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Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs O.O Igogo

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mr and Mrs O.O Igogo. I love you and you know it!  Enjoy your day! 😍😍 ~~~~your daughter Alpha 
“Sometime back over four decades ago, I was visiting my old Mum in the village of Utegi, on a date same like today, 17thAugust.

I had a fully commited heart and desire to go out and look for the better half of me, so that we can pair and share our remaining part of the long walk to Heaven together.
Poor and young as I was, I did not have any other Choice than for that beautiful young girl I knew since 1970, whose home was in the village of Kowak.

During those days there were no telephones, nor did I have any means of transport neither did I have any money to afford bus fare to the ten kilometers distance away from my Village of Utegi. So I remained with only one means of mobility, if I had to make a suprise visit to my choice of life patners homestead, and that was walking on foot to and fro.

Ernegetical with full courage on assumption that she ought be at home, I set my feet on the ground pace after pace, at times I jogged to catch up with time, till I reached Kowak.
Counting on good luck and trust that she would not shame me, I reached the Kumbini shoping Centre of Kowak. I had look for a reliable person to send across to her home, for signaling of my presence and got one young man whom I sent over and eventualy made my mission a success.Β It was on that very same of 17th August over four decades ago when we traditionaly paired as couples to date with my better half named Cecilia.

Our beloved and Mercifull God has blessed our life together with very understanding, humble, highly deciplined and caring four daughters and a son, giving us a marvellous gift of seven grand children to date.

This is not a tell tell or a bed time story, but a true and live background of the Mzee Otieno Igogo and his Spouse Cecilia. If you get this breath catching story you are welcome to join us for an Anniversary Dinner to be hosted by us at the Chinese Great a Wall Restaurant in Oysterbay opposite the residence of Mzee Charles Igogo, at 7.00 pm”~~~~~~ Sir O.O Igogo


Much respect to all hustling hard to improve their reality while most are escaping theirs…… find us….πŸ“šπŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“
Giiiirrlllll listen, there is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. @luluzhair

The Teshas’!

What a beautiful picture! The Teshas’ katika ubora wao! Wamependeza sana! ❀ It! Β Quote for today:

“Not only the presence of love fed the life of a family but there’s more to it in reality…”~~~~ UnknownΒ 

Shemeji usimchokoze baba!

Muheshimiwa shemeji, acha kumchokoza baba, au unataka vita na BabaMkwe wako πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Baba kashasema yamekwishwa halafu wewe ndio unakuja kusoma report πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠΒ  Siunajua alisema yeye “hajaribiwi”? Wee haya wee sijui nani atasomesha wale wanao πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ …………Wapendwa msinishangae sana. Huyo anayetoa report ya sakata la Clouds Media ni shemeji yangu kabisa. Siyo wa ukoo tu, hapana! Kamuoa dada yangu kabisaaaa mtoto wa baba yangu mkubwa Samuel O. Igogo. Halafu ni shemeji ambaye nirafiki yetu sana, mkarimu usipime. Kwakweli familia yetu tumebarikiwa! Tunamshukuru Mungu……..Kwamajina anaitwa Juma Thomas ni Mwanasheria, na pia ni Journalist mkongwe. Alichaguliwa kuwa Mwenyekiti wa hiyo tume ya sakata la Clouds Media, ndio maana anasoma report.

Anyway, nimependa report yenu ipo fair enough! Na ushauri wenu kuhusu TCRA ni mzuri mno! Vyombo vya habari navyo vinatakiwa vilindwe kama watu wanavyo lindwa. Lazima kuwe na haki ya kulinda pande zote mbili…….Hongereni!

ADD Friends Campaign – Epsd 013: Mchango wa Imani kueneza fikra potofu juu ya Ulemavu.~~~~Peter Sarungi

ADD Frriends Campaign - Epsd 013
Mchango wa Imani kueneza fikra potofu juu ya Ulemavu.
Peter Sarungi (The Next Speaker)
Habari marafiki zetu, leo ni moja kati ya siku za kuabudu kwa baadhi ya imani tulizo nazo nchini. Nami naomba nitumie siku hii kutoa ujumbe unao endana na siku hii lakini ukigusa kampeni yetu ya kuondoa fikra potofu juu ya watu wenye ulemavu.

Tabia, desturi na utamaduni ni moja ya vitu vinavyo tengeneza mitindo ya kuishi kwa jamii. Hata hivyo Imani ndio chanzo kikuu cha kutengeneza tabia, desturi, mila na utamaduni kwa jamii. Leo hii katika jamii zetu kuna mitindo mingi ya kuishi inayo akisi imani tulizo nazo. Imani ya mtu huonekana kupitia fikra zake, kwani kile mtu anacho kiamini ndicho atakacho kitenda.

Fikra potofu za jamii juu ya ulemavu ni moja ya zao linalo tokana na imani zetu katika jamii. Sipo kwaajili ya kupinga imani za watu lakini ni wajibu wangu kukataa imani kandamizi kwa walemavu. Imani zetu zimekuwa ziki tuaminisha kwamba moja ya makundi yenye kuhitaji misaada na huruma kutoka kwa jamii ni watu wenye ulemavu. Waumini wengi wamekuwa wakiamini kwamba ukimsaidia mlemavu basi unapata baraka na thwawabu kwa Mungu. Wanaamini walemavu wameumbwa ili kuwa chanzo chao cha baraka na mafanikio iwapo wata saidia kundi hilo.

Imani hii imejenga fikra ya kuwaona walemavu kama sehemu ya mtihani wa imani kwa jamii, imeleta fikra ya kuwaona walemavu kama viumbe walsio weza na hata ikitokea mlemavu huyo ameweza basi wataamini sio yeye wala jitihada zake bali ni Mungu. Yaani ni kama kobe unapo mkuta amepanda juu ya mti, lazima utasema kapandishwa.

Hizi ni fikra potofu zinazo tokana na mafundisho ya imani zetu. Kuna haja ya viongozi wa dini kubadilika haraka maana wakati ni huu ambao ADD Friends Campaign imefunguliwa maono yaliyo jificha kwa muda mrefu.
Ikiwa wewe unapata thwawabu kwa kunipa msaada wa siku moja, je mimi napata wapi hiyo thwawabu??? Au mimi si wa Mungu?? Au mimi naingia mbinguni bure??

Karibu ADD Friends tufikiri tofauti kwa pamoja ili kutibu jamii juu ya fikra potofu kwa watu wenye ulemavu.

“I Esther Akoth will never date a celebrity”

this kind of men steal my heart , not social media addicts who worship the no of followers , likes and comments , I told my daughters , I would be happy if you introduce your boyfriend as , ( mum meet my new catch he is a farmer ) but if you tell me he is a celebrity , am out , you will end up funding a lifestyle which will render you broke , I Esther Akoth will never date a celebrity , unless he has some brains & willing to grow, or he is damn rich, but just because he is famous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ fame can only take you as far as getting free and easy sex, business class tickets , favours , but no stable income , the rest you pay , think !!! my opinion , good morning peeps πŸ”ŠπŸ”Š

“Usimuingize mtu shimoni kwa shida na STRESS zako” ~~~~ Zamaradi Mketema.

Wengi wanatamani harusi ila wanasahau kuna maisha ya NDOA baada ya harusi, hivyo Kabla ya kukubali maombi ya mtu hakikisha umeridhika na yote juu yake mazuri na mabaya maana ndio unayoenda kupambana nayo MILELE. Usifurahie kusema I DO bila kujua unakubali kitu gani, unapokubali pale humkubali yeye tu ila yeye na matatizo, vimbwangwa, kasoro na kila alichonacho. 

Lakini inavyoonekana Karibu wengi wako tayari kuvaa shela huku mengine wakijipa moyo kujuana nayo mbele kwa mbele, wanachosahau ndoa sio kitu cha mchezo wala majaribio, ndoa inahitaji UTAYARI na sio kukurupuka. Usiolewe kwakuwa rafiki yako ameolewa huenda yeye amepata mtu sahihi hivyo isikufanye udandie yeyote alie mbele kumbuka kila mtu ataishi nyumba yake Usiolewe kwakuwa umri wako umekata kona, badala ya kupata pumziko unaweza jikuta unamalizia uzee wako vibaya na uchungu mwingi kwa kuparamia tu ukajuta maisha yote Usiolewe kwakuwa umezaa na mtu, kama si mtu sahihi UBABA hauwezi kumbadilisha kwa namna yeyote. 

Usiolewe kwa msukumo wa wazazi, utakapoingia kwenye ndoa kama ni furaha itakuwa ya kwako na kama huzuni utasema nayo mwenyewe wao kazi yao itakuwa maneno tu ambayo hayatakuwa yanasaidia chochote kwa wakati huo. Na wala usiolewe kwakuwa EX kaoa, yeye amepata alieridhika nae na sio dhambi, sasa wewe okota tu yyeyote KUKOMOA, humkomoi mtu na utaisoma mbele kwa mbele OLEWA kwakuwa uko TAYARI na umeridhika kwa HALI YOYOTE ALIYONAYO. Kwenye harusi utakuwa special kupitiliza lkn baada ya pale usitegemee uspecial uendelee, na zaidi hakuna wa kupoteza muda kila siku na nyinyi kwenye ndoa kama walivyokuwa wanapoteza? kwenye vikao vya harusi hivyo lazima ujue jinsi ya kusimama na ya kwako. Kwenye harusi kuna michango kwenye ndoa hakuna wa kukuchangia, JIPANGE. 

lakini KUBWA hakikisha unaeingia nae kwenye ndoa UNAMPENDA KWA DHATI maana ndie utalala na kuamka nae kwa muda wote wa maisha yako, sasa kama utaamua kujibana kwa usiempenda kwa ajili ya visababu fulani jua hujiumizi wewe pekee ila utaitesa hata nafsi ya anaekupenda isiyo na hatia kwa kumfanyia YASIYOSTAHILI maana hutaweza kuigiza milele, kumbuka Hakukuoa ili ATESEKE, usimuingize mtu shimoni kwa shida na STRESS zako. Mwisho ni ADHABU KWAKO pia.

Hili limenikosha moyo!

Nilikwenda kuchungulia kwa mwanamuziki maharufu kutoka Kenya aitwaye Akothee Akothee! Nikakutana na hizi picha za yeye na babu yake akimpa babu good time! Zimenigusa mnooooo, zikanikumbusha bibi zangu na babu natamani wangekuwa bado wako hai. Nilikuwa nawapenda sanaaaaaa my grandparents! Namshukuru Mungu kwa kunipa nafasi ya kuwaona, kufurahi nao, na kuhakikisha wanajua kuwa nawapenda kabla mauti haijawapata. Hivyo hata kama sikonao tena lakini nafuraha moyoni kwakua walijua jinsi gani nawapenda kwani niliwaonyesha kwa vitendo!..Anyway embu nawe zitazameΒ πŸ‘‡“my grandfather , my best friend my sweetheart , when he dint see me in his house for 2 days , he knew something was wrong , so he broke the sickbed rules , grubbed a pikipiki and suprised me at home , the love is real , ww have a tight relationship , as tired as he is , he made it to my house , his words (“ka ok anenoi ndalo ariyo., to aparoni tiendi cha omedore ,kata ituo , koro jii to okwera ni siasa rach oko kanyo , to apondonegi mabiro ” he said . GOD BLESS YOU JAMES OGENDI I love you too”~~~~~~ Akothee Akothee Β 

Matukio katika picha!

Hizi picha zimepigwa leo kwa masaa ya Africa Mashariki katika ukumbi wa Mwalimu Nyerere International Conference Centre, Dar es salaam, Tanzania.  Ilikuwa ni kikao cha Wakurugenzi wa Mashirika na Taasisi za Serikali, Tanzania.  Mdogo wangu yeye ni Mwanasheria pamoja na huyo dada. Lakini wengine wote ni Wakurugenzi wa Mashirika na Taasisi mbalimbali. The Lawyer herself 😍
My babysister is cute and smarter than yours 😍 You go our soon to be Dr. Janeth O.O Igogo 😘

ADD Friends Campaign – Epsd 014: Je, Ni sahihi kumwombea mlemavu apone Ulemavu? -Peter Sarungi

ADD Friends Campaign - Epsd 014
 Je, Ni sahihi kumwombea mlemavu apone Ulemavu?

Peter Sarungi (The Next Speaker)
Na Peter Sarungi (The Next Speaker)

Huu ni mwendelezo wa kuonesha jinsi gani imani zetu zinavyo changia kueneza fikra potofu kwa jamii juu ya watu wenye ulemavu.

Kumekuwa na tabia inayotokana na imani za baadhi ya mathehebu ya kikristu kutumia miujiza ya kuponya matatizo za watu mbalimbali ikiwa ni sehemu ya kukuza imani za waumini wao. Moja ya matatizo ambayo yamekuwa yakiaminishwa kwa waumini ni uwepo wa binadamu mwenye ulemavu. Baadhi ya Viongozi wa dini wamekuwa wakiaminisha waumini wao kwamba Ulemavu ni upungufu, kasoro na uumbaji usio kamilika. Wanaenda mbele zaidi na kuaminisha jamii kwamba Ulemavu ni Kazi ya shetani inayo stahili maombi na kumwomba Mungu afanye miujiza yake ya kubadilisha uumbaji huu wa shetani. Wanaamini kuwa mlemavu ni kufungwa na minyororo ya mateso ya shetani, wanaaminisha waumini sababu ya watu wenye ulemavu wengi kuwa masikini na wasioweza ni kutokana na ulemavu ulio letwa na shetani..

Je, ni kweli watu wenye ulemavu wana kasoro ya muumba?, je ni kweli uumbaji huu ni kazi ya shetani?, je ni kweli kuumbwa na ulemavu ni kufungwa na mateso ya shetani?

Bahati mbaya maombi yasipo zaa matunda yaliyo tarajiwa basi lawama zitatupwa kwa mlemavu kama mtu usiye na imani ama mwenye dhambi nyingi au utaambiwa wazazi wako au babu na bibi zako walitenda dhambi au waliingia maagano na shetani ndio maana unashindwa kupona. Hali hii inatufanya watu wenye ulemavu kujikataa wenyewe, kujiona wadhaifu mbele za Mungu, kusubiria miujiza kwa muda mrefu bila kuchukua hatua. Mnasababisha tunashindwa kuhudhuria mafundisho ya imani maana unahisi nikiingia kanisani basi mada ya mafundisho itabadilika na kuwa ulemavu wangu.

ADD Friends Campaign itafika hadi kwenye makanisa na misikiti ili kutoa elimu hii ili viongozi wa dini wasaidie kuelimisha jamii na kuondokana na fikra potofu juu ya ulemavu.

Ungana nami katika kujenga jamii yenye usawa wa imani na fikra juu ya ulemavu.

Hongera sana mwanangu Daniel na wenzako!

Ngoja nimpongeze mwanangu kidogo, my future Pilot (nasubiria ticket za bure) 😍😍……… Wamefanya mashindano ya πŸ–Ž ✍kuandika Insha kimkoa (mkoa wa Geita) amekuwa mshindi wa pili πŸ‘βœ‹πŸ‘Œ Yeye ni mwanafunzi wa form Three (mwenye nguo nyekundu), hapo Geita Seventh Day Adventist school. Ni shule moja safi sana, inaongoza mkoa wa Mwanza na Geita kote!Β Mungu azidi wabariki, awatangulie katika masomo yenu. Msome kwa bidii. Mbarikiwe sana.Β 

Mchele bandia (wa plastic) ndani ya Houston, Texas!

Juzi liliwaletea habari ya Samaki bandia huko London! Sasa leo nawaletea habari ya Mchele bandia ndani ya jiji la Houston, Texas. Inaogopesha kwakweli. Huyu dada anasema alinunua chakula kwa restaurant Β (sina huwakika kama ni restaurant ya Waafrica au la) lakini alipoenda kuuliza baada ya tukio akaambiwa kuwa Mchele walinunua kwenye Africa store moja ambayo Β ni mharufu hapa Houston (binafsi siijui hiyo store). Kitu ambacho naweza sema nikuwa kama hawa wauwaji wamefanikiwa kuingiza mchele huu Marekani basi lazima Tanzania utakuwepo wa kumwaga! Kuweni wadadisi na hivi vyakula! ………… Embu tazama hiyo video πŸ‘‡

Mungu atusaidie, atuhepushe na huyu shetani anayetaka kutumaliza!

“….but attitude hata punda ako nayo” ~~~Akothee Akothee

haki I cant stand seing people asleep when am already awake by 6.00 am, I go round the house expecting to meet them awake about 8.00am, no way, only to find them fully covered in their warm blankets which they dont even know the prizes, then come to the kitchen and harrass the chef for breakfast at about 11.00 am, while the chef is already preparing for lunch, are this kind of people normal or am the abnormal one, or could I be jelouse that I cant sleep past 6.00 am & some could? am I the one who knows the value of time or am I working too hard and they be working smart under the blankets? call me acomplaining molecule, but this generation is lost period 😷😷 I like the way my kids look at me with bad eyes when I knock on their doors πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, but attitude hata punda ako nayo , utaamka mama,
 Rule no. 
1 . No househelps should attend the girls rooms , nor their laundry 
2.  The cheff is for madboss so if you wake up late , prepare your own breakfast 
3. All the rooms in my house shoud ready by 10.00 am , so enda ulale kwa nyasi , ama uende kwako 
4. No one comes to the table for lunch with a night dress , please shower before we meet 
5. No tv during the day , no one is watching tv unless you are done with your work take it or leave it, you have freedom of migration. You cant migrate to anywhere, my girls follow suit, so any visitor should be at par with us πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Baba Oyoo & Baba Ojwang have no househelps, they do things by themselves yet they should be retiring, with full pockets, you that has no bank account, you are afraid of breaking your nails πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, come slowly slaying queens, Oyoo and Ojwang knows that after food you take your plate back to the kitchen, so who are you?

Mother and daughter moment!

Nimependa sana hii picha ya Mwamvita Makamba na mama yake! Wamependeza sana. Ilikuwa ni sherehe ya mdogo wake Mwamvita ina itwa “bag” party mie ndo nimeona leo mwe kama kawaida yangu kama kitu nilikuwa sijui basi nawaeleza tu ukweli! Watu walipendeza sana. Nimeipenda!

“Wabongo hua tunajitoa tu ufahamu lakini tunaujua ukweli tunapouona” ~~~~~~~LeMutuz

LIVE STRAIGHT TALK:- ..."Le Mutuz Online TV" KAZI JUU YA KAZI yaani Bampa to Bampa ...leo tunaendelea na AWAMU YA PILI ya kufunga Studio's Equipments at Downtown.

Itakuwa ni kazi ya almost Wiki nzima ijayo ...I mean guys it what it is ...ila naomba niseme one thing tena on a very serious tone kumbe Wabongo wanapenda maendeleo ya kweli cause I am a Super Media Man na moja ya kipaji changu namba moja ni I am the best Observer na ndio maana nilipokuwa nasomea Criminal Investigations niliwasumbua sana Wazungu Darasani kule USA cause observations ni my thing that looking at the Facts available I can detect anything Good or Bad before they happens

Now my point is ili niuze my Social Media business ni lazima nijitangaze as I do now nilichogundua ni toka nimeanza mambo ya kujenga Studio mpaka leo sijaona tusi hata moja kuhusiana na the process au hata neno moja tu negative ....ina maana moja tu kwamba kumbe Wabongo hua tunajitoa tu ufahamu lakini tunaujua ukweli tunapouona yaani tunapenda maendeleo ya kweli ila hatupendi Blah! Blah! ....

Na hili somo nilijifunza zaidi last year from @darassacmg alipopiga ule "WIMBO WA TAIFA" na kuwafanya Wasanii wengi wenye maneno mengi waonekane waigizaji na I am also trying to tell you guys hasa Vijana wadogo kwamba unaweza ukadhani waliolkuzunguka wanakuchukia kumbe ni kwa sababu wanakuona huna maendeleo wala huna mabadiliko upo upo tu kama ulivyokuwa Mwaka jana na Mwaka huu upo vile vile hubadiliki kazi kulalamika tu!Β Pigana piga kelele utasaidiwa tu hakuna mtu anayetaka kusaidia mtu asiyeonyesha hata dalili ya kutaka kusonga mbele kwa matendo wachana na maneno ya "NINA IDEA" cause kuwa na idea bila mfano wa matendo ni sawa na huna kitu upo ground zero ....Idea then Plan A ikishaonekana watakuheshimu tu na kukusaidia.

Unaweza kunisikiliza au ukaniachia mwenyewe ila nimejifunza kwamba Wabongo wanapenda mendeleo na wakiyaona hawahitaji kuambiwa wanayajua...Asubuhi Njema Guys! - le Mutuz Nation

Cheka urefushe maisha yako

Embu tucheke kidogo maana nimuda kidogo tangu tucheke πŸ˜†πŸ˜† katika tembea tembea yangu huko Instagram nikaenda kuchungulia kwa Idriss Sultan nikakutana na hii video ambayo nikahuzunika kumuona huyo mtoto anayumba yumba kabla ya kudumbukia kwa swimming pool! Lakini ghafla nikajikuta nacheka baada ya kisoma #Caption ambayo Idriss ameiweka sambamba na hii video πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ embu isome hapo chini maaana naona mimi kama kanigusa vile πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

"Mtag mshkaji wako ambaye unahisi maisha yake yanaenda kama huyo mwenye blue 🀣🀣🀣"~~~~~~~Idriss Sultan

Hakuna dhambi kuwa wa tofauti na wengine. Dhambi nikulazimisha kuwa kama wengine!

Hakuna dhambi kuwa wa tofauti na wengine. Dhambi nikulazimisha kuwa kama wengine! Kuna watu ambao maisha yao binafsi yanawapita au wanajikuta kwenye matatizo kila siku iyendayo kwa Mungu kisa na mkasa ni kulazimisha kukubalika kuwa mmoja wa “nyumbu” wa kundi fulani!Β Nimewaita “Nyumbu” kwasababu Nyumbu ndio wanatabia ya kufata mkumbo wa wengine ili akubalike! Trying so hard to “fit in”! Na saa nyingine hata kama una fit-in kwenye group fulani haimaanishi kuwa hapo ni mahali pako stahiki! Kuna watu wanashindwa kupata mibaraka yao mikubwa ambayo Mungu amewaandalia kwasababu ya kulazimisha kuwa kwenye group fulani!

Mibaraka ya Mungu ni mitakatifu hawezi kupa kama hauko teyari! Hivyo nilazima uwe umeandaa sehemu au umejiandaa kwa kujisafisha / fanya matengenezo ya njia zako ndipo anakumiminia!

Vijana wengi wa kike hata wanawake wazima wasiku hizi wanapenda sana maisha ya kuiga na kufata mkumbo kwasababu hawajui thamani yakuwa mtu ‘Huru’! Mtu mwenye mtazamo na maamuzi yako binafsi ambayo hayavunji sheria wala kuingilia haki na uhuru wa mtu mwingine! Why trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out! #BeYou

Kama picha zinavyo onekana, mimi naamini ni mtu huru! Basi weekend hii na week hii yote nimejisikia na nimeamua ku-rock mabutu hair style! Kwani kuna dhambi gani mtu kusuka mabutu? Yani kuna joto kiasi kwamba sitaki kusuka rasta, na mawigi yananiwasha kwa hili joto! Β Nasema hivi, hakuna dhambi kuwa wa tofauti, dhambi nikulazimisha kufanana na kila mtu! In a world full of Kardashians be Princess Diana!………..Btw, Sijajichubua, ni makeup na reflection ya miyonzi ya jua! #AlphaBeingAlphaΒ Hii picha ☝ nilipiga Summer 2015, one week baada ya kuhamia Texas! Hapa sikupaka makeup 😍


Mother and daughter moment!

Beautiful Emelda Mwamanga na binti yake Gabby! So nice! Nivizuri kuwapenda watoto wetu zaidi wakiwa katika umri huu mdogo kwani inawajengea kuamini, kutambua thamani yao wakiwa wakubwa, Β na kuwa wajasiri! Mtoto yoyote yule anahitaji muongozo, na mipaka lakini pia anahitajika kuwa huru haswa kifikra! Hivyo nijukumu la mzazi kumjenga mtoto wazingira huru ya kujieleza na kutafakari ambayo yana boundaries at the same time!
Mtoto siyo mdoli jamani, mfunze mtoto maadili mema, na jinsi y kuweza kukabiliana na hali zote za maisha. Kwamfano hapo Gabby unaona amefundishwa kupika na kuchanganya vitu kwa kutumia blander hivyo hata akienda kwa watu ambao wanatumia "high tech" kitchen appliances hashangai sana. Napia anajua jinsi ya kutumia mikono yake kushika vitu! Nilishawahi kuona kwa macho yangu mtoto wa miaka nane (8yrs old) bado anatawazwa akimaliza kutumia choo πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ Yani anajisaidia haja kubwa halafu anita dada wa kazi au mama yake amsafishe! And the mother was very OK with it πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š Jamani!! Anyway, those are rich people problems, maskini kama sisi tutayawezea wapi? πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


Umesikia kuhusu Samaki bandia (wa plastic)?!

Umesikia au kuona hii?! Naamini wengi mmesikia nankuona mchele bandia sina huwakika kama wengi wameona kituko hiki! Juzi nilitumiwa video inayo onyesha mtu amenunua Samaki bandia katika moja ya maduka / supermarket ya Waafrica huko London. Kwakweli inaogopesha sanaaaaaa! Shetani ameamua kutuangamiza kwa njia ya vyakula baada ya kuona watu wanahimizwa kula vyakula bora haswa kuachana na nyama nyekundu! Embu tazama hii video πŸ‘‡
Kama wewe ni mmoja wa watu ambao hawachunguzi nini wanakula basi anza sasa kwani itakusaidia sana! Kama unaweza kushika na kukagua fanya tu kama huyo kaka kwenye video Nakumbuka mwanzoni mwa mwaka huu nilipokuwa nyumbani nilimfundisha sana mama yangu kuacha tabia ya kununua kitu kwa kupewa recommendation na rafiki au mwanafamilia. Kunasiku tulikuwa Supermarket, sasa kwakuwa anajua mimi huwa situmii white-bread (ile ya ngano iliyo kobolewa), sasa akabiambia hizi biscuits ni nzuri sana ni "whole wheat" tena Sugar-free Β nilishawahi kuzitumia ngoja nikununulie. Sasa kabla hajanunua nikachukua package moja nakusoma maelezo yake πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š Nilipigwa na butwaa! Nikamuuliza, mama nani alikwambia hizi biscuits ni Sugar free?! Akasema dada yangu mkubwa (ninaye mfuata) ndio alimwambia. Halafu akakoleza; "tena anazipenda kweli"! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Β Nikamwambia mama mara ngapi nakwambia usome ingredients ya kitu kabla ya kununua? πŸ™‰πŸ™‰ Hizi biscuits wameandika Sugar free lakini inaaina nyingine ya Sukari ndani yake ambayo ni mbaya zaidi! Yani bora kula Sukari yakawaida ni salama zaidi ya hiyo! Mama yangu yeye miaka mingi sana hatumii Sukari, lakini hakuna kitu kibaya kamaΒ High Fructose Corn Syrup! Hii ni aina ya Sukari ambayo wengi wasiojua wanatumia lakini ni hatari sana. Ni sukari inayotengenezwa kwa mahindi na mihunzi yake. Inatumiwa sana kwenye artificial juices, and food! Baadhi ya watu wenye Diabetes wanatumia kama "surpliment" lakini ni hatari bora kuacha kutumia Sukari kabisa. Au tumia coconut syrup, honey, au maple syrup. Lakini hii Fructose Corn Syrup kaa nayo mbali!