Hollietheblogger: RESILIENCE‼️

Regrann from @hollietheblogger  -  We have all gossiped too much this week, so let’s talk about something different ?‍♀️ RESILIENCE‼️ Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Is sort of the ability to spring back from any challenge and difficulties and soldier on like nothing happened‼️Like for me, given the dynamic nature of events in a healthcare sector, resilience is a must have characteristic. One minute you are fighting to resuscitate a patient, the other you are signing an end of life form and the next examining a new patient with all smiles like nothing has happened. Over a period of time, You tend to block these events and just put yourself in a moment every time everyday. Resilience can be emotionally draining so it requires tremendous emotional stamina. Most people give up easily because they have traded resilience with fear. They choose the easy way out and opt for easier choices instead of immersing themselves in this complex journey and wait to enjoy their complete un-breakable success. For example you want to loose weight and get in shape but you do not want to exercise or give up your old lifestyle. So you will try exercising for a week and get drained or bored and decide to resort to other short cuts to achieve your objective. The truth is that you might just get thinner but not fitter which is your main health benefit goal. So overall you fail to achieve the COMPLETE OUTCOME. For you to enjoy your FULL benefits of success you must be willing to sacrifice and invest your everything in any project or goal you choose. You must be resilient in all circumstances no matter the weather so that when you build that house you have a solid foundation or business without any loopholes. See your Boss Lady is so resilient that when you think she’s broken she springs back tougher and stronger✌? So ladies watch and learn ?#issabossladiesmovement #brandzari????  - #regrann

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