Happy 67th birthday Sir O.O Igogo

Sir O.O Igogo

“YESTERDAY MY 66th YEAR ENDED & TODAY MY 67th YEAR BEGINNING ???? My days are counting down towards the Eve day, I am as healthy as a new born, blessed with wonderfull family members, a work that I enjoy doing every day, a business that affords us the daily needs and beyond, true friends who have been holding my hands for years, a peacefull mind ever that accepts failure as a challange to overcome, a big heart that never look down on others, a forgiveness habit that one can not doubt, a charitable giving hands that meets with the needy’s ever since. Allah have done wonders to me and through me to others. I father numerous children, born to me, adopted, dependants, able and disabled ones. I am blessed with amazing grand Childrens. God made my dreams to become real to establish business ventures which employs over seven hundred individuals on parmanent basis!! I vow to work for Allah Silently, in the back ground of believers, as a symbol of his kindness the population on earth, through my deeds, humbleness, humanly honest, hard work manship and a true God fearing man all my life time on earth. I thank all of you who have wished me a happy birth day and for the gifts I have recieved from some of you. Asanteni sana, Erokamano uru, Thank you so much. Otieno Olung’a Igogo. 07/03/2020.”

Birthday wishes from daughter Magreth Igogo-Massawe
Birthday wishes from daughter Janeth Igogo-Nyagilo
Daughter Blessing Gwethrhoda Igogo (given middle name after our paternal grandmother Rhoda) enjoying 67th birthday of her son ?
Birthday wishes from son William Ernest Mjee Oucho

On behalf of family members, friends, employees, and business partners I say Happy 67th birthday Sir O.O Igogo. Many more blessings to you! ?❤

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