Aquilina, pumzika kwa amani ya Bwana Mungu!

Nashindwa niandikaje kwa jinsi nilivyo umizwa na kifo cha huyu binti! This is too painful, inhumanity, and wrong in all levels!! Siwezi kunyamaza kwani mimi ni Mtanzania! Siwezi kunyamaza kwani mimi ni mama! Siwezi kunyamaza kwani mimi ni mwanamke!! Nimekataa kunyamaza kwa hili!!!  Baba yangu Dr John Pombe Magufuli nakuomba ukemee huu unyama hadharani!!!   This has everything to do with humanity  and leadership. As a leader of our country you should condemn these kind of acts!! As a father of many, this beautiful, precious soul could have been one of yours!! You need to take action ASAP!! This should have never happened, it's scary that it is a fact its happening in Tanzania right in front our very own eyes!! That is not the Tanzania we want!! Mambo kama haya siyo ya kuyanyamazia hata kidogo!! .... Rest in eternal peace Aquilina, justice we surely be done!!

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