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“Kenyans in the diaspora and what they go through”

A better nuanced post by a better writer on Kenyans in the diaspora and what they go through.

By Odumbe Kute

Mercy’s picture has nothing to do with the article!

This is a myth that has been perpetuated for decades about life out in the Diaspora being more rosy than the suffering in Kenya. Whoever tries to convince you of that needs their head examined. Life is not a bed of roses out here. Forget the drama of Diaspora people who land in Kenya for holidays and flash the Queen’s shilling or Uncle Sam’s dollar. You have no idea what they went through to get that shit. I feel sorry for them personally, because what they have to come back to after splashing out in Kenya is a life of misery and debt.

See, there’s this assumption that if you’re in the Diaspora, you can pluck money from a tree and send it back home to do “development”. An assumption that Diaspora people are the best equipped to make sure that the hopelessness in Kenya is sorted out. There is an irony in that. For the last 11 years, Kenyans in the Diaspora have been remitting an average of Kshs 145 billion every year. And no, that’s not a typo. Diaspora remittances are the 2nd biggest revenue stream for the Kenyan economy.

The story that’s not told is what Kenyans in the Diaspora have to go through to deliver that shit. I can’t even begin to tell you the trauma this represents. There are people out here who are even scared of picking a phone call from home because they know it’s about demanding them to send money back home. A phone call is never about “How are you? How is life out there? Are you well? What about your family?”. The phone calls are about “Send us money now. If you don’t, we will die”. For school fees, for bills, for medical costs, for emergency, for saving someone’s life. The way it’s put, you’d think that if you don’t send money, someone is going to die immediately.

Alpha (blogger for and her babysister Blessing

What people don’t know is that Kenyans out here have to hustle like a nonsense. Most do at least two or three jobs, or if they don’t, they’re working and trying to go to school at the same time. Money is not collected on trees as folk in Kenya believe. It’s hard sweat and graft, and even then, you’re just making ends meet if you’re lucky.

That doesn’t even take into account the stresses of life. Let me paint a picture for you, a picture that is common to most people in the Diaspora. You leave Kenya when your 18 or 19. Your objective is to go to school. You arrive out here and find out quick enough, that you have to hustle to pay school fees, you have to go to school at night because you have to work days and weekends, you have absolutely no time to yourself and the pressure eventually gets to you. If you make it out of that quagmire, you meet someone, you get hooked up, perhaps in a come we stay, perhaps in a marriage. You get a kid or two.

Now, out here, you can’t operate like you’ll get a house help from Kakamega or Kisii or something. Hell no, child care is so expensive, it defeats the object of working when you have a small child because you’ll be paying most of that salary for child care. Couples have to work around schedules to make sure children are taken care of. Many work shifts and don’t even see each other for weeks on end. The stresses this places on young families is unbelievable.

Consider that out here, we don’t have the same social network of close friends and family who would step in when things go thick. Under the circumstances, things most definitely go thick and we don’t have a way of coping with them. You have no one to turn to, no one to trust, no one who will give you guidance and counsel without judging the decisions you have made in life. Throw in the complexity of both of you as a couple having to hustle, the pressure both of you have to send money back home, the pressure both of you have to try and make a living and figure out what direction in life you both want to take.

But even within that, thousands have issues to do with immigration. Maratathi ni shida. A lot of people suffer in silence because they believe they can’t go to the police, or hospital or to the authorities because they don’t have papers. This despite the campaigning we did for years to eliminate immigration screening as a factor in DVP – Domestic Violence Protocol. The idea being that if you’re a domestic violence victim, you will never be asked about your immigration status. And I still can’t get this “African” thing used as an excuse by men. Someone once told me that in our community, if we don’t discipline our women, wata kuwa mang’aa.

Those who don’t have papers are very vulnerable. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s never to judge someone’s situation or why they don’t have papers. It boils down to every individual trying to make a better life for themselves and their family, and no one has any right to take that away from them. But in particular, women are the most vulnerable if they don’t have papers. Many are stuck in abusive relationships because they have nowhere to go. You can’t get a job, open a bank account, rent a house, get a drivers licence or do anything meaningful if you don’t have papers. I know of women who have to trade sex to get someone with papers to act on their behalf to rent a house, or to get someone to let them use their bank details or to cover them for anything that requires papers.

Granted, there are people doing well out here. But that is the exception, not the rule. Hundreds more are suffering. Some will never tell you that. They’ll paint you a rosy picture of how “Majuu” ni poa sana. They’ll tell you that your salvation in life is to get out here in the Diaspora. What they won’t tell you is that out here, it’s ugly, sometimes even more so than Kenya. You barely can keep the lights on, and there’s so much pressure especially to send money back home.

It’s not even just about the pressure of sending money you don’t have back home. The trauma of making it day to day hits many people hard. In the last 15 years, I personally know 6 people who have committed suicide because they couldn’t hack it. Thousands more are suffering in silence and experiencing mental health issues that affect their ability to cope with life day to day.

Mercy and her mother- Alpha (Tanzanian Diaspora)

We really have to stop this myth that living out here aka “majuu” is the solution. We have nowhere to hide as Kenyans, we must confront and sort out our problems. In case you’re wondering what solution could ever get us out of the nightmare we have in Kenya right now, the answer is a revolution. But it’ll only happen when as a people, we get angry enough. Right now, we’re clearly not angry enough because we’re still tolerating the hegemony and corruption going on. We’re still very comfortable letting the bandit state, the politicians and the usual suspects oppress us. We’re happy to oblige, grabbing our ankles while they shaft us without the courtesy of lubrication as we sing to the tune of “Najivunia kuwa Mkenya”.

Magreth Nyasungu sendoff party

Magreth Nyasungu’s pre wedding photos moment

Magreth, bibi harusi mtarajiwa siku ya tarehe 27 December, 2018 alipiga picha za kumbu kumbu akiwa na ndugu zake pamoja na marafiki zake wa karibu.

Magreth akiwa na dada yake Mrs Nyagilo

Magreth (pichani juu) anatarajia kufunga ndoa takatifu hivi karibuni, tunamuombea Mwenyezi Mungu awatangulie katika safari yao.

Picha hizi zimepigwa na Rhevan studio, hivyo shukran zetu za dhati ziwafikie.

Kwa picha zaidi tembelea

Nawatakieni kheri ya kufunga mwaka 2018 na baraka za kufungua mwaka 2019!

Katika mwaka 2018 kuna mambo mengi sana yametokea, mengine yalikuwa mazuri sana, mengine ya kuhuzunisha na mengine japo yalikuwa ni changamoto za kutesa moyo na hisia lakini yamezidi kutuimarisha sisi kama familia. Shetani alitujaribu sana lakini ametukuta tupo ngangari imani yetu kwa Muumba wetu haitetereki. Kwajinsi tulivyo pitishwa kwenye hayo majaribu ambayo makali yake yalikuwa kama makaa ya moto nabado tukaishika imani yetu!? Basi nina kila sababu ya kusema kuwa kamwe imani yetu haitokaa kutetereka kwani tumeuona mkono wa Mungu hatuto uwacha milele! 

Kama nilivyo amua kuishi maisha yangu kwamba siku zote nita ipa nguvu mambo ambayo yananipa furaha na sio huzuni. Basi kwa mwaka huu wa 2018 vitu vingi sana vimenipa hufura lakini hivi ni vilinipa furaha zaidi. Kutembelewa na mama yangu mzazi, wadogo zangu, na mama yangu mdogo hapa kwetu Houston, Texas ni mbaraka wa peke sana. Nina kila sababu ya kusema Asante kweli wewe ni Mungu! Nitalisifu jina lako milele!
Jambo lingine ambalo limenifurahisha sana mwaka huu ni ujauzito wa my best friend, a sister near and deer to my heart. Mungu amembariki mtoto wa kike na amemuita jina Mercy sawa na jina la mwanangu mimi. Kwakweli namshukuru Mungu sana kwa huu mbaraka. Tunaomba amlinde na amkuze mwanentu. Atupe hekima na busara za kuweza kulea vyema watoto wetu 🙏🏾

The road to Nyasungu’s Nite

Kioo hakidanganyi mama umejipodoa umepodakaa 😍😍 mambo ni 🔥🔥
Mama mama mamaaa mama huyo 💃

Penda ndugu zako kwa matendo!

Wakulia amefurahia kumuona babu wakati wa kushoto amefurahia kumuona baba mkubwa! Ukitaka watoto zako wapende ndugu zako lazima uwafundishe muhimu wa ndugu zako kwako wakati wakiwa bado wadogo. Nasio kuwafundisha kwa maneno bali kwa vitendo. Siku zote watoto watasikia unachosema LAKINI watafanya kile ambacho wanaona mzazi unafanya. Wewe ndio ubao wao wakujifunza na watakusoma vizuri sana, basi hakikisha unacho andika kwenye ubao wako nikile ambocho kweli unataka watoto wako wajifunze toka kwako.


Binadamu kama Nyani!

Kuna binadamu wenye tabia za kama huyu Nyani anaye mvuta mwenzie mkia. Yani mtu anatumia nguvu za ziada kutaka kumuangusha fulani kwasababu tu anamzidi mahala fulani.

Ukweli usiopingika ni kwamba nguvu anyopoteza kumvuta mwenzake chini ni kubwa sana kuliko nguvu ambayo angetumia kufikiria apandaje juu ya mti! Kama angeweza kujitathimini na kujua wapi anakosea halafu angeamua kutumia nguvu hiyo hiyo kupanda juu nafikiri huwenda angekuwa mbali zaidi ya huyo anaye mvuta chini.

Hivi ndivyo baadhi ya watu walivyo. Wanachukua nguvu nyingi kimchukia mtu au watu ambao hawana uhusiano wowote katika kushindwa kwao au kutokufanikiwa kwao. Badala ya kujitathimini wao wanajenga chuki. Kwamfano, embu fikiria kama huyu Nyani anaye mvuta mwenzake kama angeamua kuzunguka upande wa pili wa mti akatumia hiyo nguvu kupanda unafikiri angekuwa wapi? Huwenda angekuwa amefika juu ya mti akapunga na upepo mwanana huku akimchora mwenzie!

#TafakariJuuYaMaishaYako #AchaChukiHaijengi

Siku zote vaa viatu kulingana na miguu yako!

Siku zote hakikisha unavaa viatu vinavyo kutosha! Usivae viatu vikubwa kuliko miguu yako ili nawe upendeke na wenye miguu mikubwa! Na usivae viatu vidogo kuliko miguu yako ili tu ufurahushe wenye miguu midogo! Na kamwe, usitembee bila viatu ili tu ukubalike na wanao penda kutembea peku peku!

Maisha ni mafupi sana lakini safari yake ni ndefu ambayo barabara yake haijulikani wapi kuna lami na wapi kuna vumbi (rough road) hivyo ni vyema kuvaa viatu vinavyo kutosha wewe mwenyewe siyo ndugu yako wala rafiki kwani wewe mwenyewe ndio utakaye tembea hiyo safari ya maisha yako. Bahati mbaya kila mtu kupangiwa bara bara yake na kila bara bara inachangamoto zake  huwezi azima viatu ambavyo hujui kama vitamudu safari yako!

Hivyo,  ili ufurahie safari yako kwanza, hepuka kuiga miondoko ya watu wengine. Wewe unaweza fikiria fulani anatembea kwa madaha ngoja niige miondoko yake  kumbe mwenzako anamaumivu ya miguu kutoka bara bara yake. Pili vaa viatu vya size yako visiwe vikubwa wala vidogo, na kama huwezi tembelea viatu virefu basi vaa viatu vya chini au boots! Mwisho, ukichoka unaruhusiwa kupumzika ila usilale bara barani hakikisha unapigania kufika mwisho wa safari.

Keeping up with Blessing: Happy sixth birthday

Happy sixth birthday my twin sister! May God richly blessed you. Love you and missing you terribly!

Kila mtu huwa anafikiria tumbo lake kwanza!

Kila mtu anafanya kazi kwa kufikiria tumbo lake kwanza! Awe mfanya biashara, mwanasiasa, muajiriwa wa mahala popote pale au mwanaharakati wa jambo lolote lile wote kwa ujumla wao wanafanyakazi kwa kufikira matumbo yao kwanza! Na hakuna ubaya wowote kwani hizo ndio njia zao za kujipatia kipato ili waendeshe maisha yao. Huu ni ukweli ambao hauwezi pingika, ndio maana hakuna mtu atajiita mwanaharakati wa jambo fulani akaamua kupigania hicho anachokiamini kwa kutumia pesa zake mwenyewe na muda wake bila kujali ananufaika na nini! Wote wana angalia maslahi binafsi kwanza!

Mwanasiasa ili aweze linda cheo na maslahi yake lazima afanye kazi yake ya kuwatumikia jamii kwa nguvu zote. Mwanaharakati ili apate pesa kutoka kwa sponsors lazima apige kelele nyingi sana kuwashawishi watu kua anachokipigania ni sahihi. Mfanyakazi aliye ajiriwa ili adumu katika kazi yake lazima aongeze elimu na ufanisi kazini. Mfanya biashara ili azidi kukua na biashara yake idumu lazima aangalie jinsi ya kuongeza faida! Hivyo, hakuna mtu hapa duniani atafanya kazi bila kufikiria tumbo lake kwanza. Hata Mungu amesema, asiyefanya kazi naasile! Hata Wachungaji wanalipwa mshahara!

Keeping up with Blessing!

Future Bosslady doing what she knows best 😍 Mdogo wangu ni mtu mwenye akili sana ma ana vibaji vingi sana, na mbunifu. Jioni ya leo (masaa ya Tz) katoa maji kwenye chupa na kutengeneza viatu 😍 Mawazo ya mtoto yoyote yule yanajengwa na wazazi au jamii inayo mzunguka. Ukimuacha mtoto akawa anaishi na kuzungukwa na watu ambao mawazo yao ni hasi basi usitegemee mema kutoka kwa huyo mtoto kwani ubongo wake utakuwa umejazwa vitu ambavyo sio sahihi na itakuwa ngumu sana kumbadilisha mtu kama huyo.  Wazazi ni vyema kuruhusu na kuwajengea mazingira huru watoto ili waweze kutoa mawazo yao katika njia mbali mbali inasaidia kujua talent zao mapema.  Here she’s in Indian attire, beautiful Okay, let keep keeping up with her 😍😍

Ukikubali kuwaongoza lazima wakuhoji!

Kuhojiwa kwa vingozi wa jamii zinazo tuzunguka siyo jambo la kushangaza au la ajabu kwani halikuanza leo wala jana. Ukichukua mamlaka ya kuongoza watu basi lazima uwe teyari kuhojiwa kwani wana haki ya kufanya hivyo. Japo saa nyingine wanaokuuliza wanaweza wakakukwaza na maswali yao lakini kama kiongozi unakuwa hauna haki ya kuwakataza au kuwazuia kukuhoji pale wanapojisikia kufanya hivyo.

Kunawengine wanaweza kuhoji siyo kwamba hawajui ukweli, la hasha! Ni watu wenye ajenda zao mbovu, hivyo watakupa maswali ambayo wanajua majibu yake lakini wewe kama kiongozi inabidi utumie hekima yako kuwajibu na kutoa ushahidi ikabidi.

Kwa mfano, tunaona jinsi Yesu alipokuwa jangwani akifunga na kuomba, shetani alimuhoji “....kama wewe ni Mwana wa Mungu, amuru jiwe hili liwe mkate.” Yesu akamjibu, “Imeandikwa: ‘Mtu haishi kwa mkate tu.’” Yesu alimjua huyu ni Shetani lakini kwakua alikuja kuwakomboa watu wote hivyo alitumia hekima yake ya juu kumjibu, bika kumzuia kumuhoji. 

Shetani aliendela kumuhoji Yesu kwa siku arobaini ambazo Yesu alikuwa Jangwani. Embu tafakari, pamoja na Yesu kushinda na njaa kila siku lakini bado Shetani alikuwa mbele ya uso wake akimpa maswali kila siku na Yesu akamuacha amuhoji. Siyo kwamba alishindwa kumnyamazisha Shetani au kumfukuza, hapana! Alimuacha Shetani atumie uhuru wake! Nayeye kama Mfalme atatumia hekima na mamlaka yake kumjibu.

Watu wenye tabia kama hizi za Shetani wapo miongoni mwetu na katika kila jamii. Niwajibu wa viongozi wetu kujua kua wapo kutumikia watu wa aina zote waliopo ndani ya jamii husika, hivyo hata wakija na maswali ya kukebehi au kukera ni wajibu wao kuwajibu kwa kutumia hekima na mamlaka waliyo nayo. Si busara kutishia watu wanapohoji viongozi, hekima itawale siku zote.

Mungu atusaidie.

Mungu ndiye muhasisi wa #Democracy

Demokrasia ni mfumo ulio hasisiwa na Mungu Mwenyezi. Mungu alikuwa mtu wakwanza alieanzisha Democracy pale kwenye bustani ya Edeni. 

Pamoja na kumpenda mwanadamua sana, na akampa masharti ya jinsi ya kuishi katika bustani ile ya Edeni lakini alimpa Adamu Uhuru wa kuchagua #Democracy kati ya mema na mabaya. Adamu alitumia uhuru wake kufanya maamuzi aliyo yafanya. 

Mimi huwa siku zote nasemaga sina "role model" ambaye natamani kuwa kama yeye isipokuwa Yesu mwana wa Mungu. Huyu ndio "role model" wangu siku zote, natamani kuwa kama Yesu na si mwanadamu mwenzangu. Don't get confused, kuna watu wengi sana wana ni inspire au motivate katika mambo mbalimbali na mtu wa kwanza au watu wakwanza kabisa ni Wazazi wangu! 

Kwanini Yesu ni "role model" wangu? Kwasababu, Yesu alitumwa na Mungu kuja kutuonyesha jinsi gani ya kuishi maisha yetu hapa duniani, siyo tu kiroho, kiakili, kiafya, na kimwili. Yesu alizaliwa kama mwanadamu mwingine yeyote yule, aliishi maisha yake kama mwanadamu, na alikufa kama mwanadamu. 

Hivyo, ametuonyesha ni jinsi gani tunaweza ishi na watu ambao hawana mtazamo wa mawazo kama sisi. Ametuonyesha jinsi gani tunatakiwa kuwapa watu uhuru wa kuamua nini wanataka nakuheshimu maamuzi yao hata kama hatukubaliani nao. Ndio maana Yesu alishiriki katika sherehe za harusi za ndugu zake na marafiki ambao walikuwa ni walevi japo Yeye binafsi si mlevi. #Democracy ilitumika! Alihubiri injili ya neno la Mungu lakini hakuwatenga au kuwachukia walio ikataa! Again, #Democracy ilitumika.

Shetani alikuwa mmoja wa Malaika waimbaji wakuu Mbinguni lakini alitumia uhuru wake na kufanya maamuzi kwa kutumia kiburi kumdharau Mungu. Na akachagua kuja duniani kutengeneza majeshi yake kama yanavyo onekana katika tabia za watu mbali mbali.

Kwa kumalizia, nasema mtu yeyote yule anayependa kuwapa watu #Democracy  basi atakuwa anatabia za 'kimbingu'! Kila mtu anahaki ya kuwa huru kufanya kile apendacho ilimradi hawaingilii uhuru, privacy za watu wengine au kuvunja sheria ya nchi husika. Demokrasia ni rahisi sana kuisema lakini kuitekeleza ni ngumu sana.  Mungu atusaidie!

Matukio katika picha: Peter and Janet baby shower

Kwanza kabisa naomba nianze kwa kumpongeza Janet kwa mbaraka huu mkubwa ambao Mwenyezi Mungu amemjalia. Hongera sana Janet Mungu azidi kuwa nawe ujifungue salama, I'm super happy for you.  Najua  Shiro hatokua mtoto wako wa kwanza lakini I can only imagine how happy you are kwani watoto wakike ni mibaraka mikubwa  sana katika hii dunia 😍  Bibi yake Shiro, mama mzazi wa Janet Kisyombe Dr. Victoria Kisyombe naye alikuja kutoka Tanzania kushuhudia tukio hili, ubarikiwe sana mama yetu!      Kwa kupitia account yake ya Facebook Janet Kisyombe ameandika huu ujumbe kwa rafiki yake Tumaini ambaye ndio mastermind wa hii shughuli pamoja na watu wote waliofanikisha tukio hilo 👉🏾 "BLESS ME INDEED" Peter and I are Speechless. All we can say is "THANK YOU GOD". Our Baby Shower was nothing BUT Beautiful, Stunning, absolutely Breathtaking. All this work was done by the one and only my Beautiful Sister Tumaini Kaisi-Katule (The Best Event planner/ MC /Decorator). This God Fearing Woman planned the whole event out of her Good Heart. Iska Kauga Joshua The Best photographer in East Coast, My life savior, Your work needs no Explanation. It is without a doubt done with perfection and Love. Many Thanks also Goes to KCFA Community, Love Foundation, Organizing team, and All my Beatiful sisters of TANO LADIES. Last But not Least - without forgetting each and everyone who attended our Baby shower and shower us with beautiful baby gifts. "May Our All Mighty GOD Pour Out Blessings upon each and everyone of you". #BlessMeIndeed"  Baba na mama Shiro wakiwa katika pozi la picha huku wakisikiliza mapigo ya Shiro 😍 how beautiful! Mungu awe nanyi siku zote Kwa faida ya wasomaji wangu, najua wengi mtakuwa mnajiuliza Janet ni nani? Huyu ni rafiki yangu, ni mmoja ya watu wakwanza kabisa niliowajua hapa Marekani. Huko nyuma nilishawahi kuelezea jinsi nilivyo kutana na Janet na urafiki wetu ulipo anzia. Kama hukuwahi kusoma basi soma hapa 👉🏾 JanetKisyombe   Shughuli hii ilifanyika tarehe 20 mwezi wa 10 mwaka huu huko Maryland, U.S.A Licha yakwamba Janet ni rafiki yangu, Janet pia ni Muandishi wa vitabu. Kama wewe ni mfatiliaji mzuri wa hii blog basi nahakika utakua umeshawahi kuona natoa matangazo ya kitabu kinachopendwa na wengi sana kiendacho kwa jina la "Bless me indeed"! Ni moja ya vitabu vingi vijavyo kutoka kwa Janet. Kama hujakisoma basi wahi chukua kopi yako pale Amazon nawala huto jutia!Huyu ndio Tumaini Kaisi-Katule ambaye ndio aliandaa hii shughuli yote na team yake. Yeye ndio Mc anayesifika sana, lakini kumbe siyo mtu mwenye maneno mazuri kutoka mdomoni tu, anaroho nzuri kupita kiasi. Kwa maneno yake Janet mwenyewe amenisimulia kuwa Tumaini alimwambia nakuandalia baby-shower akafikiri ni utani. Siku zilipo karibia akajua kumbe si utani ni kweli ila alijiua ni kitu kidogo tuu, kha! Kumbe hakujua anaandaliwa one of so many to come life time surprises. Janet anasema hakuchangia hats dollar moja kila kitu kimegharamiwa na dada Tumaini na baadhi ya marafiki zake Janet. Kuanzia ukumbi, mapambo, kadi za mualiko, vyakula, vinywaji n.k! Jamani, ukisema duniani hakuna waungwana mimi nitakukatalia kwani najua wapo japo ni wachache lakini wapo! Hata watakatifu wapo, kwasababu watakatifu watakao kwenda Mbinguni watatoka hapa hapa duniani! Mungu azidi kumbariki kazi za mikono ya dada Tumaini pamoja na wote waliyo shiriki katika shughuli hii wote mbarikiwe sanaaaa!  Nani kama mama! Ubarikiwe sana mama yetu                
  Janet, asante sana kwa ku-share hizi picha pamoja nami na wasomaji wangu. Mungu azidi kukuminia baraka zake. Ukutangulie ukajifungue salama na ubarikiwe uzao wako wote 🙏🏽🙏🏽               

                    **Credit to** 

**Wahusika wa shughuli: Peter na Janet 
**Muandaaji wa shuguli nzima: Tumaini Kaisi-Katule                                      **Mc wa shughuli: Tumaini Kaisi-katule  
**Mpambaji wa shughuli: Tumaini Kaisi-katule                     **Photographer: Iska Kauga Joshua

Throw 🔙 Thursday: Repost from 2017

Wema Sepetu katika ubora wake! Vazi limemkaa haswa aaa! Kapendeza sana! My dear Wema naomba leo nikushauri, unajuwa wewe ni our Sweetheart! Tunakupenda sana na kukutakia mema! Naomba usichukie kuhusu ushauri wangu kwani unatoka from a good place of my heart, na pia sio lazima uhufuate unaweza ukasoma na ukauwacha kama ulivyo! Na ninakuhakikishia bado nitakupenda bila kinyongo! …… Wema sikiliza: 《1》Hii karne ya 21 kuzaliwa mzuri tu haitoshi! Wewe ni mzuri sanaaaaaa! Lakini unamengi ya ku-prove ili umpate yule mume / partner unaye stahili kuwa naye KAMA KWELI HILO NI HITAJI LA MOYO WAKO!

《2》 Achana kabisa na watu /fans wako ambao saa zote wanakueweka katika muonekano wa “mashindano” na mtu fulani haswa Zari, wakati Zari got no time for nobody yani yupo busy na maisha yake! Wewe ishi maisha yako bila kupigizana kelele na mtu! Au kuweka mazingira fulani yanayo onyesha some sort of competition! Kumbuka mtu yeyote yule ambaye anataka kushindana na mtu jua huyo mtu teyari umesha mzidi ndio maana anataka aku-drug down to  his /her level! Always choose “highway” na sio mashindano!  《3》Ngoja nikwambie ukweli, wewe na Zari wote ni wazuri sana tena to be fair labda niseme wewe umependelewa zaidi na figure kuliko Zari! Hata hivyo any man ambaye ni potential au well successful will absolutely pick Zari over you! Unajua kwa nini? Zari has proven herself kuwa (a) she knows what she wants in her life! And happiness is her number one priority! Na ndio maana aliamua kuachana na marehemu Ivan Ssemwanga na kuwa na Diamond! She prefers happyness over money (b) Zari has proven kuwa she can make her man to be the best of all! She did that twice! Kwa marehemu Ivan Ssemwanga na sasa kwa Diamond! Ndio, unaweza sema ulimpenda Diamond akiwa bado “Nasib Abdul” but mdogo wangu, wenyewe wanasema hivi “a man with dreams need a woman with vision”! Na hapo ndipo Zari alipokupiga bao! You knew Nasib’s dreams but you didn’t have VISION to take Diamond where he needs to be! Plus badala ya kuwa team player ukawa kama una compete na Diamond; kumbuka zile kauli kuwa “anatembelea nyota yako” toka kwa mashabiki wako na watu wako wakaribu! Zari aliacha yote kumjenga Diamond at least for the first two yrs ya relationship yao. Building Diamond ikamsaidia kujiendeleza na yeye pia kwa ku-expand her empire in Tanzania. Wakati alionekana kama amepoteza Dira ya maisha  kwenye macho ya watu wenye mtazamo finyu lakini kwetu sisi wengine tulijua Zari is going to surprise them big time and she surely did! Kumbuka nimekwambia kuwa Zari nia yake ni kuwa na mwanaume ambaye will make her happy, and that is what exactly Diamond is doing! Spoiling her right before your eyes! Pia angalia Ivan Ssemwanga, pamoja na yote bado Zari alikuwa ndio Kimbilio na tegemeo lake! Kitu ambacho wewe mpaka dakika hii pamoja na kuteka people’s heart but none of them can trust you with their “treasure” or legacy! (c) Zari has proven kuwa she is not only a great partner but  she can hold down a family as well! She’s strong, has good family values enough to make her own family kitu ambacho wanaume wengi waliofanikiwa wanapenda kuwa nacho! Na hapa siongelei kuwa na watoto kwani watoto ni mipango ya Mungu! Ninacho kisema hapa nikuwa “grounded” enough to make someone’s house a family friendly place ambapo mtu kama Dr. Mengi atakuwa excited, and proud enough kusema I’m going home na once in a while kuwaita some of his friends for dinner! Mpaka sasa kwa hili mdogo wangu Wema, umefeli kabisa! Siku zote waliokuzunguka mmh! only God knows who they are! Embu jifunze kitu kutoka kwa aunt Ezekiel! 《4》 My dear Wema, achana na kutafuta attention zisizo na kichwa wala miguu! Don’t let them losers and fools use you my dear! Kama kweli you want to have that potential man holding your hand then you need to prove kuwa you are a woman of character! Make your man feel secured kuwa hayupo kwenye “competition” with another man! Yani kuwa akija mwenye hela zaidi yake he’s out of the league! Hii inaweza ikawa ngumu kunielewa lakini mpaka utakapo elewa hichi ninacho kwambia basi tegemea kutumika na wanasiasa pamoja na wenye pesa za “mission-town” ambao wanatafuta kuandikwa kwenye magazeti ya udaku!

《5》 Kama nilivyo sema kuwa you’ve  a lot tu-prove na kitu kingine ni kuonyesha kuwa you can stand strong alone na kua-achieve something for your own good! Kwamfano mimi sio such a “career woman” but I managed to get my college education. Nasio hivyo tu, nimelea mwanangu ambaye niko so proud of her! Plus, naishi mwenyewe hapa Marekani bila msaada wa mwanaume hivyo mwanaume yoyote yule atajua kuwa kama tumependana ni kwasababu zingine na mapenzi ya kweli nasio ugumu wa maisha wa hapa Marekani! Angalia, mfano wa karibu ni Jokate, she’s a great example kama utataka kujifunza kutoka kwake! You have to show some potentials! 《6》Lamwisho, achana na mashoga a.k.a “wadada wa mujini”! You have your sisters make them marafiki zako wa karibu. Unaweza ukawa na baadhi ya marafiki wazuri kwa kula “bata” but don’t let them be your close friends! Kwasababu naona wengi wao sio wazuri na mkikorofishana siri zako  zote wanakutolea nje wakati wewe sioni kama unatabia ya kutoa siri za watu! Hivyo achana nao kabisa! Otherwise, mie nakupenda sana na nakutakia mafanikio mema. Najua bado unanafasi ya kufanya matengenezo! Kama nimekosea naomba unisamehe sana. ❤

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nilizoea kuisikia sauti yako tu Maria ikinifariji, lakini sasa kuna sauti nyingine imeongezeka itakayoniambia “DADDY, YOU CAN DO IT”

@Regran_ed from @baba_keagan – Siku ya leo nimetimiza miaka saba ya ndoa yangu, lakini nikitizama njia tuliyopita bado nawaza tumewezaje kufika na ndipo ninapomrudishia MUNGU utukufu.

Pamoja na uhai tuliopatiwa, naamini MTOTO ni moja ya zawadi kubwa ambayo wanandoa huitegemea na kumlilia MUNGU usiku na mchana waipate, leo ninayo furaha kubwa kusherehekea nikiwa na mtoto wa kiume anaejulikana kwa jina la KEAGAN, Namshukuru MUNGU kwasababu haikuwa rahisi, na najua kuna wengine ambao wamekata tamaa ndani ya mwaka 1, 2, na wengine hata ndoa zao kuvunjika kwasababu ya kutokupata mtoto, lakini JAWABU LA MUNGU hutoka kwa wakati wake.

Naendelea kumshukuru sana MUNGU kwa kunipa mke aliepita nami katika mabonde na milima, hata pale Dunia iliponiacha MARIA WANGU hakuthubutu hata kwa sura kuonesha hayuko pamoja na mimi, Ilifika wakati narudi kazini nikiwa naweweseka lakini alionesha tabasamu na kuniambia MUNGU YUPO, alinifuta machozi usiku wa manane nilipopaza sauti na kumlilia MUNGU tena akiwa pembeni tukiomba pamoja, pale ninapoamka asubuhi na kukuta magazeti yamechafuka na kuandika kila aina ya habari bado mke wangu alisema NAMUAMINI MUNGU HATA HILI ATAKUVUSHA, na hata mitandao ya kijamii ikinisema kwa kila namna na wengine kwenda mbali zaidi na kutoa kila aina ya tusi, bado mke wangu aliendelea kuniamini, kuniombea na kunishika mkono, alifanyika kuwa kila unachokijua kuhakikisha kwamba sikati tamaa, na kwa hilo sina zaidi ya shukurani za kipekee kwake, nafahamu umri wangu wa ndoa sio mrefu kuliko wengine ambao wako katika ndoa miaka 10, 20, lakini kwa yale niliyoyapitia inatosha kusema ASANTE MUNGU KWA KUNIPA MKE MWEMA.

Kipenzi changu Maria, wewe ni amani yangu, pepo yangu, pumzi yangu na mboni ya macho yangu, Hutetereki, Huyumbishwi na wala humuangalii yeyote mwingine isipokuwa MIMI, naachaje kukushukuru MUNGU wangu kwa Baraka hii kubwa!! Siku ya leo naahidi kuikumbatia, kuilinda na kuienzi milele mpaka kifo kitakapotutenganisha.

Zaidi ya yote nimshukuru MUNGU kwa kuniongezea KAMANDA mwingine kwenye familia, nilizoea kuisikia sauti yako tu Maria ikinifariji, lakini sasa kuna sauti nyingine imeongezeka itakayoniambia “DADDY, YOU CAN DO IT”Asante MUNGU kwa kunifanya niitwe BABA!!! – #regrann

Kunawakati utafika itabidi uwe mwenyewe…!

Je, umeshawahi kukutwa na hali kama hii? Hali ya kujishusha zaidi ya mtoto ili tu uweze kuwa na mtu au watu fulani katika maisha yako? Hali ya kujishusha  thamani yako na saa nyingine kupoteza utu wako ili tu fulani au kundi fulani likupende? (comprising your morals and values, loosing who you are for the sake of afraiding being alone). Kuna wengine mpaka wana acha kupigania ndoto zao kwasababu wanaona watapoteza baadhi ya watu katika maisha yao. Wengine wanaishi maisha ambayo siyo ya hualisia ili tu kuwafurahisha watu fulani ili waendelee kua kwenye maisha yao! Nikitu kibaya sana kama unaweza kupoteza nguvu uliyonayo ndani yako ambayo umepewa na Mungu eti kwasababu ya kutaka kukubalika na watu fulani au kwasababu unaogopa kutembea mwenyewe kwenye maishai yako. Duniani hapa kila mmoja amepangiwa safari yake na Mwenyezi Mungu, na wengine huwenda tumepangiwa safari zetu kuwa tutembee wenyewe sasa basi ukiona kama unapoteza hualisia wako na utu wako kwasababu ya kitu au mtu fulani au watu fulani, basi jua kua safari yako umepangiwa kutembea mwenyewe! Don't ever  sacrifice your happiness, morals, values, dignity, humanity kwasababu tu yakuogopa kutembea mwenyewe.  Majasiri siku zote wanatembea wenyewe! Wanaweza wakachukua muda mrefu kufika lakini atafika akiwa salama na kwa ujasiri. Usiogope! Maana lazima kunawakati utafika itabidi tu uwe mwenyewe, anza sasa kabla hujachelewa ukaja sema "laiti ningelijua"! Usilazimishe mambo!  Anza safari mengine muachie Mungu!


Holliethblogger: But In order to prepare you for greatness, God has to get rid of all the barriers and obstacles

@Regran_ed from @hollietheblogger - There is a REASON why GOD forcefully takes some people off your life and off your lane. Most of the time when this happens, we cry, fight and moan...God why‼️How come? Why me? But In order to prepare you for greatness, God has to get rid of all the barriers and obstacles. God understands that you gat to be free... & completely light... to FLY🦅So when God took DP out of the puzzle he knew what he was doing... probably he knew that being best friends will do them good 🤦🏾‍♂️🤗 Otherwise if she had forced this love or this relationship... she could be in Pretoria still playing house while the other is all over poking his favourite toy called Lady-Va*** 🙈😀 and to be completely honest... SHE COULD NOT HAVE REALISED ALL THIS🙈🤙🏾😁and her haters would have missed a chance to see her smile in 3D before they all die😀😁 So NEVER DOUBT THE PROCESS ‼️‼️‼️ #youarewhoyouare #trusttheprocess #itsallgood 🤗 - #regrann

**In the picture is Zari the Bosslady with Dr Mathew Knowels the music mogul, the legend, and the man  behind Beyonce Knowels success and Beyonce biological father. 

**All the credit to Holliethgblogger

Point of correction….!

Matukio katika picha: Mzee Igogo on his hustle

The City of Zhengzhou at a glance. seen behind is the Marriot Seven Star Hotel Building with 66 floors, where Sir Igogo is accommodated on the 41st floor 
Professor Zhang, a reknown leading Chinese Scientist World wide, founder of Jufeel Aloevera PMAS products, going through a Clinical research report done by eleven selected referal hospitals Medicinal Specialist in Tanzania, presented to him by the CEO of PMAS  Biotechnology Company (T)Ltd, Mr. Otieno Igogo, in Zhengzhou City, PRC. Today 09/12/2018
 May Almighty God continue to bless his hustle 🙏🏽