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Merry Christmas from Mashimis’ family!

Season to reconnect, recharge, and celebrate with family and friends! Here is the Mashimis’ family from Atlanta, Georgia. Merry Christmas to you!

It’s all about family moments: merry Christmas from Mbwanas’ family

  @Regranned from @meckmbwana - Wishing you Merry Christmas from our home to yours. May you be blessed with love, joy and peace. ??

Its all about family moments: Merry Christmas from Mndalilas’ family!

Stephen Mndalila and his beloved wife and son all the way from Indiana. ……Merry Christmas to you! 


Merry Christmas from mama Mbuna and family!

"Merry Christmas from Mama EvalyneMbuna's home to yours. For the first time Christmas without Sam Mbuna , Eriq Mbuna and 9th Christmas without Dad! No matter what we still give Glory, Honour, Praise and Thanks to God Almighty for taking us thus far! We are more than conquerors through Christ who Strengthens us. Once again Merry Christmas"   

Muwe na weekend njema!

Nawatakieni weekend njema. Sorround yourself with true love!…. Nimependa hii picha ya Chibu’s family na video yao ndio maana nime share nanyi!

The Mengi’s!

The Mengi’s sss baby! The Billionaire himself with his little billionaires and Mrs billionaire katika ubora wao just enjoying some quality time together as a family!! These people smell M-O-N-E-Y all over O’yes! I can smell them through the picture all the way to U.S.A even their skin can testify  ??  Pendeza sana wapendwa. Mbarikiwe Halafu hapo utakuta mume mwingine anakwambia yupo busy na business hata muda na familia hana. Nyie wanaume wa Kibongo embu mchukue somo hapo kutoka kwa Dr Mengi. Humbleness never got out of fashion people!! Be humble!! Be kind!! Be loving!!