You go Zari! Is not Christmas yet?!!

Regrann from @hollietheblogger – ??? So I have got a screen shot for our NEW DADDIIEE?‍♀️. 

1. It’s not the riffraff.

2. He’s 6 feet tall with a sexy moustache .

3. He’s fit and actually the muscles ? are real.

4. He a multimillionaire businessman.

5. He’s 37yrs old and has got one child ? a daughter .

6. He’s definitely not Tanzanian?

7. The Boss-lady was on a date yesterday and they went for a gateway weekend in Cape Town..Sorry KAMPALA I mean???They are still kissing and cuddling all loved up this morning. She’s so tired after passionate weekend that’s why she’s MIA??

8. I hear he’s mature and has met the kids and his daughter has bonded with Tiffa straight up??‍♂️.

9. If all goes well you will meet him by end of the year???.

10. He’s crazy about her and can’t wait for the world to know.

It took me more than an hour to get that information and my pastor don’t lie. He’s sees what I see? –

Regrann from @hollietheblogger – My eyes look weary and tired because they have been all loved and looked into all nite? They have been up all night because they were amazed and wide open looking at this incredible love staring at me.

My lip are so juicy and tender? So juicy because they have been massaged all night. They have been passionately attended to.??.

My body is all fluffy and jolly like jolof rice because a son of a man has squeezed stress out of it and Tendered it with smooth touches and rolled it left, right and centre…What can I say I have moved on and my smilling eyes, my excited lips and my body SAY IT all.???

Zari the real Bosslady

Hackers and Zanzibar prophetess please stay away… kekeke I am a doctor I know how to increase and reduce pain. Na this be reduction from all the wahala and bullishit. .. bring on another Tiffa I will baby sit abeg she needs a partner in crime to help her disturb those boys??? – #regrann

***All the credit to Hollieth blogger***

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