Happy birthday Foster Mbuna Mkapa!

" You (God) give beauty for ashes, comfort for pain and laughter for gladness in your name" (Isaiah 61) My heart is full of joy and gratitude as I look back at how far I have come. If it was not for you my heavenly father carrying and walking me through I don't know where I would be. I have seen myself growing physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

*I have faced pain so that I could comfort those in pain. 

*I have experienced loss so that I know the importance of having people around me.

* I have experienced reject to know the importance of not ignoring people or categorizing them because in your sight we are all equal. 

*I have experienced sickness to learn to appreciate good health.

* I have experienced happiness, satisfaction and peace to know that intangible things are what matter than materialistic things.

* I have encountered obstacles to learn that all blessings come from you and not to be judgmental because your timing is the best. I have learnt humility.

*I have encountered strangers who made my journey smooth to realise that the world is not cruel and strangers can turn to be your relatives/ friends if your don't confine yourself in your tiny world. Just do your part and the rest will fall into the right place.

* I have realized that change begins with me by letting go of all the negativity/grudges and the power of these 3 words; I am Sorry/ Please forgive me, Thank you and I Love you! 

Mama Foster na Foster
As I celebrate my birthday today, I am grateful to know that I am here alive today because that's exactly what and where you wanted me to be. I give you Glory and Honour because you knew me before I was formed, you know me from head to toe, you know my destination and you have great plans for me. As I live my life, may I walk and conduct myself according to your master plan. Help me to fulfil all my roles to the best of my abilities without complaining so that I can bring you back the Glory and Praise that you deserve. Grant me a compassionate, loving and a forgiving heart. Thank you for my parents, my husband, my sons, siblings, relatives and friends that make my life colourful, fun and meaningful. May I make their lives and worlds meaningful and wonderful as well. Amen. Happy birthday to me!
Ujumbe wako wa  shukrani kwa Mungu umetulia Sana!........Nami naomba nikutakie kheri na baraka zote za kuongeza mwaka mwingine katika maisha yako. Mungu azidi kukubariki wewe na uzao wa tumbo lako pamoja na watu wote waingiao ndani ya malango ya nyumba yako......Nimefurahi kumbe tulizaliwa hospitali moja 😍😍 Ocean Road born babies we Rock!💪💪..... Happy birthday beautiful 😘😍

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