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Tracing Luo people ….!

Luo peoples_The Luo (also spelled Lwo) are several ethnically and linguistically related Nilotic ethnic groups in Africa that inhabit an area ranging from South Sudan and Ethiopia, through Northern Uganda and eastern Congo (DRC), into western Kenya, and the Mara Region of Tanzania. Their Luo languages belong to the Nilotic group and as such form part of the larger Eastern Sudanic family.

Luo groups in South Sudan include the Shilluk, Anuak, Pari, Acholi, Balanda Boor, Thuri, Maban, and Luo of Dimo, and those in Uganda include the Alur, Padhola, and Joluo. 

The Joluo and their language Dholuo are also known as the "Luo proper", being eponymous of the larger group. The level of historical separation between these groups is estimated at about eight centuries. Dispersion from the Nilotic homeland in South Sudan was presumably triggered by the turmoils of the Muslim conquest of Sudan.[citation needed] The migration of individual groups over the last few centuries can to some extent be traced in the respective group's oral history. The Luo (also Lwo) are part of the Nilotic group of people. The Nilote had separated from the other members of the East Sudanic family by about the 3rd millennium BC. Within Nilotic, Luo forms part of the Western group.

Within Luo, a Northern and a Southern group is distinguished. "Luo proper" or Dholuo is part of the Southern Luo group. Northern Luo is mostly spoken in South Sudan, while Southern Luo groups migrated south from the Bahr el Ghazal area in the early centuries of the second millennium AD (about eight hundred years ago).

A further division within the Northern Luo is recorded in a "widespread tradition" in Luo oral history: the foundational figure of the Shilluk (or Chollo) nation was a chief named Nyikango, dated to about the mid-15th century. After a quarrel with his brother, he moved northward along the Nile and established a feudal society. The Pari people descend from the group that rejected Nyikango.

The Anuak are a Luo people whose villages are scattered along the banks and rivers of the southwestern area of Ethiopia, with others living directly across the border in South Sudan. The name of this people is also spelled Anyuak, Agnwak, and Anywaa. The Anuak of South Sudan live in a grassy region that is flat and virtually treeless. During the rainy season, this area floods, so that much of it becomes swampland with various channels of deep water running through it.

The Anuak who live in the lowlands of Gambela are distinguished by the color of their skin and are considered to be black Africans. The Ethiopian peoples of the highlands are of different ethnicities, and identify by lighter skin color. The Anuak have accused the current Ethiopian government and dominant highlands people of committing genocide against them. The government's oppression has affected the Anuak's access to education, health care and other basic services, as well as limiting opportunities for development of the area.

The Acholi, another Luo people in South Sudan, occupy what is now called Magwi County in Eastern Equatorial State. They border the Uganda Acoli of Northern Uganda. The South Sudan Acholi numbered about 10,000 on the 2008 population Census. Around 1500, a small group of Luo known as the Biito-Luo, led by Chief Labongo (his full title became Isingoma Labongo Rukidi, also known as Mpuga Rukidi), encountered Bantu-speaking peoples living in the area of Bunyoro. These Luo settled with the Bantu and established the Babiito dynasty, replacing the Bachwezi dynasty of the Empire of Kitara. According to Bunyoro legend, Labongo, the first in the line of the Babiito kings of Bunyoro-Kitara, was the twin brother of Kato Kimera, the first king of Buganda. These Luo were assimilated by the Bantu, and they lost their language and culture.

Later in the 16th century, other Luo-speaking people moved to the area that encompasses present day South Sudan, Northern Uganda and North-Eastern Congo (DRC) – forming the Alur, Jonam and Acholi. Conflicts developed when they encountered the Lango, who had been living in the area north of Lake Kyoga. The Lango also speak a Luo language. According to Driberg (1923), the Lango reached the eastern province of Uganda (Otuke Hills), having traveled southeasterly from the Shilluk area. The Lango language is similar to the Shilluk language. There is not consensus as to whether the Lango share ancestry with the Luo (with whom they share a common language), or if they have closer ethnic kinship with their easterly Ateker neighbours, with whom they share many cultural traits.

Between the middle of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, some Luo groups proceeded eastwards. One group called Padhola (or Jopadhola - people of Adhola), led by a chief called Adhola, settled in Budama in Eastern Uganda. They settled in a thickly forested area as a defence against attacks from Bantu neighbours who had already settled there. This self-imposed isolation helped them maintain their language and culture amidst Bantu and Ateker communities.

Those who went further a field were the Joka Jok and Joka Owiny. The Jok Luo moved deeper into the Kaviirondo Gulf; their descendants are the present-day Jo Kisumo and Jo Rachuonyo amongst others. Jo Owiny occupied an area near Got Ramogi or Ramogi hill in Alego of Siaya district. The Owiny's ruins are still identifiable to this day at Bungu Owiny near Lake Kanyaboli. The other notable Luo group is the Omolo Luo who inhabited Ugenya and Gem areas of Siaya district. The last immigrants were the Jo Kager, who are related to the Omollo Luo. Their leader Ochieng Waljak Ger used his advanced military skill to drive away the Omiya or Bantu groups, who were then living in present-day Ugenya around 1750AD.

Between about 1500 and 1800, other Luo groups crossed into present-day Kenya and eventually into present-day Tanzania. They inhabited the area on the banks of Lake Victoria. According to the Joluo, a warrior chief named Ramogi Ajwang led them into present-day Kenya about 500 years ago.

As in Uganda, some non-Luo people in Kenya have adopted Luo languages. A majority of the Bantu Suba people in Kenya speak Dholuo as a first language and have largely been assimilated.

The Luo in Kenya, who call themselves Joluo (aka Jaluo, "people of Luo"), are the third largest community in Kenya after the Kikuyu, and Luhya. In 2010 their population was estimated to be 4.1million. In Tanzania they numbered (in 2001) an estimated 980,000 [1]. The Luo in Kenya and Tanzania call their language Dholuo, which is mutually intelligible (to varying degrees) with the languages of the Lango, Kumam and Padhola of Uganda, Acoli of Uganda and South Sudan and Alur of Uganda and Congo.

The Luo (or Joluo) are traditional fishermen and practice fishing as their main economic activity. Other cultural activities included wrestling (yii or dhao) kwath for the young boys aged 13–18 in their age sets. Their main rivals in the 18th century were luo Lango, the Highland Nilotes, who traditionally engaged them in fierce bloody battles, most of which emanated from the stealing of their livestock.

The Luo people of Kenya are nilotes and are related to the Nilotic people. The Luo people of Kenya are the fourth largest community in Kenya after the Kikuyu, Kenya, and, together with their brethren in Tanzania, comprise the second largest single ethnic group in East Africa. This includes peoples who share Luo ancestry and/or speak a Luo language.

    Acoli (Uganda and Kenya)

    Acholi (South Sudan and Uganda)

    Alur (Uganda and DRC)

    Anuak (Ethiopia and South Sudan)

    Blanda Boore (South Sudan)

    Gambella (Ethiopia)

    Jopadhola (Uganda)

    Jonam (Uganda)

    Jumjum (South Sudan)

    Jurbel (South Sudan)

    Kumam (Uganda)

    Joluo (Kenya and Tanzania)

    Luo of Dimo (South Sudan)

    Pari (South Sudan)

    Shilluk (South Sudan)

    Thuri (South Sudan)

    Maban (South Sudan)

    Balanda Bwoor (South Sudan)

    Cope/Paluo people (Uganda)

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Safari ya mama Washington DC

Siku ya tarehe 13 mwezi huu wa Tano, mimi na mama yangu tulisafiri kidogo kwenda mji mmoja unaitwa Washington DC. Huu mji ni makao makuu ya U.S.A hivyo nilikuwa nakwenda kumuonyesha mama Makao Makuu ya Marekani na pia kwa kuwa ilikuwa ni siku ya wakina mama duniani hivyo ikawa pia kama sehemu ya Mother's Day treat! Safari yetu ilianzia Houston, Texas hapo kwenye picha ni mama akiwa kwenye train kuelekea terminal ambayo tulipandia ndege. Kitu ambacho nimejifunza katika changamoto za kutaka kufurahia maisha  na kuwa na amani na watu, nikuwa siku zote kama unataka kufurahia matembezi yako binafsi basi nivizuri uwe umejiandaa kufurahiya bila kubugudhi watu wengine. Labda kama kweli unaamini hakuta kuwa na maneno ya chini au kuchafuana kwa majungu basi fikia kwa mwenyeji wako lasivyo Starehe kwa size ya Wallet yako 😀😀🙈 Nasema haya kutoka na experience ambazo nimewahi kuzipata au nimeona baadhi ya watu wakipata (Hii ni topic nyingine kabisa ipo siku nitaileta). Kiufupi hapa ndipo nilipo amua kufika.  Hapa tulikuwa tukipata Mother's Day dinner @Tony Cheng's restaurant.  Mama yangu anamatatizo ya tumbo, tupo extra careful na nini anakula. Kwasasa Chinese food ndio vipo salama kwa tumbo lake. Hapa tulikuwa tukipata Chinese menu kwenye restaurant moja iitwayo Tony Cheng's ndani ya Chinatown, hapo Washington DC.  Mimi mwenyewe baada ya kula, nguvu tele ya kuzunguka kidogo kabla ya kurudi hotelini.    Baada ya kula na kuzunguka kidogo Chinatown nikampeleka mama kuona WhiteHouse ya Marekani. Kwasababu hatukuwa na huwakika lini tungekwenda hivyo ilikuwa ngumu kwangu kuweka appointment ya kupewa tour ya ndani ya WhiteHouse. For security purposes inahitajika at least one month appointment kabla ya kwenda. Lakini hata hii tu ya nje ya jengo alifurahia.  Mama yangu hanaga makuu 😍😍

*** hii ni part one, nitamalizia nyingine baadaye***


                   PUMZIKA KIDOGO

Kwanini Yesu, katikati ya siku yenye shughuli nyingi, aliwataka wanafunzi wake kuuacha umati wa watu na kwenda naye mahali pa faraga kupumzika? Alifahamu kuwa kadri walivyokuwa na kazi nyingi za kufanya ndiyo walivyohitaji kuweka muda wa kupumzika na kuwa pamoja na mwokozi wao. Kutofanya hivyo mwisho wake kungewaumizi wao wenyewe na wale wote waliokusudia kuwahudumia.

Sisi nasi leo, ni muhimu kuzingatia ukweli huu.

Mungu anajua shughuli zako na changamoto za Maisha yako ya kila siku – Iwe ni nyumbani, kazini, au Kanisani. Mungu anajua pia kuwa unahitaji hekima yake ili uweze kuwa na mtizamo sahihi wa kila shughuli na namna inavyopaswa kufanywa- na unahitaji pia nguvu kutoka kwake ili uweze kufanya kila jambo kwa usahihi. Kama hutapanga kuwa na muda wako wa kupumzika na kupata nguvu mpya (kimwili na kiroho)- upo uwezekano mbeleni wa wewe na wote uwapendao kuumia. Uchovu unaathiri kufikiri kwetu, namna tunavyowasiliana, na uwezo wetu wa kupenda wanaotunzunguka.

Yesu akawaambia, “Twendeni peke yetu mpaka mahali pa faragha mkapumzike kidogo.” Alisema hivyo kwa kuwa kulikuwa na watu wengi mno waliokuwa wanafika hapo na kuondoka hata Yesu na wanafunzi wake hawakuweza kupata nafasi ya kula chakula" Marko 6:31

                  GET SOME REST

Why, in the midst of such a busy day, did Jesus insist His disciples leave the crowds to rest and be alone with Him? He knew that the busier they were, the more they need to make time to rest and be alone with Him. If they didn’t, eventually they would hurt both themselves and those who they were seeking to help. The same is true for us

God knows the demands and responsibilities you face-at home, on the job, even in your church. But God also knows you need His wisdom to keep those things in perspective, and you need His strength to get them done rightly.

Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

The Lawyer herself in Songea!

                 Mwanasheria Janeth O.O Igogo  a.k.a Mrs Nyagilo akiwa safarini kikazi zaidi katika Mkoa wa Songea..... alphaigogo blog inamtakia kazi njema, na  wasafiri salama kurudi Dar pindi watakapo maliza shughuli za kikazi zilizo wapeleka........ Haya wale wa Songea mpooo?! Jojo nimekufikisha nyumbani 😍

International Day, 2018

International Day ni siku ambayo makanisa ya Wasabato hapa Marekani wanasherekea  au unawezasema wana enzi uwepo wa "diversity" (uwepo wa mataifa mbali mbali na tamamaduni zao) ndani ya makanisa na haswa ndani ya nchi. International Day haifanyiki siku moja yani hakuna siku maalumu iliyotengwa kuwa leo ni International Day bali husherekewa kuanzia mwezi wa Nne mpaka mwishoni mwa  mwezi wa Tano, anywhere kabla ya sherehe za makambi. International Day nikama siku ya wageni inavyofanyika Tanzania, wale Wasabato wenzangu waliopo Tanzania wananielewa. Tofauti huko Tanzania naona mnasahau kuwa siyo wageni wote ni Watanzania (hawaongei Kiswahili) hivyo kungekuwa na umuhimu wa kuwatambua kwa mataifa yao.Anyway, siku hii kwa hapa kwetu ilifanyika jana May 5th, 2018. Tulifurahi sana kwa kula vyakula vya mataifa tofauti tofauti.  Haya nawe enjoy picha hizo na ubarikiwe sana. Pichani ni First Lady wa kanisa letu (Mke wachungaji wetu) pamoja na mama yangu mzazi. Mtanzania mwenzangu na mshiriki wa kanisa letu pamoja na mama yangu. A sister from Kenya and our church members Another sister from Kenya, I real do love Kenyans! Ni watu ambao wako straight to the point kama hataki kitu anasema wazi kuwa sikitaki kwasababu hii! Ule unafiki wa "Kibongo" kwakweli hawana au mimi sijakutana na Wakenya wenye unafiki wa level yetu sisi Wabongo! Napia wanaelewa kuwa to agree to disagree ni jambo lakawaida siyo chuki! Mimi ninaugonjwa  wa kuchukia WANAFIKI NA WAONGO!! Jamani siwape watu wenye tabia hizo!! mniombee tu kwakweli maana only God knows how much I hate watu wa sampuli hiyo!! Anyway, tuendelee na story yetu 🇹🇿💃 Wanawake wa Kitanzania wakiwakilisha 😍  

Jukwaa langu: Mahojiano yangu na Mange Kimambi

Regrann from @mutwiba – Katika kipindi cha JUKWAA LANGU Jumatatu hii ndani ya Kilimanjaro Studio, utaanza kwa kusikiliza mahojiano yangu na Mange Kimambi.

Kisha tujadiliane kuhusu “Diaspora Connect” / ama Diaspora Disconnect”

* Kwanini wapo Diaspora wanaoamini kwamba Diaspora ndio suluhisho la matatizo Tanzania?

* Kwanini wapo Diaspora wanaoamini kwamba Diaspora ndio tatizo Tanzania?

* Ni kweli kwamba walio nyumbani hawatuelewi ama ni kwamba kuna Diaspora wasiojielewa wanapoamini kwamba walio nyumbani hawajielewi?

****Haya ni kati ya maswali mengi tutakayoulizana hapa**** Pia tutapata mrejesho kuhusu Tanzania Day 2018 iliyokamilika Dallas. Kisha mgeni wangu ni Boniface Makulilo.

*Navy Veteran

*Fulbright Alumni



*Mshauri mtandaoni.

*Mmoja wa wakurugenzi katika NGO moja inayohudumu mataifa 18.

Ana mengi ya kujadili nasi katika saa la pili.

Si ya kukosa

Ni kipindi cha JUKWAA LANGU, Jumatatu hii (Aprili 30, 2018) na kila Jumatatu kuanzia saa 12 kamili jioni mpaka 2 kamili usiku kwa saa za Marekani Mashariki (6:00 – 8:00pm ET). Ni kupitia Facebook live (Mubelwa Bandio na Kwanza Production) ama Kwanza Radio kwenye TuneIn ama piga simu 202-683-4570 *******************************

PRODUCER: Mubelwa Bandio – #regrann

Lemutuz: Mange waombe radhi Watanzania

Regrann from @lemutuz_superbrand  -  MANGE WAOMBE RADHI WATANZANIA: The Art Of FACTS umefanya kitu cha msingi kukubali KUSHINDWA na kuamua kwenda likizo isipokua umesahau one thing ambacho ni very Important nacho ni KUWAOMBA MSAMAHA WATANZANIA .....kwanza kabisa ni muhimu sana ukakubali kwa mara ya kwanza kwamba umekuwa ukipewa habari za uongo sana kwa sababu hawa wanaokupa habari za kila siku kuchafua Watu mbali mbali hapa Tanzania si ndio hao hao waliokua wanakuaminisha kuwa wataandamana? ....sasa kama wamekudanganya kwenye maandamano mpaka ukawaamini vipi kuhusu habari za watu walizokuwa wanakupa? zinawezaje kuwa za ukweli? .....kubali kwamba umekuwa ukilishwa habari nyingi za uongo na kuchafua watu bila sababu ....waliokua wanakuleteea ni waongo na wanafiki maana wamekudanganya kuandamana kumbe ni waongo now ustaarabu ni kama ulioufanya kutulia chini kwa muda na kujitafakari na kuwaomba radhi Watanzania uliokua ukiwachafua kila wakati na habari za majungu za hawa Wanafiki ingawa wewe na wao ni sawa sawa tu kwa sababu moja ya msingi WOTE MNAOGOPA SHERIA ZA JAMHURI YA MUUNGANO WA TANZANIA ....wewe umejificha huko na wenzako nao wakaamua kujificha hapa nyumbani so ngoma droo wote ni mazuzu ila angalau kidogo wewe una nafuu kidogo so omba radhi now....halafu dalili za mvua ni mawingu so ni lazima ujifunze now kuwa hata muda wako utakapofikia wa kulipia uvunjaji wako wa sheria za Jamhuri ya Tanzania yaani UTAKAPOKUA RUMANDE SEGEREA ujue hawa wanakudanganya hawatakuja kukuona au kukuletea chakula ...kwenye hili huna ujanja maana hata iweje utarudi tu Tanzania your home land imagine utaishi kwa kujificha ficha mpaka lini? ...imagine unavyo risk your life kwa watu waongo? tizama walivyokufanyia jana sasa wanajipa moyo eti umeshinda hivi jiulize umeshinda nini? cause Bongo maisha yanaendelea kama kawaida ...wanakudanganya OMBA RADHI uishi kwa amani! ...THIS CASE IS NOW CLOSED! - @lemutuz_superbrand  - #regrann

Joyce Kiria: Mange Kimambi wewe ni SUPER WOMAN katika dunia yako

Regrann from @joycekiriasuperwoman  -  NIWE MKWELI... @mangekimambi_ wewe ni SUPER WOMAN katika dunia yako... ukiamua lako unakomaaga, NAKUMBUKA WAKATI WA KAMPENI ULIVYOSIMAMA KIDETE, yaani kwa kweli niseme umetingisha nchi na MAANDAMANO yako.... Serikali ilivyokuongelea kwa nguvu tuu nikaogopaaaaaa 🤔 kiukweli mimi nilikuwa na kiwewe cha hayo MAANDAMANO kuliko hata kihoro cha NDOA yangu🙄 jana sijalala kabisa nawaza hayo maandamano itakuwaje, maana tuna majukumu ya kulea ati... lakini Yesu ni mkubwa sana Amen...Tz hatujafika hukoooo Anyway, mimi kama mpambanaji katika dunia yangu Nakupongeza kwa Nguvu uliyojijengea maana najua siyo kazi rahisi, ila pls nguvu hiyo isihatarishe Amani yetu bali itumie vizuri kujenga Taifa letu badala ya kubomoa ....kosoa unavyoweza lakini Amani yetu ni Bora zaidi tuilinde kwa garama yeyote... watanzania hatujafikia huko kwa maandamano jamani, tupaze sauti zetu lakini bila kutishia Amani yetu...

Again hongera kwa kuwa kinara  Super Woman, Mwanamke wa Nguvu, najua inahitaji UJASIRI mkubwa sana kuweza kufanya unachofanya, umefanikiwa kuteka mashabiki wengi sana kila kona unazungumzwa hata na wasio mitandaoni... kwangu mimi hiyo ni FURSA NZURI... ITUMIE VIZURI itangaze nchi na  AMANI yetu... Maandamano ya kitaifa siyo kabisa hatujafika huko pls... labda maandamano binafsi ya familia🤣

Nawashukuru watanzania wenzangu kwa kukupuuza na kutokwenda kuvunja Amani, maana kwa jinsi ulivyowasha moto sikuamini kama hakuna alieandamana leo🤔 naimani watanzania bado tunaimani na Rais wetu na Taifa letu. 

Naimani serikali itatilia maanani changamoto unazoleta hadharani kwa niaba ya wengi, upinzani siyo dhami uwepo kuleta changamoto na serikali ifanyie kazi yale yenye Tija, watu wengi wanapitisha Changamoto kwako maana mwenye huo ujasiri ni mtihani, japo njia unayotumia wewe inaumiza sana kwa kweli, “matusi” woooiiiiiii hata kama ujumbe ndani yake upo lakini mijitusi yako inaondoa maana nzima kabisa 🙄🙄 japo kwa wengine ndo kachumbari😆😆


Mrekebisha tabia: Vyovyote vile utamchukulia lakini kwa wengine wengi bado anakuwa hero

Regrann from @mrekebishatabia  -  Kuna watu humchukia Mange Kimambi kwasababu mbalimbali.. Wengine sababu binafsi,  wengine basi tu,  wengine misimamo yake nk.. Vyovyote vile utamchukulia lakini kwa wengine wengi bado anakuwa hero. .. Yes ni Shujaa! Vyama vya upinzani vimeshindwa kupanga wanachama wao.... Wanaharakati wengi wameishia njiani.. Wengine wamejikita kwenye vyama na kusahau wajibu wao nk nk... But Mange ameweza kufanya kitu hata wengine pamoja na umaarufu wao nchini hawajawahi kuwaza amekuwa na ushawishi mkubwa wenye kushtua nchi! -

Yes ni mtu mkubwa mno mwenye uwezo wa kutikisa nchi...kila mtu alikua anaongealea maandamano hata vijijini watu wasiokuwa na mitandao wanajua khs maandamano... -

Binafsi nadhan anafanya vizuri sana kwenye harakati humo ndo mahala pake sahihi na akiendelea namna hii ataakumbukwa kwenye historia ya nchi yetu... Ndo ukweli wenyewe ambao wengi wanaupinga!! -

Kwa wananchi nao hawajaogopa kuandamana au kudharau ni vile tu Tanzania tunapenda amani hatujazoea masuala ya vurugu kuona vitisho na mapolisi kila mara kutoa matamko kuonya,  watu kukamatwa,  kunyimwa uhuru wao na mapolisi kuonekana kona wengi wakaona why amani iondoke wakati wanaweza kufanya njia nyingine? Njia nyingine ipi?  Sijui but naamini Mange Kimambi na washirika wake hawajashindwa lengo Lao wamefanikiwa kwa asilimia 73%

Niseme tu binafsi... Huwezi kulazimisha watu wote mawazo yao yafanane... Tunawahitaji akina Mange Kimambi wengi zaidi ili kuwepo changamoto maana wawakilishi wetu hawawezi, wengine kutishiwa.... Watu wote hatuwezi kuwa wapole,  wote ndiyo.. Wote mawazo mamoja... Mungu ameumba watu mbali mbali.. Wenye tabia, vipaji, hulka, wachokozi, wadadisi, mitazamo, wenye uthubutu nk.. Na mmoja wa watu hao ni Mange nadhani hata kama kuna kitu unamchukia basi utapata kitu cha kumkubali.  - #regrann

Furaha na amani ya siku ya Muungano!

Nawatakieni furaha ma amani ya siku ya muungano kwa Watanzania wote wenye mapenzi mema na nchi yetu! Mungu azidi kitusaidia tudumishe amani na utulivu katika taifa. Najua nchi yetu inamatobo ambayo yanatakiwa kuwekewa viraka, lakini siamini kuwa nchi yetu imeharibika kiasi cha kutofaa tena! Nguzo yetu kuu ambayo tumejivunia siku zote hata katika magumu yote tuliyopotia ni kulinda amani na umoja katika nchi yetu ndio maana marehemu baba wa Taifa Mwl. Julius Kambarage Nyerere aliweza kuwaondoa wakoloni bila kumwaga damu! Kwani amani na umoja ndio alitaka uwe msingi wa taifa letu! Tujivunie amani yetu. Tushikamane sisi kama Watanzania bila kuruhusu kundi la watu wachache wenye nia zao potovu kuvuruga na kupoteza amani ya nchi yetu! Happy Union Day my beloved Tanzanians!

Mungu ibariki Tanzania. Mungu ibariki Africa.

Happy Muungano Day from Blessing

 "It is the greatest Union day of Tanganyika and Unguja which became Our Lovely Tanzania, and Sister Rhoda aka Margie bought daddy a beautifull shirt which am wearing to show you all as a symbol of our unity." Maneno yake Blessing hayo Nasi twasema Happy Muungano day my beloved babysister! Na udumu muungano wetu!

Mama Samia Suluhu ziarani Luanda nchini Angola

Regrann from @hoycetemu – Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Mhe. @samia_suluhu_hassan leo amehudhuria Mkutano wa Kawaida wa Asasi ya Siasa, Ulinzi na Usalama ya Jumuiya ya Maendeleo Kusini mwa Afrika unaojulikana kama (Extra Ordinary SADC Double Troika) unaowahusisha Wakuu wa Nchi na Serikali wa Jumuiya ya Maendeleo Kusini mwa Afrika unaofanyika kwenye mjini Luanda nchini Angola.

Makamu wa Rais anamuwakilisha Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania katika mkutano huo .

Nchi zilizoshiriki mkutano huo ni Angola, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia Lesotho na Congo DRC. – #regrann

Je, kwa Lemutuz kusema maneno haya anastahili?!

Regrann from @lemutuz_superbrand – FACT: LE MUTUZ KOKOBANGA ……NA NDAMBO ….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……Nimewahi kusema hapa mara nyingi sana kua kuna Wabebezz wa Batazzz tu na Wabebezz wa kuoa USICHANGANYE ni tofauti na hawafanani….now tizama mke anavyofanana Thank U @officialalikiba kwa kunisaidia hili somo..ndugu zangu Wabebezzz jifunzeni hapa darasa la bure mke wa nyumbani anatakiwa kuwa kama huyu …sio sijui Analicious mara Janebosslady mara ohhh official mary..mara amina chocolate …mara queensweetlicious gademiti hamuolewi ….hahahaha …mtaishia kuchezewa tu humu Instagram na I bet U huyu Mke wala hayumo Instagram …sio wale ze gademu mtindizz nje nje yaani unaona kila kitu kabla hata ya kumsalimia HAMTAOLEWA cause hamna huruma kazi kukomoa pesa tu….I mean unamuita date linakuja nauli ya Bajaji hana lakini anataka kunywa gademu CHAMPAIGNE mara AMARULLA hajali bei wala nini mazafantazzz ….mtajioa na mamitindizzz yenu hahahahaha U know….ingawa pia kuna somo zito hapa like in USA Niggaz wakitoboa tu wanaoa wabebezzz weupe tu ….now naona kama na Bongo tunaaanza kwa mbali vijana wakitoboa wanaenda kuoa nje ya Bongo WHY? hii ni ishu ya kujadiliwa na Jamii something is wrong somewhere Vijana wetu wanapokimbilia kuoa nje ya Nchi kuna kitendawili kizito sana ni nini hasa? ….U know! …..LE MUTUZ NYE! NYE! NYE! – @lemutuz_superbrand – #regrann

Nimesoma hiyo ☝ msg ya Lemutuz kwa Instagram page yake nikasikitika halafu nikajiuliza hivi kweli mtu kama yeye kusema maneno kama haya je anastahili?! Nimesikitika siyo kwa maneno aliyo yaandika kwani hayo aliyo yaandika yana ukweli ndani yake. Kinacho nisikitisha ni kwamba hao wanawake aliowataja hapo ndio marafiki zake ambao siku zote amekuwa akipiga nao picha na kurusha Instagram!! Sijui kama hawa wanawake wanajielewa vyakutosha na kuona huu ujumbe ni wake-up call to them and stop acting like fools!! Lakini wakati huo huo kweli kati ya wanaume wote ninao waona kwa social media Lemutuz ndio mtu wa kusema maneno haya?!  Mbona yeye nasikia anakaribia miaka 60 na bado yupo single?! Ni kitu gani kinakufanya usioe katika umri huo?? Tumetangaziwa wachumba na wengine picha za vikao vya harusi tukaona mbona bado upo single?! Halafu yule mchumba wake aliyeachana naye juzi juzi si alikuwa ana hayo majina ya "nanilious" 😀😀 au hili ni dongo kwake? 🙊🙊 na, ni mwanamke gani atakayetaka kuolewa na mwanaume ambaye video zake za uchi zipo kwa social media 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ Lemutuz acha "ngebe" mimi sijaona tofauti yako wewe na hao wanawake unaosema wanaweka "mtindizz" nje! Though  I do agree you are smart but your morals are questionable!!

My International nephew met the Legendary Zahir Zorro!

when the great meets the greatest magic happens 👌👌 My International nephew a.k.a Evin the great 😍😍 met Tanzanian slow jam musician, the living legend Zahir Zorro at Ramada Hotel in Dar es salaam, Tanzania Was such unforgettable priceless moment  🙏

Heri imekwisha!

Kuishi nje ya mji kuna raha na karaha zake haswa ndani ya Bongoland! Huku kwa wenzetu ukikaa nje ya mji unaweza uwe mbali na night clubs, cassino, au maduka makubwa lakini huduma zote muhimu utazipata tena katika ubora ule ule kama wa mjini  though your Gynecologist can be your very next door  neighbor 😀😀   Basi, hivi ndivyo hali ilivyokuwa katika njia ya kuingia nyumbani kwa wazazi wangu wakati wa mvua kunyesha wiki iliyopita. Undogo wa kule ni udongo mfinyanzi unateleza balaa wakati wa mvua. Yani ukishatoka barabarani kuna kipande hapo cha mtaa wa ‘Utegi’ basi unaweza ukatumia masaa kutoka kama ukikwama. Siyo kikubwa sana lakini kinatoa jasho hata wenye uzowefu wa kuendesha kama unavyoona hapo  ☝☝ gari imegeuka kabisa!

“Peeping through my up stairs window at Kibada Villa this morning, rain is pouring like hell. The road is my first concern, my hard working, loyal, very honest Supervisor Daudi worked the whole night piling and spreading kifusi with his team, but unfortunately a loaded truck once again got stuck!!” Huo ulikuwa ujumbe wa mzee Igogo hapo juzi kati
Sasa juzi kati mvua ikapungua, mzee Igogo akaamua kuita wamwaga kifusi  ☝☝ ili kutengeneza barabara kwa kuweka kifusi juu yasikwameje?! Yani yalikwama na kuzuia magari kutoka ndani na kuingia ndani ya mji🙊🙊  Mzee Igogo akanitumia mag kwa WhatsApp akisema ” The Kibada Villa access desaster continues in a bigger way. Loaded trucks with morrum for making the road passable, are stuck along the the road, blocking us completely from going either way by our vehicles. Me and Lawyer Rhoda are Victims, I think of pleading to Hon. Makonda the RC for sending us rescue helicopter!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭” Mtu anatamani kumuomba Rc Makonda msaada wa helicopter 😀😀🙈 Siyo vyakuchekesha lakini inabidi maana shughuli zako zote za uzalishaji zinakwama kwasababu ya miundo mbinu mibovu!! Jamani ni karne ya 21  hii shouldn’t we have lami kila eneo lenya makazi ya watu😕😕 just imagine kama kungekuwa na mtu anaumwa uchungu wa kuzaa ingekuwaje? Brother Paul Makonda embu tupigie debe basi nasisi kwenye hii mitaa!  Umeme tulivuta wenyewe baada ya kuona hatutaweza tumia genereta milele kwa kusubiria Tanesco watuwekee umeme. Sasa basi hili la barabara simtufikiriapo basi?! eti Dr Magu haswa kwenye ule mgao wa 1.5 trillion 😀🙈 Mimi sijasema ni Mh Zitto huyo 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️Sijui kama mvua zimekwisha msimu wake au zimepumzika sisi tunashukuru Mungu maana sasa magari yameweza kutoka na kifusi kumwagwa. Mwezi uliyopita Mzee Igogo alisawazisha hiyo barabara vizuri kabisa akijua hiyo itasaidia wakati wa mvua lakini jitihada zake hazikuzaa matunda!

Blessing akutana na Dr Mpanju!

Blessing akiwa na Dr. A. Mpanju (Parmanent Secretary – Dpty) nyumbani kwake Masaki, Dar . Dr Mpanju yeye ni mlemavu wa macho (kipofu), siku zote kumbuka kuwa  upendo ni tendo linaloweza kushuhudiwa hata na ambao hawana macho!

Hapa kazi tu!

Roving camera of mzee  Igogo caught these two young street boys at work, carrying a wooden box to their homestead along Indhra Gandhi street, in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. When asked why, the elder one responded that ” HAPA KAZI TU”! ………..  Wishing you all a very productive and fruitful week. #HapaKaziTu

Zamaradi Mketema: Katika kipindi cha Dawa usikimbie Dozi, na wala usilaumu mtu kwa ugonjwa wako

Regrann from @zamaradimketema - Kabla ya kupona kila mtu lazima apate Dawa yake, nyingine huwa chungu, nyingine tamu lakini ndio DAWA. Kwa bahati malengo ya dawa si mabaya ila kukusimamisha tena, kukufanya uogope ugonjwa ulioumwa ili uepuke vyanzo vyake, kutahadharisha na wengine waepuke sababu unajua uchungu wa matibabu yake, kwenye maisha DAWA tunazipata kupitia MATOKEO ya matendo yetu, yale tuliyoyatengeneza ndio yanatupa majibu yake, kwenye dawa hapa unaweza kudhalilika, kuumia, kutaka hata kujiua, kushuka thamani na vingi vingine, kutegemea ukubwa wa ugonjwa wako na ndio Dozi itakavyoenda, lakini uzuri ukishatambua unachoumwa na kukubaliana na hali bila kusahau kufata masharti ya ugonjwa unavyotaka unapona tu na mwisho wa siku maisha yanarudi kuwa mapya. Katika kipindi cha Dawa usikimbie Dozi, na wala usilaumu mtu kwa ugonjwa wako, pambana nao mpaka usimame upya, kiufupi usiyakwepe masharti maana kipindi cha Dawa ndio kipindi cha kujifunza, jua tu SIO PEKE YAKO mwenye ugonjwa huo, kuna wengi walioamua kuugua kwa siri ama kuficha matokeo yake tumewazika, kataa kuondoka na gonjwa lolote, ujinga ni wakati wa kwenda hivyo kikubwa jifunze athari zinazoweza kusababishwa na matendo yako, na kupona kwake ni kutotafuta yeyote wa kumuangushia mzigo wa lawama ila kuangalia mianya uliyoitoa iliyosababisha ugonjwa kuingia, kisha chaguo ni lako kuidhibiti ama kuachia nafasi ya ugonjwa kukushambulia kwa mara nyingine. - #regrann

Once you stop hating, you’ll start loving. Once you stop loving, you’ll start hating. Make love your choice!

 Regrann from @cheyennebbostock – Yes, we descend from Africa, yes our ancestors were brought here against their free will, yes they were raped, tortured and killed, yes they were sold into slavery, yes they were not paid for their labor, yes we are still affected mentally, emotionally, and financially as a result of their wrong doings, yes racism still exists, BUT… what was done to our ancestors is nothing in comparison to what was done to Jesus and he forgave them, and he died for us. Are you willing to forgive and love again? Not just black people, but ALL people. Even your enemies.

Jokate Mwegelo has nothing to do with the story! She is pretty, I love her 😘

Once you stop hating, you’ll start loving. Once you stop loving, you’ll start hating. Make love your choice! We all have sins we wish could be forgiven and forgotten. Extend the same grace you would want others to extend to you. Everyday should be Love Day! Everyday is Black History and ALL History! Make love your choice! Not hate. 🙏🏾 – #regrann

The Taste of Tanzania by Miriam Kinunda

Miriam Kinunda ni author of the Taste Of Tanzania. Kitabu cha mapishi kinachoelezea kwa mahiri jinsi ya kupika  mapishi ya Kitanzania na East Africa. Kitabu kinapatika Amazon.   Kuona kipaji chake cha mapishi nenda kwa YouTube channel yake, na Instagram page yake; vyote vinapatikana kwa kuandika jina lake Miriam Kinunda.