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Meet the Obama’s extended family members!

Let me introduce you to some amazing people whom also are apart of my family. Oh Yes! Iโ€™m related to the Obamaโ€™s, Lupita Nyongo, Raila and the the greats who originated from Uhuru Kenyattaโ€™s land. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Ladies and gentlemen; its my honor to bring to you the Obama’s extended family members! Lupita Nyong’o cousin-brother, sister inlaw, nephew, and niece! The Raila Odinga’s son and daughter in-law and grandchildren! The Uhuru Kenyatta’s neighbors ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ The Duke and Duchess of Homabay County family! The Royal family of Mr and Mrs Tobby Nyagilo! The Kaganian village descendants! The Luos from great land of Kenya. Looking amazing! Bless His Holy name, the Maker of all! Mbarikiwe sana. ๐Ÿ˜˜โคโค


Maisha ni nini?!

“Maisha ni nin? Swali hili limekuwa na utata na kuusumbua ulimwengu ni nini maana ya maisha; je! maisha ni kuwa na mume mwenye pesa nyingi? Je!maisha ni kuwa mke mzuri? Je! maisha ni kuwa na nyumba au gari nzuri? Je! maisha ni kuwa na marafiki wengi? Je! maisha ni kuwa na watoto? au je! maisha ni kuwa na kazi nzuri inayokupa heshima? Maswali haya yote ni sawa na bure maana watu wamekuwa na vyote hivyo na bado hawaelewi ni nini maana ya maisha!ย Maisha ni kutambua kuwa kuna Mungu na kukubali kuisikiliza sauti yake, kukubali kuwa yeye ametukomboa katika utumwa wa dhambi. Maisha ni kutambua kuwa miguuni pa Yesu pekee ndio mahali pa usalama Luka 10:38-42″ย 

Sisters for life!

      Sema wapendwa wasomaji wangu, sorry ningekuwa busy kidogo nafurahia ugeni huu wa mdogo wangu. Amekuja kutembea kwa muda mfupi ambao wamefunga shule. Hii ni mara yake ya pili kuja U.S.A mara ya kwanza ilikuwa 2014 ambapo alikuwa ja mwaka mmoja na nusu. Hivyo ngoja tufurahi pamoja kwa moment hiiย