In loving memory of late aunt-inlaw Janet Anyango Owino!

Yeasterday (East Africa time) the bury and final wedding ceremony of our aunt-inlaw Janet took place in Kagan, Kenya! All of her children from U.S.A, Philippines, and other places were able to attend including all immediate family members and close friends! The village has been shocked and mourning her death as she was mother of many, raising orphans and children of family members for more than 25 years! Her good deeds, kind heart, and pure love was one of its own kind and no one can fill in her space anytime soon!
My International brother-in-law, sister inlaw (daughter to the late) , and Janeth Igogo (daughter inlaw)
 She was the one who raised my 'International brother-in-law' and his siblings (five kids) from the tender age after the death of their mother whom was an elder sister to aunt Janet!......... As she has been laid down in her temporary home; now it's time to celebrate the life well lived with full love and kindness! The Lord gives, and the Lord takes way. Blessed His Holy name! R.I.P aunt inlaw! .....Enjoy the pictures.....
My babysister!….Poleni sana ndugu zangu
My people!
     My International in laws' and my babysister ???❤      
The Nyagilos’ ?❤❤
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