why so many people like to talk down on the teaching profession?

I don't get why so many people like to talk down on the teaching profession. It baffles me because teaching is no different than being a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, all the other jobs that are deemed more important to society. These careers are seen as practices and people forget that Teaching is also a practice. It's a learning experience just like those other jobs. You see teachers literally everywhere. I always ask myself ...without teachers would we have doctors, lawyers, and engineers? People aren't born with all that knowledge they are TAUGHT it by TEACHERS. So, why the bad rep? Teachers are the backbone of all society and yet...never get that recognition. (Yes there are bad teachers, but there are far more good ones. But one should also research why there are bad teachers, what is so messed up about the education system that even ALLOWS bad teachers?) Of course many people who go into education don't do it to be noticed. But is it wrong to want to be respected? Is it wrong to want to know that your community understands your importance and impact on a student's life? Is it wrong to ask to be provided with resources needed to help reach student's success without having to constantly prove that they are essential? It seems like many people forget that it's not just the teachers but it's the students who also are affected. And how can a teacher do their job of educating these students when most of them don't even have the tools,support etc to achieve this goal? Everyone has a story about a teacher who has helped them, gone the extra mile, simply been there for them. Who would you be without them? - Rant ended***by Sarah, teacher to be***

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