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Happy birthday Tanzanian Princess and African pride!

Regrann from @jokatemwegelo – March Baby πŸ‘ΌπŸ½. March Queen πŸ‘ΈπŸ½πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ³. Soon to be somebody’s Wife πŸ‘°πŸ½and Mummy🀰🏽. God is Great and Faithful. Grown but forever a baby girl πŸ€—πŸ˜˜. Ni kwa neema tu na rehema. Thank you loves for dragging me out to take these @divaglam_beauty @petefarasi9 @jacquescollection Nawapenda ❀ ~ otherwise I couldn’t be bothered πŸ™ƒ #Kidoti #Kidoti2018 – #regrann

Happy birthday to our one and only one Jokate Mwegelo, Tanzanian Princess and African Pride! Wishing you abundantly blessings, endless happy momoments, and forever love! ……. Awwih! Am happy to hear the good news please usininyime mualiko hata kama sina hela nitakopa kwa baba yangu Dr Magufuli ili tu nije Β kwa send off na harusi yako 😍😍😍 (I am very serious though). Nakutakia kheri milele zote. Love you sanaaa πŸ˜—β€


Happy birthday Hoyce Temu!

Leo wamezaliwa wanawake wanguvu, I wanawake washoka, Β malkia wanguvu, tamari ya Tanzania. Siku ya kama ya leo katika nyakati na majira tofauti alizaliwa vipenzi vyetu Jokate na Hoyce. Kama wote mumjuavyo Hoyce siyo tu ni mwanamke wa Kitanzania bali ni moja ya hazina ambayo Tanzania inajivunia kuwa nayo! Hivyo tunamshukuru Mungu kwa kutuletea hichi kiumbe katika aridhi ya Tanzania. Tunaomba aendelee kututunzia na kumiminia neema zake. Happy birthday the Queen of Tanzania. Enjoy your day πŸ˜—β€

Jokate Mwegelo: Namshukuru Mungu kwaajili ya wazazi wangu kwa kunilea katika maadili mema na hasa kunielekeza kwa Mungu na kunisisitizia elimu

Regrann from @jokatemwegelo - Miaka kadhaa iliyopita tarehe kama ya leo, taarifa zilienea Mama Kidoti amejifungua salama mtoto wa kike. Nilizaliwa kama watoto wengine wa kitanzania, wapo waliofurahia ujio wangu, na naamini wapo waliotamani ningekuwa mtoto wa kiume πŸ˜‚. Lakini Mwenyezi Mungu kwa hekima zake alinileta mwanamke. Hakuna aliyejua nimebeba nini ndani yangu kwa kuniangalia kwa macho, wala hakuna aliyejua nitakuja kuwa nani. Hayo yote Mungu aliyaficha katika hekima yake. Namshukuru Mungu kwaajili ya wazazi wangu kwa kunilea katika maadili mema na hasa kunielekeza kwa Mungu na kunisisitizia elimu, pia kuamini ndoto zangu, hata leo nimefika hapa nilipofika. Nawashukuru wote walioniamini na kuni-support hata wakati ambao mwenyewe sikujiamini katika ndoto kubwa nilizokuwa nazo. Naishukuru team yangu ya KIDOTI, partners wangu, na watanzania wote kwa ujumla kwa kuendelea kusimama na mimi kila hatua. Nakiri kwamba peke yangu nisingeweza kufanya chochote.
Ninayo furaha kubwa kuongeza mwaka katika maisha yangu hapa duniani, ni fursa ya kipekee kuwa hai. Wengi walikuwa na ndoto kubwa huenda kuliko zangu lakini hawapo nasi. Uhai ni zawadi na kwa hilo namshukuru Mungu. Maadam Mungu ameniacha hai ni ishara kuwa ana mipango mikubwa na maisha yangu ili niliishi kusudi lake na kutimiza kile aliniumba kufanya Tanzania na ulimwenguni kwa ujumla.

#KIDOTI #BIRTHDAYGIRL #KIDOTI2018 πŸŽβ€πŸ™πŸΎ cc @rapture1913 @mkolikoli @cmagavilla πŸ’• - #regrann

Jokate Mwegelo: You embrace new age and say your age proudly

Regrann from @jokatemwegelo – Guess who else is a March Baby 😍😘?!? Β The OG African Princess. The Iconic and my mama dearest @yvonne_chakachaka ….. Thank you for being amazing in every way possible. Drawing from your speech during women’s month at the University of Joburg last year, you said; here paraphrasing – celebrating life and being a year older isn’t something you shy away from. You embrace new age and say your age proudly because after many years of working extensively with children through Unicef and seeing babies die before the age of 5 and how nations strategize to eradicate such, you realize how life is just too precious and becoming older becomes more meaningful ☺. I pray this new age comes with more happiness and blessings. Nakupenda sana mama ❀❀❀ #Kidoti – #regrann Β 

Happy belated birthday to our African Princess! Wishing you many more happy years!


Mama na mwana

Regrann from @monalisatz - Dear Mama, Najisikia mwenye bahati mno kuwa mtoto wako.Umekuwa mama bora kwangu,bibi mzuri kwa watoto wangu,rafiki yangu wa karibu, mfanyakazi mwenzangu, kila kitu kwangu. Sijui ningekuwaje bila wewe?
Mungu akutunze mama yangu.
Nakupenda kila saa,
Nakupenda kila siku.
Happy birthday Mama @natashamamvi - #regrann

Happy birthday Sam Mbuna

"Happy 20th Birthday to the most loving, caring and undefined brother in the world. Seems like yesterday when we welcomed you to the world at Hindu Mandal Hospital in Dar Es Salaam and today you are a man of his own with his own principles and sometimes un explainable decisions. I hope your day is everything that you want it to be and more. Β May God grant you all the desires of your heart and may you hunger and quench to know God and search for his truth more everyday as you are getting older. I love you just the way you are though sometimes I don't understand you but I guess understanding you is not my job but to love you unconditionally is what I should do. Be blessed and have a fabulous day! Happy birthday Sam Mbuna" **** words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration from his elder sister Mrs. Foster Mbuna MkapaΒ 

Happy birthday Sam, nakutakia maisha mema, afya njema, na mafanikio mengi sana  I am to see you share the same birthday with my dad 😍😍 ubarikiwe sana.

Hello to the King! Happy birthday to him!

Hello to the King! I know one day I will be someone's Queen, but in my father's throne is where my heart will always be! Happy birthday to the king of my heart! Much love from this side of the world!

Maria Makonda: Kamwe sitakuacha wala kuinamisha sura yangu na moyo kusononeka juu yako

Β  @Regranned from @nikypal8585 - Asante Mungu kwa wema wako na fadhili zako juu ya maisha yangu mimi na Mume wangu kipenzi nipendezwae nae kila siku. Nakushukuru Mungu kwa ajili ya zawadi ya mume wangu huyu kwani amekuwa rafiki na mlezi kwangu hata kama kunachangamoto nyingi ktk maisha kamwe sitakuacha wala kuinamisha sura yangu na moyo kusononeka juu yako. Wewe ni furaha yangu kila sikuπŸ™Β ninakuombea sana kila gumu na baya lipite mbali kwani hata Mungu aliye mbinguni anajua mlinzi wako na mke wako wa pekee yuko kazini kumwita juu ya maisha yako. Wewe ni zawadi na moyo wangu hauna kipingamizi. Heri ya kuzaliwa roho yangu ,mume wangu mwenyewe nakupenda sanaπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€β€πŸ†πŸ…πŸ’ͺπŸ½β€β€β€πŸ’‘ - #regrann.Β Happy birthday brother Paul Makonda! Ubarikiwe sanaaaa! Much ❀

Petitman: Wewe mwanamke pekee unaejua thamani yangu na kunijali kila siku

Β  @Regranned from @officialpetitman_wakuachetz - Nashukuru Mungu leo mwaka mwingine kwako japo kuwa mwaka jana siku kama ya leo ilikuwa ni siku ya kutoa machozi kwa ajili yangu lakini nashukuru Mungu leo tupo pamoja nakujali sana nakupenda wewe mwanamke pekee unaejua thamani yangu na kunijali kila siku namuomba Mungu atupe maisha marefu na familia yetu nakupenda sana mke wangu Happy Birthday mama t @_esmaplatnumz @rosee_clothingline @focusstudio16 @modo_designer - #regrann Happy birthday Esma dada yake Mr Tanzania! Mmependeza kweli! Love it!

Makamu wa Rais asherekea siku yake yakuzaliwa na watoto yatima!

Muheshiwa Makamu wa Rais mama Samia Suluhu Hassan siku ya Jana ilikuwa no siku yake ya kuzaliwa. Katika kuadhimisha siku hiyo muhimuhi Makamu wa Rais alijumuika na watoto yatima wa kituo cha Mtakatifu Gaspar kilichopo mjini Dodoma na kula nao chakula cha jioni.Β Β 

Kwa kupita account yake ya Instagram Mh. Makamu wa Rais alisemaΒ  “Jioni ya leo nimejumuika na Baadhi ya Watoto Yatima wa kituo cha Mtakatifu Gaspar cha mjini Dodoma kwenye chakula cha jioni ikiwa sehemu ya kusheherekea siku yangu ya kuzaliwa.”Β  Hayo ndio yalikuwa maneno yake ya shukran ya siku yake kuu.Β 

Nasi kwa Mara nyingine mtuna mtakia kheri, baraka, na afya njema mama yetu. Mungu azidi kukuongoza na kukulinda ili uzidi kulitumikia taifa letu vyema!Β Β  Happy birthday mama! πŸ˜˜πŸ’

Happy birthday Foster Mbuna Mkapa!

" You (God) give beauty for ashes, comfort for pain and laughter for gladness in your name" (Isaiah 61)Β My heart is full of joy and gratitude as I look back at how far I have come. If it was not for you my heavenly father carrying and walking me through I don't know where I would be. I have seen myself growing physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

*I have faced pain so that I could comfort those in pain. 

*I have experienced loss so that I know the importance of having people around me.

* I have experienced reject to know the importance of not ignoring people or categorizing them because in your sight we are all equal. 

*I have experienced sickness to learn to appreciate good health.

* I have experienced happiness, satisfaction and peace to know that intangible things are what matter than materialistic things.

* I have encountered obstacles to learn that all blessings come from you and not to be judgmental because your timing is the best. I have learnt humility.

*I have encountered strangers who made my journey smooth to realise that the world is not cruel and strangers can turn to be your relatives/ friends if your don't confine yourself in your tiny world. Just do your part and the rest will fall into the right place.

* I have realized that change begins with me by letting go of all the negativity/grudges and the power of these 3 words; I am Sorry/ Please forgive me, Thank you and I Love you!Β 

Mama Foster na Foster
As I celebrate my birthday today, I am grateful to know that I am here alive today because that's exactly what and where you wanted me to be. I give you Glory and Honour because you knew me before I was formed, you know me from head to toe, you know my destination and you have great plans for me. As I live my life, may I walk and conduct myself according to your master plan. Help me to fulfil all my roles to the best of my abilities without complaining so that I can bring you back the Glory and Praise that you deserve. Grant me a compassionate, loving and a forgiving heart.Β Thank you for my parents, my husband, my sons, siblings, relatives and friends that make my life colourful, fun and meaningful. May I make their lives and worlds meaningful and wonderful as well. Amen.Β Happy birthday to me!
Ujumbe wako wa  shukrani kwa Mungu umetulia Sana!........Nami naomba nikutakie kheri na baraka zote za kuongeza mwaka mwingine katika maisha yako. Mungu azidi kukubariki wewe na uzao wa tumbo lako pamoja na watu wote waingiao ndani ya malango ya nyumba yako......Nimefurahi kumbe tulizaliwa hospitali moja 😍😍 Ocean Road born babies we Rock!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ..... Happy birthday beautiful 😘😍

Mama Mbuna: Mungu wangu ninaye mtumikia akubariki milele yote

Wooh Mungu ni mwema mno. Ilikuwa siku kama ya leo (Alhamisi), tarehe kama ya leo (11/01/ mwaka uleeee, mnamo saa 09:30 mchana, mvua yenye utulivu ikiwa inanyesha, nikiwa pale Ocean Road Hospital, BWANA alinipatia mtoto mzuri wa kike tunayemuita Foster Mbuna Mkapa. Aliyefanya CV yangu ibadilike na kuanza kuitwa mama Foster tangu siku hiyo. Β Nakutakia baraka zote za rohoni na za mwilini unapoisherehekea siku yako hii ya kuzaliwa. Kwa imani nakutamkia neno hili kwamba "hakuna silaha yoyote itakayo inuka juu yako ambayo itafanikiwa." Mungu wangu ninaye mtumikia akubariki milele yote. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. MUMMY LOVES YOU!!!!!!

Happy birthday Joyce Kiria!

Kheri ya kuzaliwa Joyce Kiria a.k.a Super Woman. Mwenyezi Mungu aendelee kukubariki na kukutumia kuwa sauti ya wanawake wanyonge siyo tu ndani ya Tanzania bali Africa na dunia kwa ujumla. Happy birthday beautiful  😘❀ @Regranned from @wanawakelivetz - @Regrann from @joycekiriasuperwoman - Asante Yesu kwa kunipa umri huu 37 nikiwa na Afya tele na nikiwa najivunia mafanikio makubwa sana katika maisha yangu, asante kwa kuniwezesha kufika hapa nilipo ni pakubwa mnooo siamini, asante Kwa familia yangu ya nguvu mume wangu na watoto wangu, asante kwa ndugu zangu wote Mama yangu na wadogo zangu na jamaa zangu was wote, asante kwa biashara zangu, asante kwa wafanyakazi wenzangu, asante kwa washirika wangu wa biashara /wadhamini, asante kwa wadau wote wanaoniunga mkono kwa njia ya Tv na mitandaoni. *

Happy birthday Mrs Mengi!

Nakutakia kheri katika siku yako hii kuu! Mungu akuongezee baraka, amani, na afya njema! Asante sana kwa kuniacha nitumie picha zako, za familia yako, na marafiki zako kwa blog yangu bila kikwazo chochote! Yani najichagulia tu utasema zangu πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ ubarikiwe sana mama wawili pamoja na familia yako! Happy birthday beautiful Mrs Billionaire πŸ˜πŸ˜—β€

Linda Bezuidenhout: I’m here screaming all the way from Atlanta to Tanzania.

Designer alieshinda tunzo nyingi sana za kimataifa hapa Marekani Ms. Linda Bezuidenhout asherekea kwa kishindo cha sauti kuu kufurahia siku ya kuzaliwa Rais wa Tanzania Mh. Dr. John Pombe Magufuli kitu ambacho kimewashangaza baadhi ya watu kuwa imekuwaje kwani yeye ni mwana Chadema damu damu!! Linda amejibu kwa kusema kuwa adui ya adui yako huyo ni rafiki yako! Embu Soma hapo chini πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Nami nasema ni vyema sana kwa Linda kufanya hivyo kwani siasa sio chuki wala uwadui! Wakati wa campaign umeshakwisha embu watu waweke siasa chini tujenge nchi! Ameshachaguliwa ni Rais wetu tumpe ushirikiano kwa manufaa ya taifa letu. Kama hatumtaki basi usikose kwenye kupiga kura 2020……..Mungu atusaidie!

Happy birthday President Dr. Magufuli!

Kheri ya siku yakuzaliwa kwako Rais wetu Dr. John Pombe Magufuli! Mwenyezi Mungu mwenye wingi wa rehema akuzidishie mibaraka yake, hekima na busara nyingi ili ukapate uwezo wa kuliongoza taifa la Tanzania katika upendo na amani! Happy birthday mzee wa #HapaKaziTu

Kheri ya siku ya kuzaliwa Rais Mstaafu Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete!

Nakutakia kheri katika siku yako kuu! Mwenyezi Mungu mwenye wingi wa rehema akuzidishie baraka zake, akazidi kukupa afya njema na amani nyingi moyoni! Asante sana kwa kuliongoza taifa letu la Tanzania kwa miaka 10. Ubarikiwe sana. Happy birthday baba Ridhiwani!Β  πŸ™

Happy birthday Zamaradi

Happy birthday Zamaradi! Mungu akujalie furaha nyingi, amani tele, na afya njema wewe na familia yako yote! Ubarikiwe sana. Happy birthday beautiful! We love you! 😘 πŸ’—

Happy birthday baba Tiffah, Nillan, na Dylan!

“Today i dedicated to spend my day at the hospital where i was born, visiting all the kids who were born today as my bornmates and the other kids who are sick…. πŸ™ thank you@dahuuofficial and the whole @dahuufoundation….” Diamond

Nakutakia kheri ya siku ya kuzaliwa kwako, Mungu Mwenyezi akuzidishie neema zake katika kila jambo jema ulitendalo. Happy birthday baba Tiffah, Nillan, na Dylan! 😘

Kheri ya siku ya kuzaliwa kwako binti wa Sepetunga!

Nakutakia kheri na furaha ya siku ya kuzaliwa kwako ‘moyo mtamu wa Watanzania’! Uwe na siku nzuri iliyojaa amani, furaha, na vicheko vingi! Uzidi barikiwa na yote uyaombao kwa Mwenyezi Mungi akutimizie kama apendvyo na unavyo stahili. Happy birthday Wema.Β  Be blessed! 😘❀