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Winny Edwin Kihore: Living in love

                                      LIVING IN LOVE
 I once heard about a husband and wife who were so upset after a big argument that they refused to speak to each other. That night, not wanting to be first to break the awkward silence, the man left a note on his wife's side of the bed that read, "wake me up at 6 o'clock in the morning ". The next morning, by the time the husband woke up, it was already 8 o'clock. Furious, he roared, "where is she?" and was about to chew out his wife when he found a note on his side of the bed : "lt's six o'clock; wake up." If we're going to live in love, we have to learn to forgive one another. The Bible says, "Do not let the sun go down on your anger, but instead, forgive. And above all things, put on love. " EPHESIANS 3:17- That we would be "rooted and established in love so that we would have power together with all the saints " when we choose to walk in love, we have the power of God in our lives, as well as healthier relationships. We should always look for the best in each other. That's one of the things l love my husband Edwin Kihore. I used to think that he didn't see the things that l did wrong. Then l realized: it's not that he doesn't see them ; he choose not to focus on them. Let 's learn to walk in love and see the best in everyone. A house divided will fall. That's why it's so important to keep peace in your home. Be the first to apologize. Be quick to forgive. You need to remind yourself that God has put that person in your life, and He's got good things in store. If you will do your part by being kind, respecting one another, treating each other the way you want to be treated, God will do his part, and you can live in love!


                KEEP YOUR CROWN
You are a person of great value! In fact, God has crowned you with his glory and honor.
REVELATION 3:11 “Tells us to hold fast to what we have and not let anyone take our crown. Our Crown represents our destiny, dream, goal, talents, authority in Christ and God’s blessings and favor in our life. Yet, many people have let other’s words or unfair situation knock off their crown. Jesus says JOHN 5:41 “Your approval or disapproval means nothing to me.” He was saying that it doesn’t matter what other people say, or think or do, He has give is approval and bless. Start build you confidence back. So, you can do everything through Christ.

“Never receive counsel from unproductive people. Never discuss your problems with someone incapable of contributing to the solution.”

Our family wish you a very blessed Sunday!  Word to consider! 
Never receive counsel from unproductive people. Never discuss your problems with someone incapable of contributing to the solution. Because those who never succeed themselves are always first to tell you how! Not everyone has a right to speak into your life! 
We love you all our good friends🌹

“We are a microwave generation and everything has to be done in a haste.”~~~~~Faraja Nyalandu

We are always quick to judge. Quick to assume. Quick to condemn. Quick to conclude. Just quick. We are a microwave generation and everything has to be done in a haste. Quick fixes. We find it difficult to scratch beyond the surface. Every person is going through something we do not know of. But we are scared of our own truth. Their truth. The truth. So, we choose to quickly believe what we may. We stick to seasons and seasonal attachments. Because we want things fast, quickly and for an instance. Nothing our future self will thank us for. Future us will look back and realize there could have been more. So today, today we will take our time. We will pay attention. We will not judge. We will be less selfish and more giving. We will look at the other person and feel their pain, their joy. We will live in the moment but solid enough to build a future. We will love better. #WeekendWisdom Photo op: Hubby and I, the type of man for @nmbtanzania World Mastercard 👌🏽

“I realized that they don’t know what grace is, they can’t identify serenity,”

"It's definitely difficult being a woman and growing up a girl. When you're graceful, people say you lack personality; when you're serene, people say you're boring; when you're confident, people say you're arrogant; when you're feminine, people say you're too girly; and when you climb trees, people say you're too much of a tomboy! As a woman, you really need to develop a very strong sense of self and the earlier you can do that, the better! You have to be all the things that you are, without allowing other people's ignorance change you! I realized that they don't know what grace is, they can't identify serenity, they have inferiority complexes, they are incapable of being feminine, and they don't know how to climb trees!" ~~~~~~~~~ C. JoyBell C.

“When people can’t be like you. They turn against you. When you refused to be a victim. You become a target.”

Always remember that 60% of those who talk bad behind your back wish to be like you. When people can't be like you. They turn against you. When you refused to be a victim. You become a target. Those who can never be like you will start to condemn you and criticize what you have. The ignorant haters without money will sarcastically say money is not everything.

Is poverty anything ?

Do what makes you happy. But never ever derive your own happiness from another person's sorrow. Because whatever goes around comes back arround. Never allow other peoples opinion determine how you live your life. Anyone who cannot feel your pain has no right to define your happiness in life. Don’t feel too sad when old friends become new enemies. It simply means they are tired of acting painfully as FRENEMIES like FRIENDS. Akin Al-Ameen®™2017

“Put God first in everything you do! Don’t afraid to fail big! Don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference!” ~~ Danzel Washington

Sorry kwa msioelewa hii lugha, nakuomba utafute mtu anayeweza kukutafsiria……..Kiufupi katika maisha kufeli shule sio kufeli maisha! Shule ni muhimu sanaaaaaa lakini shule siyo kila kitu! Kumbuka kuwa hizo grade za kufaulu mtihani imewekwa na mwanadamu ambaye hajui Mungu ameumba ubongo wako katika ubora upi! Labda ungekuwa unafanya somo moja moja kila mwezi huwenda ungevuka viwango vyao. Hivyo mtu asikukatishe tamaa kwasababu sijui alipata A katika masomo yake, sijui ana degree ngapi! Mwambie mbona Danzel Washington kaweza, na alifeli college? Mwambie mbona Bill Gates ni tajiri mkubwa hapa duniani na hakumaliza college? Anasema mtangulize Mungu kwanza katika kila jambo, usiogope kushindwa hata kama utashiwa kwa kishindo kikuu, na usiridhishwe na kuishi maisha yako tu bali ridhishwa na kufanya utofauti katika jambo fulani au maisha ya mtu mwingine! ……..Angalia karama yako Mungu aliokujalia ndio uifanyie kazi! Hatuwezi wote tukapanda First class kwani vidole havilingani wala havifanani na hakuna enough space for all of us! Kuna wimbo fulani kwenye kitabu cha Nyimbo za Kikristo (tazama chini) unasema kama huwezi kesha mlangoni ukiwatolewa watu nafasi ya uzima basi kuwa kama Harun muaminifu ambaye alikuwa anasaidia kuinua mikono ya waliochoka, au hata sala na sadaka yako ni huduma / msaada tosha! Hivyo fanya kile roho yako inakugusa na kukupa amani!

107. Nipo Bwana, Nitume 
Hark! The Voice Of Jesus 

1. Sauti ni yake Bwana, “Kwenda, nani tayari” 
Mavuno yanakawia, Nani atayavuna? 
Kwa kudumu amaita, Zawadi atatoa; 
Nani atakayejibu “Nipo Bwana, nitume.” 

2. Kana huwezi safari Hata Nchi za mbali, 
Pana watu karibuni Wasio mjua Yesu; 
Kama huwezi kusema Jinsi ya malaika, 
Waweza kuutangaza Upendo wa mwokozi. 

3. Ingawa huwezi kuwa Mkesha mlangoni, 
Ukiwatolea watu Nafasi ya uzima; 
Kwa sala na kwa sadaka Watoa msaada, 
Kama Harun mwaminifu, Kuinua Mikono. 

4. Roho za watu zikifa, Bwana akikuita, 
Usiseme kwa uvivu, “Hakuna kazi kwangu.” 
Kwa furaha anza kazi Ile akiyokupa, 
Ukajibu mara moja “nipo Bwana, nitume.” 

Is that you?!

Mr and Mrs Lyimo
A man who wants to be wealthy needs a good woman. A good saved woman has a heart to do the will of GOD and contains within her the qualities that can help a man achieve his purpose as a provider of provision, protection, production, and peace. She can help him materialize his vision, help create wealth, and cover his back from the attacks of evil men and wanton women, providing a quiet comfortable atmosphere for him... now.. IS THAT YOU???~~~~~~~Bishop Larry Boyd

“They might not deserve forgiveness but you deserve your life, and that life comes through your forgiveness.”

Don’t confuse all the healthy masks with healthy Christians. Many are suffering in silence or stuck in a history hurt. It’s not what happens to us, it’s what happens in us that keeps us stuck in pain. The event is passed, but we’re not released from the internal damage caused by what happened when we’re unable to grow forward.

I love Jokate’s pic……has nothing to do with the story

Growing starts with acceptance — pain will come, people will do wrong. Accept that fact. They might not deserve forgiveness but you deserve your life, and that life comes through your forgiveness.

Second, we have to acknowledge what we learned from it — when we follow and focus on the lesson, the pain will eventually leave. Pain relies on our focus on the problem, instead of the lessons learned. When we let pain consume us, we push out faith, hope, joy, and potential.

Remember, pain is what happened because of what happened, misery is what we do to ourselves because of what happened. But your destiny is too important to live stuck in what happened.~~~~C&P from Bishop Larry Facebook page


Awii! Aren’t they cute! The legendary Bosslady Zari Hassan na soldier wake katika ubora wao! Ee Mungu wabariki na uzidi kuwalinda 🙏😍😍……………Embu soma haya maneno matamu ya kutia moyo kwa wakina mama toka kwa mwanamuziki mashuhuli kutoka nchini Kenya ajulikanaye kama Akothee Akothee:

As a mother you have no time to sit & wait , you have no time to compare your present & past , all you have is to sort out the situation at hand , it doesnt matter who is watching just do your thing , dont think of what people think about you , because most of the time people think about their own problems , so why even care about them . Do some justice to yourself , live your life, for the rest are making noise, try drop your children at your friends house for a week & lets see if the next time you call to drop the kids they will answer your call , lets see if you wont be the topic of the group charts on how irrespossible you are , bottom line is , any woman who has had a child has a wondering heart , your heart never settles not unless you have all your children under one roof , I dont know your method of hustling as long as it can pay your bills hold on to it , be proud of what you do , be happy that the children are healthy & that you have something to do ,when you feel tired of your current job , remember how they used to laugh at you when you dint have a job, remember how hard you prayed to God to give you any job , remember how you used to ask for used weaves & borrow people clothes for occasions , be patient , be kind , be gratefull , your day is coming . DONT STOP BECAUSE YOU ARE TIRED , STOP WHEN YOU HAVE ACHIEVED #TEAMPOSITIVITY.


“If you stop chasing meaningless friendships and relationships and look after and love yourself,you will enjoy your own company while the right people find their way to you🙏🏽❤️”~~~~May Charles Igogo

*****Very well said! Labda niongeze kwa kusema kuwa jinsi mtu (uwe mwanamke au mwanaume) unavyo zidi kujitambua na kujua thamani yako ule urafiki wa kama teenagers ni lazima u-cut off!! Sijui shoga yangu kutwa kuongozana kama matahira ni ujinga mtupu! If someone doesn’t add any value to you yani ukifika 33+ yani ni bora uwa drop off kwani mnapotezeana muda urafiki wenu hauna tija! Yani mimi hata rafiki anaye chukia kuona mwingine yupo happy au anafanikiwa huyo mie simtaki kabisa karibu yangu tutabaki story tu za hapa na pale tunapo kutana basi lakini ukaribu Nope! Kwani kama unachukia maendeleo na furaha ya mtu mwingine ambaye hajakukosea lolote basi hiyo nitosha kusema mimi will be next!………Hakuna kitu kizuri kama kujifunza ku-enjoy your own company kwani utakuwa na amani sana kuliko kuwa na marafiki chungumzima ambao hawakusaidii kwa lolote zaidi ya starehe!

“Don’t make marriage a jail”~~~ChrisMauki

Enyi waume, wake zenu pia ni wanadamu, they are social beings, walikuwa na marafiki kabla hamjawaoa, usidhani wewe ndio ulikuwa binadamu wakwanza kwenye maisha yake. Kasoma kuanzia shule ya awali hadi chuo kote ana marafiki au hatakama hajasoma lakini ana marafiki wa mtaani na ujanani. Iweje leo kaolewa na wewe ndio unajifanya kumfungia kila mwanya wa kuonana na marafiki zake (simaanishi marafiki wa mapenzi), unamkataza kutoka, akienda vikao vya kinamama ni shida, akijiunga vikoba ni shida, akitaka kwenda kwenye mikutano ya dini ni shida kubwa, unamyima kuwa na marafiki na akitoka kidogo basi hauishi kupiga simu kumuuliza anarudi sangapi. Ikifika saa 12 jioni utaskia mwanaume anamwaga povu “wemwanamke uko wapi, wehujui ni mke wamtu? Unafanya nini nje hadi sahizi”? Mimi nikuulize, kwani wewe haujui kuwa wewe ni mume wamtu na baba wa watu? Sasita usiku unafanya nini nje ya nyumba? Au umekuwa jambazi? Simaanishi akichelewa asiulizwe la hasha, namaanisha kunyimwa uhuru kusipitilize ikawa utumwa, kisa eti wewe haupendi awe na mahusiano na wengine. Mwanamke hajaolewa na wewe kuja kuua ulimwengu aliowahi kuwa nao awali. Lets be fair to each other. Ni vizuri kilammoja akijali hisia na wellbeing ya mwenzake, na hapo ndipo furaha ya kuishi pamoja inapokuja. Dont make marriage a jail #ChrisMauki

“Your life is your right. Never give the control of your life to anyone in life”

Some people are already troubled, looking for who to trouble. A person who is always looking for people’s trouble everywhere is internally troubled. The dream of a sadist is for everybody to be miserable in life. A negative person is always looking for who to fight, they always find fault in everything you do and then make you feel like you’re the bad person. A sadist always look for a place to transfer or dump his/her frustration. Never allow anyone to make you feel guilty for their own misfortunes. You may not have control over what people bring to you, but always be in control of what you take from them. Never allow anyone to take your happiness from you. Once they manage to frustrate you, they already have the power to control your emotions. Whoever controls your emotions, controls your sadness and joy. Your life is your right. Never give the control of your life to anyone in life. #akininspiration

Ujana ni ufunguo ~~~~Dina Marios

               UJANA NI UFUNGUO 

Hakikisha hupotezi funguo yako na unaitumia kufungua milango sahihi. Ukicheza na funguo yako ukaipoteza au ukachanganya usijue ufungue wapi, ukifika uzeeni ndio utajua. Sasa hivi ndio wakati wa kutengeneza maisha yako na sio uzeeni. Ukiharibu sasa hivi baadae itakuwa ngumu kuanza upya umri utakuwa umeenda.

Kijana wa leo ishi ukiwa na ndoto na maono. Sio woote Lila wengi wanaishi hawajitumi. Kijana umeshakuwa mkubwa uanze kujitegemea lakini bado unakaa nyumbani unagombania ugali na wadogo zako. Mtoto wake kiume umeshakuwa elimu unayo lakini hutaki kujishughulisha huna dira wala malengo. Watoto wa kike wamebeba uzuri kama ndio deal ya kuishi maana hana elimu, hana kazi, hana biashara, hana analolijua. Elimu anayo lakini maarifa hana ila uzuri ndio aloubeba na kuupa thamani. Hajui uzuri hufifia na kupotea je hapo baadae utaishije wakati uzuri haupo? Umbo zuri limekongoroka?

Wengi badala ya kusoma wamekimbilia mahusiano kuolewa ili iwe shortcut ya maisha………mume atamuhudumia.Ndoa zenyewe zimewafanya waishi kama Wajane ilhali waume zao hawajafa. Mateso, vilio na maumivu kila siku unalia wewe kama sio mjane kitu gani?? Simama usipoteze funguo yako……..kuwa na ndoto.

Kuwa na malengo na misimamo sasa hivi hakuna mwanaume anataka kuoa mwanamke mbugila mbugila. Huna mipango,huna maarifa wala mikakati. Unaamka saa tano hujui kupika wala kufua unajua vipindi vyote vya tv huna unachojishughulisha nacho, huna unalolijua upo upo tu. Kijana wa kiume huna ndoto zozote wala hujui unataka kuwa nani? baadae unataka uwe mume na baba wa familia kweli??? funguo yako unaijua kweli? unayo?

Kijana ishi kwa ujanja,uadilifu,kwa maarifa,kwa busara,kwa kujitambua na kwa tahadhari.
Dina Marios

“Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections” ~~~~ShyRose Bhanji

“You don’t need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections”………………… Maneno ya hekima haya toka kwa Dada wa Taifa! Maisha yako unayopitia au wewe mwenyewe jinsi ulivyo (your character) yawe mazuri au mabaya kwa namna moja ama nyingine lazima yatakuwa yanatoa mafunzo kwa wengine.  Huitaji kuwa mkamilifu kama “Malaika” ili kuwafanya wengine waone kuwa unafaa! Hakuna aliye mkamilifu hapa duniani na kama unafikiria wewe ni “Malaka” basi simama na uwe wakwanza kuturushia mawe sisi wadhambi!

“msichana nilieona kila aliezaa amepoteza dira, kiufupi ni kama shughuli imeisha…..”~~~~~Zamaradi Mketema

“Nakumbuka kama miaka sita nyuma nilikuwa msichana tu, tena msichana nisie na ndoto hata za kuwa na mtoto, msichana niliyekuwa na picha tofauti juu ya wale wanaozaa, msichana nilieona kila aliezaa amepoteza Dira, kiufupi ni kama shughuli imeisha.

Lakini leo nimezikana hisia zangu mwenyewe baada ya kuwa na watoto (sio hata mtoto mmoja) ninapogundua kumbe maisha ndio YAMEANZA, kumbe kuna raha ambayo hata ningehadithiwa bado nisingeweza kuelewa hisia zake, kumbe hakuna kuchoka, na zaidi lwa wale walio single Mamaz bado una nafasi ya kutakwa na yoyote yule na akakuona kama bado wa jana na kukuheshimu na kukupa thamani ya hali ya juu, kiufupi unaweza hata ukawakimbiza ambao hawaijui leba 😀😜 na yote ni kwakuwa bado unapendeza, bado unavutia, hakuna kilichopungua zaidi ya kuongezeka kiufupi ni hisia tamu mno

Kama wewe ni MAMA na unajivunia kuwa MAMA huku ukiendelea bado kujiamini embu nyoosha mkono juu!! Nafikiria kuandaa kitu cha kutukutanisha WAMAMA WOTE WA KISASA ambao hawajajitupa na huku bado wako proud na UMAMA wao iwe siku ya kuonyrsha how fabulous you are hata kama una mtoto / watoto, iwe ni siku yetu ya kujidai na kupendeza, iwe ni siku ya kuprove wanaona kuzaa ndio kuisha na kuchoka…Bila kusahau RED CARPET MOJA YA HATARI MNOOOO.


MAONI YANGU MIMI ALPHA: Sijashangazwa na mtazamo ambao Zamaradi alikua nayo huko nyuma. Kwani hivyo ndivyo govt. System nyingi za Africa zimeweka mfumo wa kuwafanya wasichana walio zaa bila ndoa kuwa hawana maana wala faida kwa jamii. Na hii mifumo ya serikali zetu inaundwa na jamii zetu husika ambazo ni jamii zilizo jaa fikra potovu za kuhukumu na kuadhibu watu bila kutafuta chanzo na suluhisho la tatizo liliopo. Kuzaa sio mwisho wa maisha! …….Enjoy the party! 


“How amazing are we, we fly even though we don’t have wings…..!” Jacqueline Mengi

“How amazing are we, we fly even though we don’t have wings, we go faster than our legs can carry us, we communicate further than the eye can see, we create organs, animals, plants, we outside our given, in space, we invent the unimaginable the imaginable and we have just started. Yes we are pretty amazing but as for our creator I can’t even find words worthy or even good enough to praise Him and thank Him. Oh how grateful I am to be born human and all the amazing things I know I can do. You should be too” ~~~~~~~JNM

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world!

Mdogo wangu Magreth, mimi mwenyewe, na mama, March 2017, Segerea, Tz….nyumbani kwa mdogo wangu mzee William Igogo

Nawatakieni kheri ya siku ya wakina mama wa mama wote katika dunia hii! Mungu awabariki sana na azidi kutupa khekima ya kuwalea watoto wetu katika njia mpasayo! Wale ambao wanategemea kuwa mama, basi Mungu akawatangulie mjifungue salama. Nao wanao tamani kuitwa mama basi Mungu akawajaze mibaraka hiyo kulingana na mapenzi yake!………..Tunapokuwa tukifurahia Siku hii kuu duniani tusisahau kuwaombea wamama wote ambao watoto wao wamelala usingizi wa mauti! Mungu awaponye na awape sababu ya kuwapa nguvu ya kuendelea na maisha. Na wale wamama ambao watoto zao ni wagonjwa Mungu awaponye upesi. Nawale  ambao kwanamna moja ama nyingine watoto wao wapo kwenye matatizo yoyote yale basi Mungu akafungue njia, awapiganie na shetani asipate nafasi kamwe!

Mimi mwenyewe na mama yangu, December 2016, Dar, Tz…..makazi yetu ya zamani

Nawasii wamama wenzangu tuwalee watoto katika upendo wa dhati na hofu ya Mungu! Watoto ambao hawajalele katika upendo wanakuwa tatizo kubwa si tu kwenye familia zao bali hata kwa jamii husika. Kumfundisha  mtoto kuwa strong katika maisha haimaanishi kuwa unfundishe mtoto wako roho mbaya, ukatili, kuwa bully, muongo, mnafiki, mchonganishi n.k! Hapana! Kama ni mtoto wakike mleee kama ndio the next queen! Nakama ni mtoto wa kiume mfunze kuwa a gentleman! There are too many evil men in this world let us save the world by raising our children in a Godly loving manner! ……..Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! ❤❤

“A man with dreams needs a woman with vision” Meck Mbwana

 “A man with dreams needs a woman with vision”  Wow! Need I say more?!! What a powerful simple sentence! Hakuna kitu kizuri kama mwanaume anaye thamini mchango na umuhimu wa mwanamke katika maisha yake. Kama kweli huyo mwanamke amemsaidia maana kuna wanawake wengi ni majanga tu 🙊🙊 Well, can we talk?! I always keep it real 😀😀

“Treat all women with respect and you will live a happy and peaceful life” Meck Mbwana

Nimependa sana huu ujumbe ulioandikwa na Meck Mbwana founder and owner of PUKU portable power bank. Ni ujumbe mzuri sana kwa generation ya sasa ambapo wanaume wengi bado wanashindwa kujua kiini cha furaha katika jamii na familia zetu inategemea kwa asilimia zote jinsi mwanamke anavyo jisikia. Happy mama happy home, happy community! Linda na heshimu mwanamke kwani wote mmekuja hapa duniani kwa kupitia viungo vya mwili wa mwanamke!!