“Dear My little Prince Kairo Magese Michael My Miracle Son” ~~~~~~Millen Magese

It's a week since I first hold you in my arms. I'm still trying to absorb the whole thing. This will probably be the longest caption I ever written but please bare with me ?. Through my scars you brought me a Star ⭐️ Jehova you lifted me higher today . Father Lord , I'm acknowledging you for who you're and for what you've done in my life . You Must want to change your story for miracles to work. Miracles happens in such a mysterious way . I wanted my story to change so I prayed harder , I took risks ,bold steps with no fear and sympathy. I kept my faith higher than just HOPE . I believed He would hear me out. Father I thank you ,through me you showed your Power . I'm grateful . Last year around this time I lost an embryo #ZoeKhloe . June 30th 2016 . It was so painful to bare but father Lord you had a plan , you're again showing all of us that ,you're a living God and nothing is permanent. Thank you father Lord for changing my story which you let it happened on the 13th July 2017 ,the same number that have been my history but now you change it with a different story . Thank you for giving me this miracle Boy ??
I have been writing this note since two months before your arrival because I was scared and nervous that I won't have words to say today as I'm holding you in my arms . Dear My little Prince Kairo Magese Michael My Miracle Son! You mean the world to me just like your names . Today the 20th of July , you're exactly a one week old baby and mama is grateful. Without God's plan ,Faith and perseverance I wouldn't be holding you today. As rough as this journey has been , it was all worth it to fight for you ,to cry for you to pray for you ,to go through Hundreds and hundreds of injections,humiliations , pain ,emotions breakdown ,loss , Scars but you chose me to be your mother and God chose me to be your mother. You're truly A child we all prayed for . Im not sure If i deserve to be your mother but all I know it was worth for me to fight to be your mother ,so I will forever be there for you . You're my Son . Am blessed to be your Mother?..........Part1
alphaigogo.com is dedicating this song to Millen Magese, the new born king,  and all women suffering the pain of living with ENDOMETRIOSIS around the world!  Our God is awosome, He is able! Ametenda maajabu ??

Soma post ya nyuma ?? (MillenMagese)

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