If you aren’t prepared to carry her heels when she’s tired, then you shouldn’t be next to her when she’s in the spotlight!

DEAR MEN, FB_IMG_1467119325495Sometimes it’s not just about opening the door to let her in first, any guy can do that when he knows that there’s people watching – just for the sake of the credit. Rather make sure her seat belt is on before you start driving. Sometimes it’s not about walking her down that isle where there’s a lot of people just because you want everyone to notice her and she’s looking fancy in her heels. You feel proud to be with her, yes but you also need to appreciate her effort. Walk her down a route that is comfortable with her, that’s less painful and less risk of her actually getting injured. If you aren’t prepared to carry her heels when she’s tired, then you shouldn’t be next to her when she’s in the spotlight. The strength of your bond should never be determined by the number of likes that your pictures with her actually receive on social media. You should never let the opinion of a friend determine whether you spend your life with her or not. We don’t often choose who we fall in love with, it just happens. You then realize loyalty is no longer an option. You begin to plan things in your head with her. All those love songs that you’ve always hated start to make sense to you. No matter how much of a tough guy you claim to be, she has tamed your soul without you actually noticing it. You begin to talk about her unknowingly to your friends, you think about her as soon as you wake up, during the day and before you sleep. When she starts to tear, you shouldn’t offer her something to wipe it off rather remain with her and let her know she’s not alone, hold and let her know that she has someone to fall back on. It’s not about only being with her on special occasions just to make her feel special in front of the world. It’s about being with her even when no one is watching. At the end of it all, it’s not about how much time she spends with you, it’s about the feeling you get every single time you see her name popping as a notification on your phone… Yes, it’s that same person you’re thinking about right now!

Source: Get-inspired by Ti-Sha 

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