Open_kitchen2014: Love is a natural feeling and it doesn’t come with a price tag

In life no mattet how desperate you are, no matter how much you long to love or to be loved, never ever make a mistake of buying love! You will regret this for as long as you live. Love is not for sale never have never will be! Love is a natural feeling and it doesn't come with a price tag
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In my life time I have seen what money has done to alot of people. I have seen how money changes people. I have seen how money brakes up families, relationships, and so on. It is very scary! Never let money control you because if you do money will make you become someone you never thought you will be and once that money goes away will you ever be the same person, will you ever talk to the same people again whom you looked down on when you had money, will you ever accepted that now your life has changed and your no longer the Don but the Doughnut 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Be real, be yourself, be humble no matter how many zeros you have in your account money is not everything in life AND YOU CANT BUY LOVE WITH MONEY just my morning thoughts  AMKA TWENDE LET THIS BE YOUR MONTH PUSH YOURSELF EVEN HARDER

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