Luo (or Joluo) are traditional fishermen and practice fishing as their main economic activity. Other cultural activities included wrestling (yii or dhao) kwath for the young boys aged 13–18 in their age sets. Their main rivals in the 18th century were luo Lango, the Highland Nilotes, who traditionally engaged them in fierce bloody battles, most of which emanated from the stealing of their livestock.

The Luo people of Kenya are nilotes and are related to the Nilotic people. The Luo people of Kenya are the fourth largest community in Kenya after the Kikuyu, Kenya, and, together with their brethren in Tanzania, comprise the second largest single ethnic group in East Africa. This includes peoples who share Luo ancestry and/or speak a Luo language.

    Acoli (Uganda and Kenya)

    Acholi (South Sudan and Uganda)

    Alur (Uganda and DRC)

    Anuak (Ethiopia and South Sudan)

    Blanda Boore (South Sudan)

    Gambella (Ethiopia)

    Jopadhola (Uganda)

    Jonam (Uganda)

    Jumjum (South Sudan)

    Jurbel (South Sudan)

    Kumam (Uganda)

    Joluo (Kenya and Tanzania)

    Luo of Dimo (South Sudan)

    Pari (South Sudan)

    Shilluk (South Sudan)

    Thuri (South Sudan)

    Maban (South Sudan)

    Balanda Bwoor (South Sudan)

    Cope/Paluo people (Uganda)

*** Hii article nimekopi toka kwa mmoja wa marafiki zangu Facebook. Picha nilizoweka hazina uhusiano wowote na article japo wote ni Wajaluo***

Madam Rita Paulsen: I can proudly say I know how she feels

Regrann from @mspaulsen - The smiles when a you are a single mother and get to wittness your daughter,s wedding...... I can proudly say I know how she feels. It's the best achievement and a blessing . The feeling is unexplainable. I wish this to all single mothers out there we rock 💪💪💪thanks God and our daughters for making us proud - #regrann Maneno ya kugusa moyo haya kutoka kwa Madam Rita Paulsen. Je, wewe umeahawahi kukutwa na hali kama iliyomkuta Madam Rita? Yani ukaona mtu anapitia jambo au anakutwa na kitu fulani (jema au baya) halafu zile hisia zake ukahisi ni wewe kwasababu huwenda nawe unapitia kitu hichohicho au ulishawahi kupitia huko nyuma? Kwanini nime share nanyi hii " status" ya Madam Rita, nikuwa maisha ni fumbo, ukimwona kichaa yupo uchi usimcheke kwani hujui yakesho! Watu pekee ambao wanaweza kuelewa kwanini yule kichaa yupo uchi na nijinsi gani anajisikia niwale ambao walishawahi kuweuka! Nawale  ambao wanajua thamani ya kuwa na akili timamu niwale wale uliowahi kuwa vichaa. Ndivyo ilivyo hapa, only those who are or have been single mothers before ndio wanaoelewa ujumbe wa Madam Rita na furaha ya kama Princess Megan.  ***Siku zote dharau maiti siyo binadamu mwenye pumzi ya uhai***


           *BAADA YA KUFA NINI
                 KINAENDELEA?*VIFUATAVYO NI VITU VINAVYOTOKEA. I. *UKIFA HAUWEZI KUFAHAMU NENO LOLOTE* ....MHUBIRI 9:5-6,10 kwa sababu walio hai wanajua ya kwamba watakufa; lakini wafu hawajui neno lo lote, wala hawana ijara tena; maana kumbukumbu lao limesahauliwa. Mapenzi yao na machukio yao, na husuda yao, imepotea yote pamoja; wala hawana sehemu tena katika jambo lo lote lililofanyika chini ya jua. Lo lote mkono wako utakalolipata kulifanya, ulifanye kwa nguvu zako; kwa kuwa hakuna kazi, wala shauri, wala maarifa, wala hekima, huko kuzimu uendako wewe II. *MWANADAMU ANAPOKUFA HANA TOFAUTI NA MNYAMA* ....MHUBIRI 3:19-20 Kwa maana linalowatukia wanadamu linawatukia wanyama; jambo moja lawatukia; anavyokufa huyu ndivyo anavyokufa huyu; naam, wote wanayo pumzi moja; wala mwanadamu hana kitu cha kumpita mnyama; kwa maana yote ni ubatili.Wote huendea mahali pamoja; wote hutoka katika mavumbi; na hata mavumbini hurudi tena, ZABURI 49:12 Lakini mwanadamu hadumu katika heshima, Bali amefanana na wanyama wapoteao III. *UKIFA HAUWEZI KUJUA WATOTO WAKO WANAENDELEAJE* ..... AYUBU 14:21 Wanawe hufikilia heshima, wala yeye hajui; Kisha wao huaibishwa, lakini yeye hana habari zao IV. *UKIFA HAUWEZI TENA KUMSIFU MUNGU BALI UKIWA HAI* ........  ZABURI 146:2,4 Nitamsifu Bwana muda ninaoishi, Nitamwimbia Mungu wangu ningali ni hai. Pumzi yake hutoka, huurudia udongo wake, Siku hiyo mawazo yake yapotea V. *WALIOKUFA WOTE BADO WAMELALA MAKABURINI WATAFUFULIWA YESU ANAPORUDI MARA YA PILI* ......  1 WATHESALONIKE 4:13-18 Lakini, ndugu, hatutaki msijue habari zao waliolala mauti, msije mkahuzunika kama na wengine wasio na matumaini.Maana, ikiwa twaamini ya kwamba Yesu alikufa akafufuka, vivyo hivyo na hao waliolala katika Yesu, Mungu atawaleta pamoja naye. Kwa kuwa twawaambieni haya kwa neno la Bwana, kwamba sisi tulio hai, tutakaosalia hata wakati wa kuja kwake Bwana, hakika hatutawatangulia wao waliokwisha kulala mauti. Kwa sababu Bwana mwenyewe atashuka kutoka mbinguni pamoja na mwaliko, na sauti ya malaika mkuu, na parapanda ya Mungu; nao waliokufa katika Kristo watafufuliwa kwanza. Kisha sisi tulio hai, tuliosalia, tutanyakuliwa pamoja nao katika mawingu, ili tumlaki Bwana hewani; na hivyo tutakuwa pamoja na Bwana milele. Basi, farijianeni kwa maneno hayo. Isaya 26:19 Wafu wako wataishi, maiti zangu zitafufuka; amkeni, kaimbeni, ninyi mnaokaa mavumbini, kwa maana umande wako ni kama umande wa mimea, nayo ardhi itawatoa waliokufa VI. *JE MUNGU ANAO UWEZO WA KUMRUDISHIA KILA KIUNGO AMBACHO MWANADAMU ANAKUWA NACHO WAKATI WA UHAI WAKE MF.NGOZI,NYAMA,,MIFU­­PA,,,!* .......  EZEKIELI 37:3-10 Akaniambia, Mwanadamu, je! Mifupa hii yaweza kuishi? Nami nikajibu, Ee Bwana MUNGU, wajua wewe. Akaniambia tena, Toa unabii juu ya mifupa hii, uiambie, Enyi mifupa mikavu, lisikieni neno la Bwana. Bwana MUNGU aiambia mifupa hii maneno haya; Tazama, nitatia pumzi ndani yenu, nanyi mtaishi. Nami nitatia mishipa juu yenu, nami nitaleta nyama iwe juu yenu, na kuwafunika ngozi, na kutia pumzi ndani yenu, nanyi mtaishi; nanyi mtajua ya kuwa mimi ndimi Bwana. asi nikatoa unabii kama nilivyoamriwa; hata nilipokuwa nikitoa unabii, palikuwa na mshindo mkuu; na tazama, tetemeko la nchi, na ile mifupa ikasogeleana, mfupa kwa mfupa mwenziwe. Nikatazama, kumbe! Kulikuwa na mishipa juu yake, nyama ikatokea juu yake, ngozi ikaifunika juu yake; lakini haikuwamo pumzi ndani yake. Ndipo akaniambia, Tabiri, utabirie upepo, mwanadamu, ukauambie upepo, Bwana MUNGU asema hivi; Njoo, kutoka pande za pepo nne, Ee pumzi, ukawapuzie hawa waliouawa, wapate kuishi. Basi nikatabiri kama alivyoniamuru; pumzi ikawaingia, wakaishi, wakasimama kwa miguu yao, jeshi kubwa mno. VII. *HAIRUHUSIWI KUFANYA IBADA YA WAFU AU KUWAOMBEA ETI MUNGU AWABARIKI/AWASAMEHE* TORATI 18:9-11 Asionekane kwako mtu ampitishaye mwanawe au binti yake kati ya moto, wala asionekane mtu atazamaye bao, wala mtu atazamaye nyakati mbaya, wala mwenye kubashiri, wala msihiri, wala mtu alogaye kwa kupiga mafundo, wala mtu apandishaye pepo, wala mchawi, WALA MTU AWAOMBAYE WAFU VIII. *JE NI KWELI WAFU WAKIFA BAADAYE HUWATOKEA NDUGU ZAO?* ...... 2 WAKORINTHO 11:13-15 Maana watu kama hao ni mitume wa uongo, watendao kazi kwa hila, wanaojigeuza wawe mfano wa mitume wa Kristo. Wala si ajabu. Maana Shetani mwenyewe hujigeuza awe mfano wa malaika wa nuru. Basi si neno kubwa watumishi wake nao wakijigeuza wawe mfano wa watumishi wa haki, ambao mwisho wao utakuwa sawasawa na kazi zao. JIBU NI HAPANA -Wafu wanaowatokea watu na kuongea nao tena wanafanana kabisa na ndugu zao waliokufa hizo huwa ni roho za mashetani zinazojigeuza katika maumbile mbalimbali ya marehemu ili kuwadanganya watu kuwa hawafi huo ni udanganyifu mkubwa wa shetani *TAHADHARI:* Wafu hawaendi mbinguni wanapokufa bali huzikwa kaburini, pia hawawezi kusamehewa kama walikufa bila kuungama dhambi zao.

Happy birthday Cookie

Happy birthday mwanangu Cookie Moses Iyobo! Mungu akujalie afya njema, maisha mazuri yaliyojaa amani na furaha, na zaidi ya yote akujalie kumjua na kumtumikia yeye Mungu muumba wa Mbingu na Dunia. Happy birthday beautiful, much love from aunt Alpha.  @auntyezekiel naomba copy ya movie ya Cookie (Mama) nasi tutizame please

“If you find true love don’t look at limitations”


When life hits you with so much pain,so much hurt & disappointments, you need to find strength & comfort in knowing that God didn’t promise us days without pain, laughter without sorrow, or sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears & light for the way.

If God allows it on you, He will also bring you through it all & you will never be the same again. Whatever you are going through – He has a reason.

Here she is;
Princess 👑 Meghan Markle

She is half black ,half white.(Biracial) African American origin.

Her parents got divorced when she was 6 years old

She was married before @30 years and divorced two years after .

Despite these factors you may consider as odds and a humble/not too smooth beginning, she rose above these circumstance and made a mark for herself.

She became a popular and successful actress

Became an advocate for gender equality and women empowerment.

Became a Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada

Became a UN advocate for women

Owns her own Clothing Line

She is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of her own blog.

And now at age 36 she is married to Prince Harry of England who is 34 years
Love is the way.she is making a grand entrance into The Royal Family! That is the story of MEGHAN MARKLE!

Amidst all, her family instead of supporting her new found journey to happiness, they’re busy putting her down. This coward brother writes to Prince Harry not to get married to a divorcee, old….
She’s an epitome of a true humble lady.


1. Prince Harry followed his heart to beat all odds. If you find true love don’t look at limitations.

2. Your family background is not a limiting factor to anything.Do not let society define who you are, or friends telling you how old you’re and should be getting married!

3. The end of one marriage does not mean the end of your life!

4. Work hard to pick up the pieces of your life and start all over again! Do not give up on yourself .

5. Do not despise the days of humble beginning. Start small even as a brief case girl or tea girl or a secretary but don’t stay small. Dream and think big, stay focused , keep your eyes on the ball and aim for the stars.

6.. You may have to kiss a few frogs before you meet your Prince. Don’t give up on love ! You are lova

Never loss hope because Life can go from 0 to 100 Real Quick” 🔥🔥🔥.

Good Morning Everyone. Blessed Sunday. Ramdhan Kareem. NTV Mwasuze Mutya 9am.Every Weekday. NTV/Spark TV.

Safari ya mama Washington DC

 Siku iliyofuata, tuliamka na kupata breakfast, kisha tukaendelea na mizunguko yetu.     Nilitaka mama aone Washington DC yote kila jengo ka office na majumba ya matajiri wa huko. Bahati mbaya au nzuri mama alikataa kutembea alidai amechoka kwasababu ya mizunguko ya jana yake. Hivyo, ikabidi tuchukue tour bus ambayo ilituonyesha sehemu zote tulizopenda kuona. Of course, nimuhimu kusalimiana na wapendwa wako pale unapopata nafasi. Basi hapa tutakutana na cousin yangu (mtoto wa mama yangu mkubwa, mama yake ni wapili kuzaliwa katika familia ya mama yangu) Dr. Joseph Obure yeye anafanya kazi hapo Washington DC. Mama na wanae Mama na kijana wake  wakisogoa story za miaka mingi 😍 

Mama na binti yake katika pozi 😍

Siku ilyofuata, tulianza kwa kununua green tea na pumpkin bread (my all time favorite breakfast) katika cafe ya Starbucks, tuliungana na aunt yangu aitwaye Sophie au mama AnnaD na baadaye kuanza safari ya kuelekea Makao Makuu duniani ya kanisa la Wasabato.  

Hili eneo ni kubwa sana kama utabahatika kutembelea basi panga angalau masaa azidi ya matatu ili uweze kufaidi na kujifunza kidogo. Mama yangu alifurahia sana. 


Basi safari yetu kwa siku hii ikaishia napa, tukaenda kula na kufanya mizunguko kidogo ya dakika za mwisho kwani muda wetu ulikuwa unatupa mkono.    
Nawatakieni maandalizi mema ya Sabato na Sabato njema kwa waumini wote wa dhehebu la Wasabato duniani 🙏

Kesha la asubuhi: Anakwenda Nyumba kwa Nyumba Pamoja na Watendakazi wa Injili

                   KESHA LA ASUBUHI


                         18 MAY 2018

*Anakwenda Nyumba kwa Nyumba Pamoja na Watendakazi wa Injili* 📖 _Akawaita wale Thenashara, akawapa uwezo na mamlaka juu ya pepo wote na kuponya maradhi. Akawatuma wautangaze ufalme wa Mungu, na kupoza wagonjwa. Akawaambia, Msichukue kitu kwa safari yenu, fimbo, wala mkoba, wala mkate, wala fedha, wala mmoja wenu asiwe na kanzu mbili. Na nyumba yo yote mtakayoingia kaeni humo, mpaka mtoke mjini. Luka 9:1-4._

✍🏽Bwana anawaita watu wake kuchukua njia mbalimbali za huduma za umisionari. Wale walioko katika njia kuu na walio katika sehemu zisizofahamika vizuri katika maisha wanapaswa kusikia ujumbe wa injili. Washiriki wa kanisa wanapaswa kufanya kazi ya uinjilisti katika kaya za majirani zao ambao bado hawajapata ushahidi mkamilifu wa ukweli ulio kwa ajili ya wakati huu.

✍🏽Hebu wale ambao wanachukua kazi hii wafanye maisha ya Kristo kuwa somo lao la kudumu. Hebu na kwa bidii sana, wawe wanatumia kila uwezo katika huduma ya Bwana. Matokeo yenye thamani sana yatafuatia juhudi za dhati zisizo na ubinafsi. Kutoka kwa Mwalimu mkuu watendakazi watapokea elimu ya juu kabisa kuliko zote. Lakini wale ambao hawagawi nuru hii waliyoipokea siku moja watatambua kuwa wamepata hasara ya kutisha.

✍🏽 Wengi wa watu wa Mungu inabidi watoke na machapisho kwenda katika sehemu ambazo ujumbe wa malaika wa tatu haujatangazwa. Kazi ya mwinjilisti wa vitabu ambaye moyo wake umejazwa na Roho Mtakatifu imejaa uwezekano wa ajabu wa mema. Uwasilishaji wa ukweli, katika upendo na usahili, kutoka nyumba moja hadi nyingine, unapatana na maelekezo aliyotoa Kristo kwa wanafunzi wake alipowatuma katika safari yao ya kwanza ya umisionari. Kwa nyimbo za sifa, maombi ya dhati, na uwasilishaji sahili wa ukweli katika familia moja, watu wengi watafikiwa.

✍🏽 Mtendakazi mtakatifu atakuwapo kupeleka usadikisho kwa mioyo. “Mimi niko pamoja nanyi siku zote” (Mathayo 28:20) ndio ahadi. Kukiwapo uthibitisho wa uwapo wa kudumu wa Msaidizi wa jinsi hiyo, tunaweza kutenda kazi kwa imani na tumaini na ujasiri.

🙇🏽‍♂```Ukinaifu wa huduma yetu kwa Mungu unapaswa kuvunjwa. Kila mshiriki wa kanisa anapaswa kujiingiza katika huduma fulani maalum kwa ajili ya Bwana.

🙇🏽‍♂ Hebu wale ambao wamejiimarisha katika ukweli waende katika sehemu jirani, na kufanya mikutano. Hebu Neno la Mungu na lisomwe, na hebu mawazo yanayoelezwa yawe katika jinsi ambayo yataeleweka na wote bila shida. - Review and Herald, May 5, 1904```.

                   *MUNGU AKUBARIKI*

Safari ya mama Washington DC

Siku ya tarehe 13 mwezi huu wa Tano, mimi na mama yangu tulisafiri kidogo kwenda mji mmoja unaitwa Washington DC. Huu mji ni makao makuu ya U.S.A hivyo nilikuwa nakwenda kumuonyesha mama Makao Makuu ya Marekani na pia kwa kuwa ilikuwa ni siku ya wakina mama duniani hivyo ikawa pia kama sehemu ya Mother's Day treat! Safari yetu ilianzia Houston, Texas hapo kwenye picha ni mama akiwa kwenye train kuelekea terminal ambayo tulipandia ndege. Kitu ambacho nimejifunza katika changamoto za kutaka kufurahia maisha  na kuwa na amani na watu, nikuwa siku zote kama unataka kufurahia matembezi yako binafsi basi nivizuri uwe umejiandaa kufurahiya bila kubugudhi watu wengine. Labda kama kweli unaamini hakuta kuwa na maneno ya chini au kuchafuana kwa majungu basi fikia kwa mwenyeji wako lasivyo Starehe kwa size ya Wallet yako 😀😀🙈 Nasema haya kutoka na experience ambazo nimewahi kuzipata au nimeona baadhi ya watu wakipata (Hii ni topic nyingine kabisa ipo siku nitaileta). Kiufupi hapa ndipo nilipo amua kufika.  Hapa tulikuwa tukipata Mother's Day dinner @Tony Cheng's restaurant.  Mama yangu anamatatizo ya tumbo, tupo extra careful na nini anakula. Kwasasa Chinese food ndio vipo salama kwa tumbo lake. Hapa tulikuwa tukipata Chinese menu kwenye restaurant moja iitwayo Tony Cheng's ndani ya Chinatown, hapo Washington DC.  Mimi mwenyewe baada ya kula, nguvu tele ya kuzunguka kidogo kabla ya kurudi hotelini.    Baada ya kula na kuzunguka kidogo Chinatown nikampeleka mama kuona WhiteHouse ya Marekani. Kwasababu hatukuwa na huwakika lini tungekwenda hivyo ilikuwa ngumu kwangu kuweka appointment ya kupewa tour ya ndani ya WhiteHouse. For security purposes inahitajika at least one month appointment kabla ya kwenda. Lakini hata hii tu ya nje ya jengo alifurahia.  Mama yangu hanaga makuu 😍😍

*** hii ni part one, nitamalizia nyingine baadaye***

Nawatakieni Ramadhan njema!

Nawatakien Ramadhan njema kwa wasomaji wangu wote ambao ni waumini wa dini ya Kiislam. Tukumbukane kwenye dua zenu, na zaidi tuombee amani ndani ya miyoyo yetu na kwa taifa letu. Ramadan Mubarak!

Kesha la asubuhi: Ana shauku ya kuwasaidia walimu

           🌏 *KESHA LA ASUBUHI*🌏
                          Mei 17, 2018


📓 Fungu kiongozi
📖2 Wafalme 2:15.

_*"Na hao wana wa manabii, waliokuwako Yeriko wakimkabili, walipomwona, walisema, Roho ya Eliya inakaa juu ya Elisha. Wakaja kuonana naye, wakainama kifudifudi mbele yake".*_

✅ Roho Mtakatifu alikuja katika shule ya manabii, akileta hata mawazo ya wanafunzi katika upatanifu na mapenzi ya Mungu. Kulikuwapo na muunganiko hai kati ya mbingu na shule hizi, na furaha na shukurani za mioyo yenye kupenda ilidhihirika katika nyimbo za sifa ambazo malaika walijiunga kuimba.

✅ Iwapo walimu wangelifungua mioyo yao kumpokea Roho huyu, wangelikuwa tayari kushirikiana naye katika kutenda kwa ajili ya wanafunzi wao; na pale anapopewa njia huru, atasababisha mabadiliko ya ajabu. Atafanya kazi katika kila moyo, akirekebisha ubinafsi, kuumba na kusafisha tabia, na kuleta hata mawazo kuwa mateka kwa Kristo. …

✅ Badala ya kunyamazishwa na kurudishwa nyuma, Roho Mtakatifu ingelifaa akaribishwe, na uwapo wake kuhimizwa. Wakati walimu wanapojitakasa wenyewe kupitia katika utii wa Neno, Roho Mtakatifu atawafanya kuona kidogo mambo ya mbinguni. Watakapomtafuta Mungu kwa unyenyekevu na bidii, maneno ambayo wameyazungumza kwa msisitizo thabiti yatachoma mioyoni mwao; ndipo ukweli hautafifia katika ndimi zao.

🔘 ```Uwakala wa Roho wa Mungu hauondoi kutoka kwetu umuhimu wa kutumia akili na vipawa vyetu, bali hutufundisha jinsi ya kutumia kila uwezo kwa ajili ya utukufu wa Mungu. Akili za mwanadamu zikiwa chini ya uongozi maalum wa neema ya Mungu zinakuwa na uwezo wa kutumiwa kwa ajili ya kusudi lililo bora duniani. Kutokujua hakuongezi unyenyekevu au kumfanya mtu ye yote anayekiri kuwa mfuasi wa Kristo kuthamini zaidi mambo ya kiroho. Kweli za Neno takatifu zinaweza kufurahiwa vyema zaidi na Mkristo mwenye akili. Kristo anaweza kutukuzwa vyema zaidi na wale wanaomtumikia kwa akili. Kusudi kuu la elimu ni kutuwezesha kutumia uwezo ambao Mungu ametupatia kwa namna ile itakayowasilisha dini ya Biblia na kukuza utukufu wa Mungu.```
👆🏽 - North Pacific Union Gleaner, May 26, 1909.



                   PUMZIKA KIDOGO

Kwanini Yesu, katikati ya siku yenye shughuli nyingi, aliwataka wanafunzi wake kuuacha umati wa watu na kwenda naye mahali pa faraga kupumzika? Alifahamu kuwa kadri walivyokuwa na kazi nyingi za kufanya ndiyo walivyohitaji kuweka muda wa kupumzika na kuwa pamoja na mwokozi wao. Kutofanya hivyo mwisho wake kungewaumizi wao wenyewe na wale wote waliokusudia kuwahudumia.

Sisi nasi leo, ni muhimu kuzingatia ukweli huu.

Mungu anajua shughuli zako na changamoto za Maisha yako ya kila siku – Iwe ni nyumbani, kazini, au Kanisani. Mungu anajua pia kuwa unahitaji hekima yake ili uweze kuwa na mtizamo sahihi wa kila shughuli na namna inavyopaswa kufanywa- na unahitaji pia nguvu kutoka kwake ili uweze kufanya kila jambo kwa usahihi. Kama hutapanga kuwa na muda wako wa kupumzika na kupata nguvu mpya (kimwili na kiroho)- upo uwezekano mbeleni wa wewe na wote uwapendao kuumia. Uchovu unaathiri kufikiri kwetu, namna tunavyowasiliana, na uwezo wetu wa kupenda wanaotunzunguka.

Yesu akawaambia, “Twendeni peke yetu mpaka mahali pa faragha mkapumzike kidogo.” Alisema hivyo kwa kuwa kulikuwa na watu wengi mno waliokuwa wanafika hapo na kuondoka hata Yesu na wanafunzi wake hawakuweza kupata nafasi ya kula chakula" Marko 6:31

                  GET SOME REST

Why, in the midst of such a busy day, did Jesus insist His disciples leave the crowds to rest and be alone with Him? He knew that the busier they were, the more they need to make time to rest and be alone with Him. If they didn’t, eventually they would hurt both themselves and those who they were seeking to help. The same is true for us

God knows the demands and responsibilities you face-at home, on the job, even in your church. But God also knows you need His wisdom to keep those things in perspective, and you need His strength to get them done rightly.

Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

Zari Hassan: Success is not sexually transmitted

Wow! Word of centuries!! "Success is not sexually transmitted" kila mtu apambane na hali yake!! Hata ukiwa na mwanaume au mwanamke mwenye akili ya maendelo kama kichwa chako hakipo sawa yani hata ulale naye huyo mtu miaka na miaka hauta kuwa yeye!! Kama uwamini kamulize Gardner Habbash 😂😂🙈 (just kidding)...... Jamani ukimpata mtu mwenye akili ya maendelo basi nawe unaongezea na zako!!  Chuki wala roho mbaya haisaidii!! #SucessIsNotSexuallyTransmitted 





Regrann from @zarithebosslady  -  I repeat, success is not sexually transmitted!!!  - #regrann


         NITABAKI NA MAMA YANGUKijana mmoja daktari alikwenda kuposa kwa familia moja yenye uwezo wa kifedha na Mali zao .

Binti aliyemposa akamuwekea masharti mazito. Baada ya kujua kwamba daktari alimchukua mama yake aishi naye kwake baada ya kuona mama yake amekuwa ni mzee Sana.

Yule Binti Akamwambia chagua mawili kunioa mimi au kukaa na mama yako pale kwako ?? ,

kwa sababu ukinioa mimi sitokubali kukaa na mama yako pale kwako maana itakuwa ni kwangu sasa mama yako akae pale ili iweje?? !

Yule kijana daktari alimuelemewa. Hakujua la kufanya Kuhusu maisha yake na yeye yule Binti , Mke mtalajiwa , Uku akitafakari Binti anampenda Sana lakini mama yake pia anampenda.

Hivyo aliamua kuomba ushauri kwa mwalimu wake wa chuo kikuu kwakuwa alikuwa wanatoka wote kijiji kimoja pia Ndio kiongozi wake wa maisha yake.

Daktari alimwambia mwalimu :- 
Mwalimu kama nilivyokueleza awali kwamba nitaenda kuposa kwa yule kwa wazazi wa yule binti niliyekuambia yaani kwa Kweli moyo wangu unampenda mno yule binti siwezi Fikiria Mwanamke mwingine zaidi yake ,

lakini masharti aliyonipa ya yule Binti mke mtalajiwa ni kwamba nimfukuze mama yangu pale nyumbani kwangu ,,

kitendo ambacho kinaniumiza Sana Kichwa, mimi siwezi kuishi mbali na mama yangu maana amekuwa mzee.

Mwalimu sasa Nifanye nini na yule Binti nampenda vibaya mno ?

Yule mwalimu mwenye hekima ambaye alikuwa anajua tabu alizopitia mama wa yule kijana daktari , alimjibu kwa kumwambia:

Kabla ya kukueleza uchague yupi kati ya wawili hao wa kukaa naye nyumbani kwako fanya mambo yafuatayo ,

Kwanza kabisa rudi nyumbani kwako , na leo usifanye chochote, ila Ukifika tu kosha mikono ya mama yako.

Yule kijana alifanya kama alivyotakiwa na mwalimu wake.

Alipofika nyumbani aliomba idhini kwa mama yake amruhusu kuikosha mikono yake, na yule mama alimkubalia bila ya wasiwasi wowote.

Yule kijana alipoanza kuikosha mikono ya mama yake na kuona jinsi ilivyogugutaa, mikono kama mgongo wa kenge sasa ya kufanya kazi za sulubu wakati wa ujana wake.. ,

mama yake akamwambia mwanangu mikono yangu imegutaa kwasababu ya kufanya vibarua Ya kulima viazi na kupalilia mipunga ktk Mashamba Ya watu , Kwaajili Ya kutafuta Ada yako ya shule na uniform , 
Baba yako alifariki ukiwa mdogo Sana... 
Kumbe baba wa yule kijana alifariki dunia yeye akiwa bado mdogo, yule mama aliamua kufanya kazi ngumu kwa ajili ya mwanawe. Alijitolea kufanya kazi za sulubu. Alikubali kuwa mtumishi wa ndani, mashambani, kulima viazi, kukosha nguo, kufyeka barabarani na kila kazi ambayo alihisi ingelimletea fedha ya halali bila ya kujali ugumu hiyo Kwaajili Ya kumtunza Mwanae .

Juhudi zake zilizaa matunda na kufanikiwa kumlea na kumsomesha mwanawe hadi chuo kikuu na sasa ni daktari ambaye ana maendeleo mzuri.

Yule kijana Daktari alilia sana akamwangalia viganja vya mama yake, akasema nakupenda mama yangu, nitakutunza kwa hali yoyote. .

Baada ya yule kijana kukumbuka yote hayo, alifanya haraka kumpigia simu mwalimu wake huku macho yakiendelea kububujikwa na machozi akimwambia,

Mwalimu siwezi kusubiri hadi kesho. Jibu nimeshalipata. Siwezi kumtupa mama yangu kwa ajili ya huyo Binti msomi asiyejua thamani ya mama yangu.

Ahsante sana kwa kunionesha njia sahihi Mwalimu !

Kamwe siwezi kumuuza mama yangu kwa ajili ya Mwanamke msomi ambaye hajali thamani Ya mama yangu .. wakati mama yangu ameteseka maisha yake yote kwa ajili ya yangu.

Mwacheni aende tu akaolewe na mwanaume yeyote ampendaye mimi nitabaki na mama yangu

**Hadithi hii nimesoma kwa Ayo TV Facebook page**

Photo of the day: Emelda Mwamanga

The C.E.O herself! Beautiful Emelda Mwamanga a.k.a mama Gabby looking amazing 👌 Jamani kile kipengele chetu cha "Womanhood' siku nyingi tumekisahau eeh, nipeni muda kitarudi tena kwa kasi sana! Wanawake wenye miguu ya kuzalisha pesa simnawaona eeh walivyo tofauti na wale wenye

Kesha la asubuhi: Anaongoza Utakaso wa Familia

                   *KESHA LA ASUBUHI*

                 _ALHAMISI MEI 10, 2018_

           *Anaongoza Utakaso wa Familia* _Mlee mtoto katika njia impasayo, Naye hataiacha, hata atakapokuwa mzee. Mithali 22:6._

📝 Ninawasihi wazazi kujiweka tayari wao wenyewe na watoto wao kujiunga na familia ya juu. Kaa tayari, kwa ajili ya Kristo, kaa tayari kukutana na Bwana wako kwa amani. Anza kufanya kazi katika familia yako kwa namna itakayoleta matokeo mema. Anza katika mzizi wa jambo lenyewe. Leteni ukweli katika nyumba zenu, ili kuwafanya kuwa watakatifu na kuwatakasa. Usiuache katika ua wa nje. Ni vipofu kiasi gani wale wanaodai kuwa Wakristo kuhusu maslahi yao wenyewe! Ni kiasi gani wanashindwa kabisa kuona kile ambacho Kristo angeliwatendea iwapo angeliruhusiwa kuingia katika nyumba zao.

📝 Hebu Wakristo na watende kwa bidii ili kupata taji ya uzima kama vile walimwengu wanavyotenda ili kupata manufaa ya kidunia, na kanisa la Mungu kwa hakika litasonga mbele likiwa na nguvu. Roho Mtakatifu hutoa matendo ambayo yanapatana na sheria ya Mungu. Kazi ya kuhuisha ya Roho itaonekana katika familia zenye kujitahidi ili kuonesha wema, uvumilivu, na upendo. Uwezo wenye nguvu zote uko kazini, ukiandaa akili na mioyo ipate kujisalimisha kwa uwezo unaoumba wa Roho Mtakatifu, ukiwaongoza wazazi kujitakasa wao wenyewe, ili watoto wao pia wapate kutakaswa.

📝 Nyumba ambayo washiriki wake ni Wakristo wapole, waungwana huweka mvuto wenye ushawishi mwingi kwa ajili ya wema. Familia zingine watazingatia matokeo yaliyopatikana na nyumba kama hizo, na watafuata mfano uliowekwa, kwa upande wao wakilinda kaya zao dhidi ya mivuto ya kishetani.

📝 Malaika wa Mungu mara nyingi watatembelea makazi ambayo ndani yake mapenzi ya Mungu yanatawala. Chini ya nguvu ya neema ya Mungu kaya kama hiyo inakuwa ni mahali pa kuburudisha kwa wasafiri dhaifu na wachovu. Kwa kulinda kwa uangalifu, nafsi inazuiwa kujionesha kuwa na haki. Mazoea sahihi yanatengenezwa. Kuna utambuzi makini kuhusu haki za watu wengine. Imani itendayo kazi kwa upendo na kuitakasa roho inashikilia usukani, na kuitawala kaya yote. Chini ya mvuto mtakatifu wa kaya kama hiyo, kanuni za udugu zilizowekwa katika Neno la Mungu zinatambuliwa kwa upana zaidi na kutiiwa. - Southern Watchman, Jan. 19, 1904.


The Lawyer herself in Songea!

                 Mwanasheria Janeth O.O Igogo  a.k.a Mrs Nyagilo akiwa safarini kikazi zaidi katika Mkoa wa Songea..... alphaigogo blog inamtakia kazi njema, na  wasafiri salama kurudi Dar pindi watakapo maliza shughuli za kikazi zilizo wapeleka........ Haya wale wa Songea mpooo?! Jojo nimekufikisha nyumbani 😍

Kesha la asubuhi: Anajibu maombi ya kutaka msaada wa Mungu

*_ANAJIBU MAOMBI YA KUTAKA MSAADA WA MUNGU _* 📖 _Na maneno haya ninayokuamuru leo, yatakuwa katika moyo wako; nawe uwafundishe watoto wako kwa bidii, na kuyanena uketipo katika nyumba yako, na utembeapo njiani, na ulalapo, na uondokapo. Kumbukumbu 6:6, 7_.

✍🏽Akina baba na akina mama, nitawezaje kupata maneno ya kuelezea jukumu lenu kubwa! Kwa tabia mnayoidhihirisha mbele ya watoto mnawafundisha kumtumikia Mungu au kuitumikia nafsi. Basi toa maombi yako ya dhati kwa mbingu kwa ajili ya msaada wa Roho Mtakatifu, ili mioyo yenu ipate kutakaswa, na kwamba njia mnayoifuata iweze kumheshimu Mungu na kuwavuta watoto wenu kwa Kristo.

✍🏽 Inapasa kuwapa wazazi hisia ya umakini na utakatifu wa kazi yao, pale wanapotambua kuwa kwa mazungumzo au matendo ya kizembe wanaweza kuwapoteza watoto wao.

✍🏽Wazazi wanahitaji uongozi wa Mungu na Neno lake. Wasipoyasikiliza mashauri ya Neno la Mungu, wasipofanya Biblia kuwa mshauri wao, kanuni ya maisha, watoto wao watakua wakiwa wazembe na watatembea katika njia za kutokutii na kutokuamini.

✍🏽 Kristo aliishi maisha ya kazi na kujikana nafsi, na alikufa kifo cha aibu, ili apate kutoa mfano wa roho ambayo itawachochea na kuwatawala wafuasi wake. Kadiri ambavyo wenzi wa maisha wanajitahidi nyumbani kwao kufanana na Kristo, mvuto wa mbinguni utaenezwa katika maisha ya familia yao.

🙇🏽‍♂```Katika kila nyumba ya Kikristo Mungu anapaswa kuheshimiwa kwa dhabihu za asubuhi na jioni za sifa na maombi. Kila asubuhi na jioni maombi ya dhati inabidi yapande kwa Mungu kwa ajili ya baraka na uongozi wake. 
Je Bwana wa mbingu atapita katika nyumba kama hizo na asiache baraka hata moja pale? Hapana, kwa kweli.

🙇🏽‍♂ Malaika wanasikia utoaji wa sifa na maombi ya imani, na wanabeba maombi kwenda kwake yeye anayehudumu katika patakatifu kwa ajili ya watu wake, na kukiri ustahili wake kwa niaba yao. Maombi ya kweli hushikilia nguvu za Mungu na kuwapa watu ushindi. Juu ya magoti yake Mkristo anapata nguvu ya kupinga jaribu. - Review and Herald, Feb. 1, 1912.```


Huwezi copy personality ya mtu!

Regrann from @mspaulsen – You can copy everything about a person but not her personality its a God given. Just be yourself 😍😍utachekesha…….. – #regrann   Mmesikia hayo maneno toka kwa Madam Rita? Personality ya mtu ni kama DNA huwezi iga wala huwezi kuwadanganya watu! Acha maisha ya kuiga iga kuwa wewe, acha watu wakujue, wakupende, na kukuheshimu kwa kuwa authentic best version of you na siyo kujifanya wewe fulani wakati watu wanakuona ni kitu kingine!

Kesha la asubuhi: Kando ya akina mama akiwaongoza watoto wao

                *KESHA LA ASUBUHI*

               _JUMANNE MEI 08, 2018_

_Kando ya Akina Mama Akiwaongoza Watoto Wao_  _Naliomba nipewe mtoto huyu; Bwana akanipa dua yangu niliyomwomba; kwa sababu hiyo mimi nami nimempa Bwana mtoto huyu; wakati wote atakaokuwa hai amepewa Bwana. Naye akamwabudu Bwana huko. 1 Sam 1:27, 28._

🔶 Akina mama Wakristo wanapaswa kutambua kuwa wao ni watendakazi pamoja na Mungu wakati wanapowafundisha na kuwaadabisha watoto wao katika namna ambayo itawawezesha kuakisi tabia ya Kristo. Katika kazi hii watakuwa na ushirikiano wa malaika wa mbinguni; lakini ni kazi ambayo kwa masikitiko imepuuzwa, na kwa sababu hii Kristo ananyang’anywa urithi wake-washiriki walio wadogo wa familia yake. Lakini kupitia kwa ukaaji ndani wa Roho Mtakatifu, ubinadamu unaweza kutenda kazi pamoja na uungu.

🔷 Somo la Kristo wakati wa kuwapokea watoto, linapaswa kuacha alama yenye kina juu ya mioyo na akili zetu. Maneno ya Kristo yanawahimiza wazazi kuwaleta watoto wao kwa Yesu. Wanaweza kuwa wakaidi, na kuwa na hisia kali kama zile za kibinadamu, lakini hii haipasi kutukatisha tamaa ya kuwaleta kwa Kristo. Aliwabariki watoto waliopagawa na hisia kali kama yake mwenyewe.

🔴 Mara nyingi tunakosea kuwafundisha watoto. Mara nyingi wazazi wanawaendekeza watoto katika kile kilicho cha kibinafsi na chenye kuharibu maadili, na, badala ya kuwa na uchungu wa roho kwa ajili ya wokovu wao, wanawaacha kuzurura bila malengo wala mwelekeo, na kukua wakiwa na tabia potovu na mienendo isiyopendeza. Hawakubali wajibu wao waliopewa na Mungu kuwaelimisha na kuwafundisha watoto wao kwa ajili ya utukufu wa Mungu. Hawaridhishwi na tabia za watoto wao, na kuvunjwa moyo wanapotambua kuwa makosa yao ni matokeo ya uzembe wao wenyewe, na kisha wanakatishwa tamaa.

🔵 Lakini ikiwa wazazi wangelihisi kwamba kamwe hawawekwi huru kutokana na mzigo wao wa kuwaelimisha na kuwafundisha watoto wao kwa ajili ya Mungu, iwapo wangelifanya kazi yao kwa imani, wakishirikiana na Mungu kwa maombi na kazi ya dhati wangelifanikiwa katika kuwaleta watoto wao kwa Mwokozi. Hebu akina baba na akina mama wajitoe wao wenyewe, roho, mwili, na nafsi kwa Mungu kabla ya kuzaliwa kwa watoto wao. - Signs of the Times, Apr. 9, 


Mwanaume kuwa na nyumba peke yake si tija…..!

Nakubaliana na Lemutuz kwa maneno aliyo andika hapo  chini lakini naomba niongezee kwa kusema kwamba; mwanaume kuwa na nyumba peke yake si tija bali kuwa na mji wako ndio mambo yote! Mwanaume sharti uwe na mji wako ndio utaheshimika! Hili hata kwenye Bible (kwa site tunao amini Bible) imesema. Siyo tu kufanya starehe halafu una lala na kuamka kwenye mji wa mwanaume mwenzio, kwani wewe unamatatizo gani?! Mwanaume kuuza sura hakukupi heshima au kukyongezea thamani yoyote bali kunaonyesha jinsi gani ulivyo na Itilafu kuchwani au mahala "fulanai" mwilini mwako!! Napia kuwa na nyumba nyingi kuna kufanya kuwa "baba mwenye nyumba" lakini hakukufanyi kuwa Baba Mwenye Mji (home)!! Kwa  mwanaume  kupata uwezo wa kusema nina kwangu au nina mji wangu lazima uwe na MKE!! Sijasema Kimada au Vimada hapana! MKE! Mwanamke uliyemuoa kihalali kwa kufata taratibu halali za kidini au lisheria! Nawala siyo mwanamke wa kufichia status kwa social media. Lasivyo hizo nyumba zako zinakuwa hazina uzito sana!! Nyumba hata Kunguni wanazo 😂😂 Hivi bado kuna ndoa za kimila karne hii  😕😕Just asking 🙈🙈Regrann from @lemutuz_superbrand  -  FACT: Hapa mjini kuna Baba mwenye nyumba ...sio Baba mwenye wabebez au magari na nguo ...hahahahahahaha.....NI BABA MWENYE NYUMBA TU! .....tuleni Batazzz lakini TUJENGE...Case Closed ....U know! - @lemutuz_superbrand  - #regrann