Seek God first!

@Regranned from @cheyennebbostock - The reason a lot of folks can’t find love is because they are looking in the wrong places. The fastest way to find a husband/wife is to find God. Once God fixes you up to be the man/woman God wants you to be, you won’t have the desire to go looking for Love because Love dwells inside of you. He will make you whole. Now here is where I’m about to help someone. >>> Too many people are looking to go out on a date, be in a relationship, or jump into a marriage and they haven’t been made whole. They are broken vessels trying to become whole through the help of a man/woman, then wonder why it doesn’t work out. When you get right with God, your thirst level will go down, you won’t be as eager and impatient to get into a relationship or marriage. You’ll notice your friendships and your network will change, the way you dress will change, everything about you will change... and then finally... your relationship status will change, but this time it will be with God’s help. If you’re looking for love, you’re doing it wrong! Seek God first! 😎😉  

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