In loving memory of Ivan Ssemwanga: “I think I was prepared for death”

“I think I was prepared for death,……for some reason on the back of my mind I knew what is going to happen!…… I have 3 boys to raise it’s a full church  here but three months down the line I’ll be by myself! So I’m strong! Ammm, I’m ready to raise them!  I’m very strong! If you trust me I moved on he never moved on! He knew I’ll do the right thing not just for the boys for his legacy; Ivan  knew Zari is the right person! So, I’ll do it for him, for the boys, and for the legacy, and the  family, and the fans, and  everybody else  Ivan was reattached with! So for me,  I don’t mourn  Ivan I celebrate him! He’ lived his life to the fullest”  Zari Hassan  

Kuna kitu lazima watu mkubali kuwa kuna wanawake wengine ni IRREPLACEABLE na Zari is just one of them! Ivan never moved on because he was searching for another Zari out there without knowing some people has no photocopy! Naamini ndio maana aliamua kuishi a “party” lifestyle ili kumuondoa Zari katika mawazo yake but deep inside his heart he was lonely and depressed! So sad!………..Zari take God on board as you will need Him now more than ever before! With Him on your side I know you will make it and your boys are going to be very proud of you!……….R.I.P Ivan Semwanga!

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