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“Kenyans in the diaspora and what they go through”

A better nuanced post by a better writer on Kenyans in the diaspora and what they go through.

By Odumbe Kute

Mercy’s picture has nothing to do with the article!

This is a myth that has been perpetuated for decades about life out in the Diaspora being more rosy than the suffering in Kenya. Whoever tries to convince you of that needs their head examined. Life is not a bed of roses out here. Forget the drama of Diaspora people who land in Kenya for holidays and flash the Queen’s shilling or Uncle Sam’s dollar. You have no idea what they went through to get that shit. I feel sorry for them personally, because what they have to come back to after splashing out in Kenya is a life of misery and debt.

See, there’s this assumption that if you’re in the Diaspora, you can pluck money from a tree and send it back home to do “development”. An assumption that Diaspora people are the best equipped to make sure that the hopelessness in Kenya is sorted out. There is an irony in that. For the last 11 years, Kenyans in the Diaspora have been remitting an average of Kshs 145 billion every year. And no, that’s not a typo. Diaspora remittances are the 2nd biggest revenue stream for the Kenyan economy.

The story that’s not told is what Kenyans in the Diaspora have to go through to deliver that shit. I can’t even begin to tell you the trauma this represents. There are people out here who are even scared of picking a phone call from home because they know it’s about demanding them to send money back home. A phone call is never about “How are you? How is life out there? Are you well? What about your family?”. The phone calls are about “Send us money now. If you don’t, we will die”. For school fees, for bills, for medical costs, for emergency, for saving someone’s life. The way it’s put, you’d think that if you don’t send money, someone is going to die immediately.

Alpha (blogger for and her babysister Blessing

What people don’t know is that Kenyans out here have to hustle like a nonsense. Most do at least two or three jobs, or if they don’t, they’re working and trying to go to school at the same time. Money is not collected on trees as folk in Kenya believe. It’s hard sweat and graft, and even then, you’re just making ends meet if you’re lucky.

That doesn’t even take into account the stresses of life. Let me paint a picture for you, a picture that is common to most people in the Diaspora. You leave Kenya when your 18 or 19. Your objective is to go to school. You arrive out here and find out quick enough, that you have to hustle to pay school fees, you have to go to school at night because you have to work days and weekends, you have absolutely no time to yourself and the pressure eventually gets to you. If you make it out of that quagmire, you meet someone, you get hooked up, perhaps in a come we stay, perhaps in a marriage. You get a kid or two.

Now, out here, you can’t operate like you’ll get a house help from Kakamega or Kisii or something. Hell no, child care is so expensive, it defeats the object of working when you have a small child because you’ll be paying most of that salary for child care. Couples have to work around schedules to make sure children are taken care of. Many work shifts and don’t even see each other for weeks on end. The stresses this places on young families is unbelievable.

Consider that out here, we don’t have the same social network of close friends and family who would step in when things go thick. Under the circumstances, things most definitely go thick and we don’t have a way of coping with them. You have no one to turn to, no one to trust, no one who will give you guidance and counsel without judging the decisions you have made in life. Throw in the complexity of both of you as a couple having to hustle, the pressure both of you have to send money back home, the pressure both of you have to try and make a living and figure out what direction in life you both want to take.

But even within that, thousands have issues to do with immigration. Maratathi ni shida. A lot of people suffer in silence because they believe they can’t go to the police, or hospital or to the authorities because they don’t have papers. This despite the campaigning we did for years to eliminate immigration screening as a factor in DVP – Domestic Violence Protocol. The idea being that if you’re a domestic violence victim, you will never be asked about your immigration status. And I still can’t get this “African” thing used as an excuse by men. Someone once told me that in our community, if we don’t discipline our women, wata kuwa mang’aa.

Those who don’t have papers are very vulnerable. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s never to judge someone’s situation or why they don’t have papers. It boils down to every individual trying to make a better life for themselves and their family, and no one has any right to take that away from them. But in particular, women are the most vulnerable if they don’t have papers. Many are stuck in abusive relationships because they have nowhere to go. You can’t get a job, open a bank account, rent a house, get a drivers licence or do anything meaningful if you don’t have papers. I know of women who have to trade sex to get someone with papers to act on their behalf to rent a house, or to get someone to let them use their bank details or to cover them for anything that requires papers.

Granted, there are people doing well out here. But that is the exception, not the rule. Hundreds more are suffering. Some will never tell you that. They’ll paint you a rosy picture of how “Majuu” ni poa sana. They’ll tell you that your salvation in life is to get out here in the Diaspora. What they won’t tell you is that out here, it’s ugly, sometimes even more so than Kenya. You barely can keep the lights on, and there’s so much pressure especially to send money back home.

It’s not even just about the pressure of sending money you don’t have back home. The trauma of making it day to day hits many people hard. In the last 15 years, I personally know 6 people who have committed suicide because they couldn’t hack it. Thousands more are suffering in silence and experiencing mental health issues that affect their ability to cope with life day to day.

Mercy and her mother- Alpha (Tanzanian Diaspora)

We really have to stop this myth that living out here aka “majuu” is the solution. We have nowhere to hide as Kenyans, we must confront and sort out our problems. In case you’re wondering what solution could ever get us out of the nightmare we have in Kenya right now, the answer is a revolution. But it’ll only happen when as a people, we get angry enough. Right now, we’re clearly not angry enough because we’re still tolerating the hegemony and corruption going on. We’re still very comfortable letting the bandit state, the politicians and the usual suspects oppress us. We’re happy to oblige, grabbing our ankles while they shaft us without the courtesy of lubrication as we sing to the tune of “Najivunia kuwa Mkenya”.

Magreth Nyasungu sendoff party

Magreth Nyasungu’s pre wedding photos moment

Magreth, bibi harusi mtarajiwa siku ya tarehe 27 December, 2018 alipiga picha za kumbu kumbu akiwa na ndugu zake pamoja na marafiki zake wa karibu.

Magreth akiwa na dada yake Mrs Nyagilo

Magreth (pichani juu) anatarajia kufunga ndoa takatifu hivi karibuni, tunamuombea Mwenyezi Mungu awatangulie katika safari yao.

Picha hizi zimepigwa na Rhevan studio, hivyo shukran zetu za dhati ziwafikie.

Kwa picha zaidi tembelea

Binadamu kama Nyani!

Kuna binadamu wenye tabia za kama huyu Nyani anaye mvuta mwenzie mkia. Yani mtu anatumia nguvu za ziada kutaka kumuangusha fulani kwasababu tu anamzidi mahala fulani.

Ukweli usiopingika ni kwamba nguvu anyopoteza kumvuta mwenzake chini ni kubwa sana kuliko nguvu ambayo angetumia kufikiria apandaje juu ya mti! Kama angeweza kujitathimini na kujua wapi anakosea halafu angeamua kutumia nguvu hiyo hiyo kupanda juu nafikiri huwenda angekuwa mbali zaidi ya huyo anaye mvuta chini.

Hivi ndivyo baadhi ya watu walivyo. Wanachukua nguvu nyingi kimchukia mtu au watu ambao hawana uhusiano wowote katika kushindwa kwao au kutokufanikiwa kwao. Badala ya kujitathimini wao wanajenga chuki. Kwamfano, embu fikiria kama huyu Nyani anaye mvuta mwenzake kama angeamua kuzunguka upande wa pili wa mti akatumia hiyo nguvu kupanda unafikiri angekuwa wapi? Huwenda angekuwa amefika juu ya mti akapunga na upepo mwanana huku akimchora mwenzie!

#TafakariJuuYaMaishaYako #AchaChukiHaijengi

Siku zote vaa viatu kulingana na miguu yako!

Siku zote hakikisha unavaa viatu vinavyo kutosha! Usivae viatu vikubwa kuliko miguu yako ili nawe upendeke na wenye miguu mikubwa! Na usivae viatu vidogo kuliko miguu yako ili tu ufurahushe wenye miguu midogo! Na kamwe, usitembee bila viatu ili tu ukubalike na wanao penda kutembea peku peku!

Maisha ni mafupi sana lakini safari yake ni ndefu ambayo barabara yake haijulikani wapi kuna lami na wapi kuna vumbi (rough road) hivyo ni vyema kuvaa viatu vinavyo kutosha wewe mwenyewe siyo ndugu yako wala rafiki kwani wewe mwenyewe ndio utakaye tembea hiyo safari ya maisha yako. Bahati mbaya kila mtu kupangiwa bara bara yake na kila bara bara inachangamoto zake  huwezi azima viatu ambavyo hujui kama vitamudu safari yako!

Hivyo,  ili ufurahie safari yako kwanza, hepuka kuiga miondoko ya watu wengine. Wewe unaweza fikiria fulani anatembea kwa madaha ngoja niige miondoko yake  kumbe mwenzako anamaumivu ya miguu kutoka bara bara yake. Pili vaa viatu vya size yako visiwe vikubwa wala vidogo, na kama huwezi tembelea viatu virefu basi vaa viatu vya chini au boots! Mwisho, ukichoka unaruhusiwa kupumzika ila usilale bara barani hakikisha unapigania kufika mwisho wa safari.

Kunawakati utafika itabidi uwe mwenyewe…!

Je, umeshawahi kukutwa na hali kama hii? Hali ya kujishusha zaidi ya mtoto ili tu uweze kuwa na mtu au watu fulani katika maisha yako? Hali ya kujishusha  thamani yako na saa nyingine kupoteza utu wako ili tu fulani au kundi fulani likupende? (comprising your morals and values, loosing who you are for the sake of afraiding being alone). Kuna wengine mpaka wana acha kupigania ndoto zao kwasababu wanaona watapoteza baadhi ya watu katika maisha yao. Wengine wanaishi maisha ambayo siyo ya hualisia ili tu kuwafurahisha watu fulani ili waendelee kua kwenye maisha yao! Nikitu kibaya sana kama unaweza kupoteza nguvu uliyonayo ndani yako ambayo umepewa na Mungu eti kwasababu ya kutaka kukubalika na watu fulani au kwasababu unaogopa kutembea mwenyewe kwenye maishai yako. Duniani hapa kila mmoja amepangiwa safari yake na Mwenyezi Mungu, na wengine huwenda tumepangiwa safari zetu kuwa tutembee wenyewe sasa basi ukiona kama unapoteza hualisia wako na utu wako kwasababu ya kitu au mtu fulani au watu fulani, basi jua kua safari yako umepangiwa kutembea mwenyewe! Don't ever  sacrifice your happiness, morals, values, dignity, humanity kwasababu tu yakuogopa kutembea mwenyewe.  Majasiri siku zote wanatembea wenyewe! Wanaweza wakachukua muda mrefu kufika lakini atafika akiwa salama na kwa ujasiri. Usiogope! Maana lazima kunawakati utafika itabidi tu uwe mwenyewe, anza sasa kabla hujachelewa ukaja sema "laiti ningelijua"! Usilazimishe mambo!  Anza safari mengine muachie Mungu!


Holliethblogger: But In order to prepare you for greatness, God has to get rid of all the barriers and obstacles

@Regran_ed from @hollietheblogger - There is a REASON why GOD forcefully takes some people off your life and off your lane. Most of the time when this happens, we cry, fight and moan...God why‼️How come? Why me? But In order to prepare you for greatness, God has to get rid of all the barriers and obstacles. God understands that you gat to be free... & completely light... to FLY🦅So when God took DP out of the puzzle he knew what he was doing... probably he knew that being best friends will do them good 🤦🏾‍♂️🤗 Otherwise if she had forced this love or this relationship... she could be in Pretoria still playing house while the other is all over poking his favourite toy called Lady-Va*** 🙈😀 and to be completely honest... SHE COULD NOT HAVE REALISED ALL THIS🙈🤙🏾😁and her haters would have missed a chance to see her smile in 3D before they all die😀😁 So NEVER DOUBT THE PROCESS ‼️‼️‼️ #youarewhoyouare #trusttheprocess #itsallgood 🤗 - #regrann

**In the picture is Zari the Bosslady with Dr Mathew Knowels the music mogul, the legend, and the man  behind Beyonce Knowels success and Beyonce biological father. 

**All the credit to Holliethgblogger

Matukio katika picha: Mzee Igogo on his hustle

The City of Zhengzhou at a glance. seen behind is the Marriot Seven Star Hotel Building with 66 floors, where Sir Igogo is accommodated on the 41st floor 
Professor Zhang, a reknown leading Chinese Scientist World wide, founder of Jufeel Aloevera PMAS products, going through a Clinical research report done by eleven selected referal hospitals Medicinal Specialist in Tanzania, presented to him by the CEO of PMAS  Biotechnology Company (T)Ltd, Mr. Otieno Igogo, in Zhengzhou City, PRC. Today 09/12/2018
 May Almighty God continue to bless his hustle 🙏🏽

From a regular girl to District Commissioner!

Regrann from @jokatemwegelo -  From a regular girl to beauty queen to pan-african media personality to one of the top university graduates at the University of Dar Es Salaam- with honors to owning my own business, landing on Forbes Africa @forbesafrica to being a politician to being appointed by the President of Tanzania as District Commissioner - Kisarawe and to many more accolades, Amen. Dear Girl child let no one tell you can not do it all and achieve greatness on your own terms. 
 Many congratulations to our newly crowned Miss Tanzania @queenelizabethtanzania Go fly the Tanzanian flag 🇹🇿 higher. You have all our blessings. To all the contestants of Miss TZ this year, congrats for making it this far. You now have a platform to make a difference in your life and our country. The choice for greatness is in your hands. And to you my sister @basillamwanukuzi , thank you for restoring the respect of Miss Tanzania. Through you, girls will be inspired to go after their dreams. As the saying goes, ‘When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor’.. You organized a great show even without enough sponsors and resources, but you my sister did it! Well done to you 👏🏼👏🏼Looking forward to what the future holds for Miss Tanzania under your leadership and thank you for making that contribution for education in Kisarawe @newmisstanzania @mac_couture @the_queen_of_fabrics @americannailstz @kisarawe_mpya #kisarawempya #jokatekisarawe  - #regrann

The three pillars to the well being of Mr. Otieno Igogo

The three pillars to the well being of Mr. Otieno Igogo and all of you who are direct and indirect benefitting from the sources of Mzee Igogo Otieno. 1. Min Gwethrhoda (mama Gwethrhoda / Blessing) 2. Min Vetto 3. Nyategi (Nyategi means a girl / lady born from Utegi village) /Mrs Mabada . I salute them all.
Hao wamama watatu ni Mashujaa wa karne, wanaishi maisha ya kimbingu kwa kusema ukweli siku zote za maisha yao, wanaheshimu na kuitukuza Sabato ya Bwana kila wiki na miaka yote, wachapakazi wasio mfano maofisini na nyumbani, wanapenda kusaidia watu wote kiushauri na mali, pasipo mipaka wala tabaka, Naye Mwenyezi Mungu kawapa kipawa cha hekima, busara na Upendo wa pekee kwa Mzee mwasisi wa familia yao. Nawaheshimu na kuwathamini kupindukia. Asemavyo Mzee OOI.

RoryaPixelsPro, RoryaTv, RoryaFinestMedia ndio mambo yote!

The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. Maggie Igogo Best Moments Captured By #RoryaPixelsPro.

We Decorate Your Memories! Book Your Session Today!!

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hollietheblogger: So many people ask me If I get paid to promote

Regrann from @hollietheblogger - So many people ask me If I get paid to promote @zarithebosslady the answer is NO. But let me tell you what I gain and why I waste my’s her rare STORY‼️ Rare because, she chose HER and HER KIDS above EVERYTHING something many women have no courage to do‼️ My benefits might NOT be in monetary terms but it’s in a sense of hope and reassurance. Reassurance that in future our daughters will NEVER have to sit silent in abusive relationships just because the society expect them to. But because of Zari’s and many other women’s experiences they will have the strength to reclaim CONTROL and emancipate themselves‼️ Just like you, in Zari I see my mother, my sisters, my aunties & best friends. Women who have been cheated on, abused and emotionally & physically trampled on. Women whose happiness have been snatched by another woman. Homes and children left fatherless, loveless, poor and homeless just because of men’s selfishness. Despite all these evil, society and some ignorant women still believe it’s ok for a man to disrespect a woman‼️ Religion & culture teach us that women are beneath men & aren’t allowed to be their own person. When a woman rises up to be her own voice there is so much noise surrounding her strength. Therefore if someone say that DP actions were innocent & didn’t mean any harm, I say that is nonsense. 

Zari the real Bosslady

DP knew and still knows what he does. His actions were & are still emotionally abusive and were/are meant to break ZARI and leave her dependent and powerless just as he’s done to all his exes. DP has broken them all emotionally and left them powerless and dependent on him‼️If Zari had hold on to this nonsense this guy would have continued to demean her publicly to show her she’s worthless. These actions would have created fear and decreased her self esteem making her dependent on him‼️💯 So don’t expect the dirty ***  to move on or find happiness anywhere else because she’s EMOTIONALLY broken and will sit in that rented flat as a side fuck for the rest of her life👌Compared to Zari who had a loving upbringing, these two are both as bad as each other because they both had a fucked up-bringing #revisitthispostinfuture #goodmorning - #regrann

Siku zote katika maisha yangu nilipenda sana kuitwa mama lakini ….

Regrann from @open_kitchen2014 – Siku zote katika maisha yangu nilipenda sana kuitwa mama lakini kwa sababu ya uzito wangu ambao ulikuwa unanipa complications katika uzazi ilinichukua muda mrefu sana kufanikiwa mwaka 2010 nilibahatika kwa mara 2 kupata ujauzito baada ya hormone treatment za kufa mtu nilipigana na kubeba mimba mpaka almost 7 months lakini kwa bahati mbaya my pressure haikuwa controlled vizuri mtoto akafia tumboni nilikaa labour masaa 12 sitokaaa kuyasahau mpaka nikafanikiwa kujifungua and she was a girl almost 1.5kg tukamzika next to my mum .  Baada ya mwezi nikapata bahati ya kwenda shanghai china kulikuwa a world expo kupitia Tan trade nikafunga mzigo wangu wa vinyago maana ilibidi nifanye mchaka mchaka nikapakia mzigo kwenye container pamoja na wenzangu na hapo sijapona vizuri ila Mungu ni mwema alinipa nguvu za ziada mwezi unaofuata nikapanga safari na kuondoka hakuna siku niliwahi kumwona mume wangu analia kama hiyo siku ananipeleka airport alilia sana kwa uchungu na kunionenea huruma kwamba sijapona vizuri then naenda kuhangaika nguvu zenyewe bado hazijarudi vizuri alinibembeleza sana nikamwambia bora niende nikapigane nifanye kazi kuliko kukaa kitandani na mawazo mimi naamini kila jambo Mungu anapanga kwa muda wake i am strong mentally na nitaweza tu wewe kuwa na amani.

Tulikuwa wafanya biashara wengi kidogo kama 10 hivi tulifika na kupokelewa vizuri na watu wa ubalozi wetu so ikabidi tu share apartment mimi akaniomba dada mmoja ni share nae alikuwa na mtoto wa kiume alikuwa kama na miaka 10 plus or 8 yrs hiyo apartment ilikuwa single room so mimi nikachukua bed wao wakasema watachukua sitting room because kuna more space na kuna sofa bed kubwa basi next day tukaanza kukimbizana kupanga mizigo kwenye banda letu kwakweli ilikuwaa kazi ngumu sana kwasababu mzigo ulikuwa umeshushwa almost 2km away ndio store ilipo vinyago ni vizito sana so inabidi uvitoe store uje kuvipanga kwenye banda na ukifika lazima uvipige kiwi yaani tulikuwa hoi na huwezi kuleta vyote maana nafasi ndogo so inabidi ulete kidogo kidogo na hapo sina nguvu za kutosha but najipa moyo i can do this ukizingatia hakuna kukaaa ukimaliza kupiga kiwi kupanga unasimama uuze bidhaa zako yaani ikifika jioni miguu yote imevimba unchoka hata kuongea huwezi.

Yule dada aliyeomba kukaa na mimi akawa so rude kwangu ghafla mara kanuna mara hataki mtoto wake akuongeleshe watu tunakaa same room tunfanya biashara same banda dah nikasema huu ni mtihani but mtoto was so kind akawa tukikutana nje ananiambia Aunty its ok my mum is like that msamehe tu he was a good boy mimi nikaamua kumpotezea na kuishi kivyangu nikiingia room kwangu kimya naoga nalala .

Nikiamka naenda store najazia mzigo kwenye stand yangu napiga kazi na hapo mchina hajui kiswahili wala kingereza biashara tunafanya kwa calculator yaani we acha tu unaongea mpaka unapasuka untoa mifano yote maana wote tunauza same product sasa wewe hapo inabidi uwe mjanja mteja akipenda kinyago chako usimwachie ukimwachia tu imekula kwako  Aiseee nilipigana for 4 weeks none stop 7 days a week 12 hrs kila siku on my feet Mungu ni mwema niliuza mzigo wangu wote sikubakiza hata kitu kimoja nilimshukuru sana Mungu maana kuna wamasai wakubwa wananishinda urefu nilisema hawa kweli nitawauza but i had faith mteja alikuja akanipa bingo ndefu dah i was so happy nilipomaliza tu mzigo nikafunga sanduku langu huyooo nikarudi zangu dar mifuko imejaaaa nilikuwa nimechoka sana but i did it niliinvest kama dola 10,000 usd kila kitu mzigo plus all expenses nikapata kama 35,000 usd in 30 days i was so happy nilijiona mimi ni mshindi mkubwa sana i did not give up kabisa mazingira ya kazi na kuishi yalikuwa magumu but i stayed focus .

Miezi miwili baada ya kurudi nikajikuta nina mimba tena nikaanza hormone treatment pressure ikawa controlled then Mungu akanipa zawadi ya Baby Iman so leo nataka wewe usikate tamaaa no matter what NEVER GIVE UP BELEIVE IN YOURSELF AND BELEIVE IN GODS TIMING .

kila kitu Mungu anapanga kwa muda wake mitihani inakuja kila siku we need to stay focused

Watu tumetoka mbali sana kwenye haya maisha ya kupambana but Mimi sijawahi kukata tamaa💞 – #regrann

“A husband job is to provide for his wife and family”!

#RepostSave @cheyennebbostock with @repostsaveappI want my wife to be a wife, a mother, a friend, confidant, and much more! She will have everything she needs and more! If she wants to work, it will be her choice, but it will never be for the money. Only for sport. 😎 #MarriageGoals

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U.S.A_2018: Blessing katika ubora wake

Mr and Mrs Abayo wedding

Harusi ilifungwa siku ya Jumapili July 1st, 2018 katika kanisa la Houston International S.D.A…. bibi harusi alisindikizwa  na kukabidhiwa kwa Bwana harusi na kaka yake (mdogo wake) aitwaye Robert.  Mchungaji aliye fungisha ndoa alikuwa mtumishi wa Mungu Pastor Caleb Migombo kutoka North Carolina.  Maharusi wakitoka kanisani baada ya kuunganishwa kuwa mwili mmoja. Tunawaombea kheri katika safari yao hii.

MUngu awatangulie katika yote, hongereni sana 🙏🏽

Zari don’t be fooled, stay awake!

Okay! I believe we all had a chance to listen to Diamonds ft Ravvyn new song #Iyena kwangu mimi naona wimbo upo kawaida japo video ni nzuri na nafikiri uwepo wa Zari mule umeongezea mvuto kwa kiasi kikubwa! Kama hujaona tazama 👇

Lakini sijali sana kuhu wimbo, ujumbe wangu ni kwa Zari kwani nineona mashabiki "maandazi" wanavyo ongea eti "warudiane" na Diamond 😳😳 I am like for real!! Who in a right mind will dare to say that?! Seriously people?  let us be real here for a second!! Hivi ni huyu huyu Diamond aliye m-cheat Zari na kuzaa nje baadaye akaomba msamaha Zari akamsamehe kwa moyo mkunjuvu na akasema "I made peace with his mistakes"!! Baada ya hapo nini kilitokea?!! Sindio akarudi kutoka South nakupokelewa na Wema Sepetu ukumbini na familia yake yote ikiwepo na Wema?! Na hapo ni baada ya mama Diamond kukaa South Africa kwa Zari zaidi ya mwezi pamoja na mumewe halafu kafika Bongo ndio huyo yupo busy na Wema? (With all due respect to Wema, mimi sinaga mambo ya timu bali nataka nifikishe ujumbe wangu vizuri ndio maana namtaja) Na bado picha na video akiwa na wanawake wengine zilirushwa kwenye mitandao na kila mtu anaona! Nyie watu acheni mzaha!! 
To you Zari, I'm not sure if you consider yourself "a celebrity" or a business lady who happened to be a "celebrity"! Celebrity is a culture, if you want to live a  celebrities culture then forget about your integrity, take Diamond back and prepare to lose respect from many people! What I am trying to say here you're way better off without Diamond! You stand as a very strong and powerful woman right now than those days you used to  zoom around  with Diamond everywhere like a homeless lady!!

You have added your value by showing people who you real are, how strong you can be, please don't trap kwa mama Diamond childish games! Adults, young girls and boys are looking up to you so do your children please don't let them down eti kisa nyimbo! Think about your daughter, you are laying a foundation of how boys and men should treat her be wise like snake! Build good foundation that every man will think twice before holding your daughter's hand! Teach young boys that women are not tools but rather are fellow human beings treat them with respect and dignity, not using them as "money making" machines!! Please, find a healthy  co-parenting way with Diamond and his family but don't take them back as family. That family is perfect but not for you, is perfect for those other women (if you know what I mean)! Achana nayo kabisa they don't deserve you even for a second. You were raised by a strong woman, whom she raised all those strong children alone why letting her down!! Usiseme eti watoto hata yatima pia ni watoto lakini wanakua!! That family isn't a healthy family to raise children with labda uwe unavuta bangi! Money is good but Not all money is great!! Choose your paycheck wisely! 

After all, you look more matured, focused, and well kept right now than ulipokuwa na Diamond. He stressed you out, took the strength out of you, misused your love, you didn't have peace at all.  Try to look at your old pictures you will agree with me!! They degraded you to accommodate and keep up with their uncivilized characters!! Trying to make money by destroying every woman that Diamond is involving with, I hope you are awake enough to smell the nasty coffee!!
Plus this babydaddy of yours care less about your life, he doesn't care if he would leave your children motherless perhaps even no parents at all that why he can't use any kind of protection-HIV is real woman! And what about Hippies, and Hepatitis C for God's sake!! Look how he was fooling around  with those ladies, let them recorded him with no fear or shame then shared them in social media?!! Guess what, that is the PROOF THAT HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU!! He is just using you! Selfish to the core!! If someone loves you will care about you, will always think about you before taking any action!! No one is perfect but some people are evil!! This is nothing but pure evil!!

You can do business with him but make sure every thing is clearly written and well documented. Make sure he is not a beneficiary of any of your money even if you happen to die today! Let ALL your children be the first beneficiaries, and your sisters legal guardian. You're better than this  Zari don't let this family destroy the woman you are!! ..... In the end, it's your life we are just cheerleaders!!

Mungu azidi kuwa nanyi, soon to be Mr and Mrs Majizzo!

Hayo 👆  ni maneno yake kaka yangu RC Paul Makonda! Wow! Hongereni wote maharusi watarajiwa lakini zaidi hongera sana Lulu! Jamani! Jamani! Binadamu watakesha wakitaka kukuangusha lakini Mungu atakapoamua kukuinua hakuna anayeweza simama mbele yako! Jinsi watu alivyokuwa wakikucheka kuwa unamkosi leo hii the same people wapo busy kukupongeza! Dah! Watanzania Mungu atusaidie. Hivi kama haya si mapenzi ya kweli mtasema ni kitu gani?!! Hizi ndizo katika tabu na raha ambazo Biblia inazungumzia. Siyo kupigana mangumi na kuchinjana mapanga!! Wanaume kama Majizzo ni wanaume wachache sanaaa haswa kwa watu wa Africa!!  Ubarikiwe sana Majizzo kwa kuonyesha mfano bora haswa kwa vijana wa leo. Hongera Lulu enjoy every single moment ya maandalizi yako mpaka harusi. Make sure you got your dreamed wedding wala usiogope. Huu ndio wakati wako wa kuinuliwa juu simama kishujaa tena kwa madaha. Mungu awamiminie neema zake! 😘

**Mimi na dedicate wimbo huu wa Hezekiah  Walker " God favored me" kwako Lulu** 👇


•Ndege yetu aina ya Boeing 787-8 imemaliza hatua zote muhimu za uunganishwaji wa vifaa vya ndani kwa mafanikio makubwa.

•Zoezi hilo lililoanza 4/5/2018 na kumalizika 21/05/2018 linatoa picha ya ndege hii kuweza kuwa delivered kabla hata ya tarehe tajwa (9/7/2018).

•Hatua inayofuata ambayo kimsingi ndiyo ya mwisho ni Pre Flight preparation, testing and certification. Pre flight prep zitaanza leo mpaka pale watakapojiridhisha na kuset tarehe ya delivery.

•Ndege hii itakuwa na seat 22 za Business Class na seat 240 za Economy Class.

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Tracing Luo people ….!

Luo peoples_The Luo (also spelled Lwo) are several ethnically and linguistically related Nilotic ethnic groups in Africa that inhabit an area ranging from South Sudan and Ethiopia, through Northern Uganda and eastern Congo (DRC), into western Kenya, and the Mara Region of Tanzania. Their Luo languages belong to the Nilotic group and as such form part of the larger Eastern Sudanic family.

Luo groups in South Sudan include the Shilluk, Anuak, Pari, Acholi, Balanda Boor, Thuri, Maban, and Luo of Dimo, and those in Uganda include the Alur, Padhola, and Joluo. 

The Joluo and their language Dholuo are also known as the "Luo proper", being eponymous of the larger group. The level of historical separation between these groups is estimated at about eight centuries. Dispersion from the Nilotic homeland in South Sudan was presumably triggered by the turmoils of the Muslim conquest of Sudan.[citation needed] The migration of individual groups over the last few centuries can to some extent be traced in the respective group's oral history. 
The Luo (also Lwo) are part of the Nilotic group of people. The Nilote had separated from the other members of the East Sudanic family by about the 3rd millennium BC. Within Nilotic, Luo forms part of the Western group.

Within Luo, a Northern and a Southern group is distinguished. "Luo proper" or Dholuo is part of the Southern Luo group. Northern Luo is mostly spoken in South Sudan, while Southern Luo groups migrated south from the Bahr el Ghazal area in the early centuries of the second millennium AD (about eight hundred years ago).

A further division within the Northern Luo is recorded in a "widespread tradition" in Luo oral history: the foundational figure of the Shilluk (or Chollo) nation was a chief named Nyikango, dated to about the mid-15th century. After a quarrel with his brother, he moved northward along the Nile and established a feudal society. The Pari people descend from the group that rejected Nyikango.

The Anuak are a Luo people whose villages are scattered along the banks and rivers of the southwestern area of Ethiopia, with others living directly across the border in South Sudan. The name of this people is also spelled Anyuak, Agnwak, and Anywaa. The Anuak of South Sudan live in a grassy region that is flat and virtually treeless. During the rainy season, this area floods, so that much of it becomes swampland with various channels of deep water running through it.

The Anuak who live in the lowlands of Gambela are distinguished by the color of their skin and are considered to be black Africans. The Ethiopian peoples of the highlands are of different ethnicities, and identify by lighter skin color. The Anuak have accused the current Ethiopian government and dominant highlands people of committing genocide against them. The government's oppression has affected the Anuak's access to education, health care and other basic services, as well as limiting opportunities for development of the area.

The Acholi, another Luo people in South Sudan, occupy what is now called Magwi County in Eastern Equatorial State. They border the Uganda Acoli of Northern Uganda. The South Sudan Acholi numbered about 10,000 on the 2008 population Census. Around 1500, a small group of Luo known as the Biito-Luo, led by Chief Labongo (his full title became Isingoma Labongo Rukidi, also known as Mpuga Rukidi), encountered Bantu-speaking peoples living in the area of Bunyoro. These Luo settled with the Bantu and established the Babiito dynasty, replacing the Bachwezi dynasty of the Empire of Kitara. According to Bunyoro legend, Labongo, the first in the line of the Babiito kings of Bunyoro-Kitara, was the twin brother of Kato Kimera, the first king of Buganda. These Luo were assimilated by the Bantu, and they lost their language and culture.

Later in the 16th century, other Luo-speaking people moved to the area that encompasses present day South Sudan, Northern Uganda and North-Eastern Congo (DRC) – forming the Alur, Jonam and Acholi. Conflicts developed when they encountered the Lango, who had been living in the area north of Lake Kyoga. The Lango also speak a Luo language. According to Driberg (1923), the Lango reached the eastern province of Uganda (Otuke Hills), having traveled southeasterly from the Shilluk area. The Lango language is similar to the Shilluk language. There is not consensus as to whether the Lango share ancestry with the Luo (with whom they share a common language), or if they have closer ethnic kinship with their easterly Ateker neighbours, with whom they share many cultural traits.

Between the middle of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, some Luo groups proceeded eastwards. One group called Padhola (or Jopadhola - people of Adhola), led by a chief called Adhola, settled in Budama in Eastern Uganda. They settled in a thickly forested area as a defence against attacks from Bantu neighbours who had already settled there. This self-imposed isolation helped them maintain their language and culture amidst Bantu and Ateker communities.

Those who went further a field were the Joka Jok and Joka Owiny. The Jok Luo moved deeper into the Kaviirondo Gulf; their descendants are the present-day Jo Kisumo and Jo Rachuonyo amongst others. Jo Owiny occupied an area near Got Ramogi or Ramogi hill in Alego of Siaya district. The Owiny's ruins are still identifiable to this day at Bungu Owiny near Lake Kanyaboli. The other notable Luo group is the Omolo Luo who inhabited Ugenya and Gem areas of Siaya district. The last immigrants were the Jo Kager, who are related to the Omollo Luo. Their leader Ochieng Waljak Ger used his advanced military skill to drive away the Omiya or Bantu groups, who were then living in present-day Ugenya around 1750AD.

Between about 1500 and 1800, other Luo groups crossed into present-day Kenya and eventually into present-day Tanzania. They inhabited the area on the banks of Lake Victoria. According to the Joluo, a warrior chief named Ramogi Ajwang led them into present-day Kenya about 500 years ago.

As in Uganda, some non-Luo people in Kenya have adopted Luo languages. A majority of the Bantu Suba people in Kenya speak Dholuo as a first language and have largely been assimilated.

The Luo in Kenya, who call themselves Joluo (aka Jaluo, "people of Luo"), are the third largest community in Kenya after the Kikuyu, and Luhya. In 2010 their population was estimated to be 4.1million. In Tanzania they numbered (in 2001) an estimated 980,000 [1]. The Luo in Kenya and Tanzania call their language Dholuo, which is mutually intelligible (to varying degrees) with the languages of the Lango, Kumam and Padhola of Uganda, Acoli of Uganda and South Sudan and Alur of Uganda and Congo.

The Luo (or Joluo) are traditional fishermen and practice fishing as their main economic activity. Other cultural activities included wrestling (yii or dhao) kwath for the young boys aged 13–18 in their age sets. Their main rivals in the 18th century were luo Lango, the Highland Nilotes, who traditionally engaged them in fierce bloody battles, most of which emanated from the stealing of their livestock.

The Luo people of Kenya are nilotes and are related to the Nilotic people. The Luo people of Kenya are the fourth largest community in Kenya after the Kikuyu, Kenya, and, together with their brethren in Tanzania, comprise the second largest single ethnic group in East Africa. This includes peoples who share Luo ancestry and/or speak a Luo language.

    Acoli (Uganda and Kenya)

    Acholi (South Sudan and Uganda)

    Alur (Uganda and DRC)

    Anuak (Ethiopia and South Sudan)

    Blanda Boore (South Sudan)

    Gambella (Ethiopia)

    Jopadhola (Uganda)

    Jonam (Uganda)

    Jumjum (South Sudan)

    Jurbel (South Sudan)

    Kumam (Uganda)

    Joluo (Kenya and Tanzania)

    Luo of Dimo (South Sudan)

    Pari (South Sudan)

    Shilluk (South Sudan)

    Thuri (South Sudan)

    Maban (South Sudan)

    Balanda Bwoor (South Sudan)

    Cope/Paluo people (Uganda)

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