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If someone shows you that he can live without you, show him that you were born without him

Regrann from @zarithebosslady "if someone shows you that he / she can live without you, show him that you were born without him/ her 🎶🎶🎶- Mama 5 😍.... Stay humble but keep an inner beast that doesn't back down.💪 - #regrann

 Siku zote kuwa mtu wa kujinyenyekeza lakini usikubali kuwa mtumwa katika jambo lolote lile! Usikubali kumfanya binadamu mwenzio kuwa "Mungu mdogo" Yani bila yeye maisha yako hayaendi wakati ulizaliwa kutoka kwenye viungo cha mama yako ukiwa mwenyewe kwa uwezo wa Mungu aliye juu! Hata kama unampenda mtu kiasi gani epuka kumwambia  kuwa I can't live without you! Huo ni uwongo uliuopitiliza kwani watu wanafiwa na watoto zao na bado wanaishi baada ya mazishi! Sasa huyo mwanaume au mwanamke ambaye mmekutana  ukiwa unajua mema na mabaya ana nini haswa cha kukufanya ushindwe kuishi bila yaye?! Pia kumfanya mtu kuwa nimuhimu sana kiasi cha kugharimu maisha yako inamaana umemuweka huyo mtu katika nafasi ya Mungu! Na hiyo ni dhambi! I love yoy but I love you enough to let you go! Usikubali kuwa mtumwa kwa mtu asiye kujali au kudhamini utu wako. "if someone shows you that he / she can live without you, show him that you were born without him /her"! Kama wakionyesha kuwa uwepo wako au kutokuwepo kwako hakuadhiri kitu chochote katika maisha yao basi nawe huna budi kuwakumbusha kuwa ulizaliwa bila wao kuwepo!

Zari Hassan: I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond, as my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY & WELL BEING cannot be compromised

 @Regranned from @zarithebosslady - Understand that this is very difficult for me to do. There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in ALL SORTS of media in regards to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond, as my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY & WELL BEING cannot be compromised. We are separating as partners but not as parents. This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know. I will continue to build as a mogul, I will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self-respect means. Unlike many, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner, and so are all of you Zari supporters. 

Zarinah Hassan: We have been created so different, the type of humans who can multi task

“There is so much in a woman that most people don’t know. We have been created so different, the type of humans who can multi task. A man can watch a game and not hear what one said while a woman can watch a movie and still hear, still know the stove is on, and so on (the list is endless). So here is to all the multi tasking women juggling through life as mothers, wives, momprenuers aka business women, caregivers and many more. You are appreciated! It’s all about knowing what comes 1st #prioritize. Salute🍾 help me tag one woman who inspires you. @lukambaofficial 📸” ——-Zarinah Hassan

Lieutenant Major General ndani ya jiji la Dar!

Yessss!! The Lieutenant Major General of Tanzania and Uganda ndani ya jiji la Dar es salaam! And Paparazzi couldn’t give her a space!! 😍😍 I guess they missed her so badly 😁😁 …………

You go Zari!! Tell them you have been and always will be the “Queen of the castle”!  Nawaache mfanye kazi! hizi zama za Mgufuli ni mambo ya #Hapa kazi tu!  hakuna hela za mission town 😎😎 ……… BTW, I love they way you have decided to separate  your platforms! Msaidiane katika kila jambo but don’t step on each other platform! Na maswala ya mapenzi weka private unless you want to share with me 😂😂😍😍 please msininyime hizo love story zenu 🙈🙈

Okay!! Major General, what is real going on?!

First of all, I love your conservative-modesty look! Umependeza sana but nywele not feeling it lol!……… Secondly, what is really going on Major General!?! So many rumors are going on, from “it might be over” to ” DNA has proven the baby boy is not his”!! As your fans we really deserve to know the truth, only from your mouth! And some of us don’t do “snapchat” thus better be an interview or. Live Instagram video 😂😂 Please, we need to hear from you!

“good things come to those who hustle” ~~~~~ Major General

 “Last thursday of the month, not sure what motivation is needed but I know i gotta put the past behind me and focus on the future…. good things come to those who hustle #WorkMode”~~~~Zari. a.k.a  Major General

The Queen herself!…….. Ujumaa njema/ weekend njema wapendwa!

@aminadesign @laviemakeup…. Was great working with you, awaiting this project

Nawatakieni Ijumaa njema na weekend mjema. Embu tufunge wiki na hizi picha za Queen, the one and only one BossLady! Pendeza sana ❤❤…………Sorround yourself with love, wenye roho za kwanini kaeni nao mbali lakini msiwasahau kuwaombea!  Continue reading The Queen herself!…….. Ujumaa njema/ weekend njema wapendwa!

Yesss! BossLady! Don’t let her over-shine you! Just keep Queening!

 “Am such an early morning person as some can see on my snap, usually up by 5am. Let’s start this day on a different note, shall we🤗 Ladies and gentlemen I’ve heard you loud and clear, the advises, the consolation, the pity, the hurt you feeling on my behalf most of all the betrayal. But let’s look at this on the positive side. When a person chooses to cheat on you it’s not YOU actually its THEM which usually turns out that they played themselves while they thought they are playing you. You should never look down on yourself, don’t ever think you are worthless because of another person’s mistake & never blame yourself. But always look at how to pick yourself up and get going. That said, with my birthday approaching let’s put all this negative energy behind us and appreciate, LIFE! 🌹”

 Yes! You Go Zari!! Don’t let her over-shine you! You have been a Queen way before her and CROWNS ARE A GIFT FROM GOD, THEY ARE CUSTOM MADE!! NO ONE CAN FIT ON YOUR CROWN BABY!!  IT GOT YOUR NAME WITH IRREMOVABLE SIGNATURE FROM GOD!!  Just keep Queening!! I love you even more!! ❤❤❤❤ Birthday loading huh 😍😍 shame on them 🙈🙈 And Diamond ataembea kwa magoti mpaka South Africa?!!  let them cry and their heart bleed badly 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Je, Zari ataweza kubeba “bendera” za nchi mbili!?!

  Katika Biblia kuna maneno yanasema ‘hakuna mtu awezae kutumikia mabwana wawili’! Yani kiufupi lazima mmoja utampendelea na mwingine utamuonea kwa mapenzi ya uwongo! Sasa, wote tumeshuhudia maisha ya Zari na Ivan mpaka kuachana kwao. Lakini pamoja na hayo Ivan bado hakuona mtu mwingine ambaye angefaa kulinda mali zake, watoto wake, na kuhakikisha kuwa his Legacy forever lives zaidi ya Zari. Na Zari mwenyewe kwa mdomo wake alitamka mbele ya kadamnasi siku ya mazishi ya Ivan Ssemwanga  (SomaHapa) kua atavaa viatu vya Ivan Ssemwanga, kwani yupo tayari, anaona kama she was prepared enough for it!!  Na kwamba she will do it for his boys, his family, friends, and his legacy!  Swali ambalo ninajiuliza will Zari be able to be a “flag bearer” for the two men from different countries?!  Can she honestly, sincerely, and lovingly serve the “two masters”! ……..Personally, I’m not sure but very curious to see how will this go down considering one of her “men” is still living and 100%  involving in her life!………Will Zari disappoint many or will she continue to shine and come-out as a shero? Will this be Zari’s downfall as she may lose some sort of “respect” from Ugandans who are / were hardcore fans of the “Rich Gang” particularly  The Don- Ivan Ssemwanga?! Will Watanzania accept Zari and give her 100%  support to carry their flag as Diamond’s wife especially after his bizarre behaviors of abusing and disrespecting women!?! Remember “The B**** is dying for fame”  and “the baby is not mine”! And finally, the boys are growing up, one day they will have bunch of questions to ask! How will her children feel? Will they feel a sense of betrayal from their own mother; the only living parent?! Can’t get any better than this!! I will surely keep up with the story. And You be the judge!



Much respect to all hustling hard to improve their reality while most are escaping theirs…… find us….📚👩‍🎓👨‍🎓
Giiiirrlllll listen, there is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. @luluzhair

Zari, am I right? Or…..!

Mwanamke jiko 🙈🙈 Zari katika ubora wake! Safi sana! ❤❤

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Man-up and kill it with kindness!

Yess! Keep on moving Bosslady a.k.a the New C.E.O of the “Rich Gang” 😍😍 You Man-Up girl and em haters just kill them with kindness!!……………I just love this, do you guys see what I’m seeing?! The msg is on the shoes people!! While MEN are Manning-Up in 👞👟 “Flat” shoes  the Bosslady is Manning-Up in 👠 👢HighHeels baby 💪💪💪You Go Zari! Keep that Legacy going!! Tell them We Run this Planet, of course in HighHeels 😅😅