True Situation Analysis of Life: There’s no permanent champion, but current champion

             True Situation Analysis of Life.

Mapigano Peter and his wife

After Secondary School..

All your classmates have gone in different directions in the world.

Some have completed universities and are now:

  • Doctors,
  • Engineers,
  • Teachers,
  • Pilots,
  • Lawyers,
  • Administrators, etc.
  • Some are married,
  • Some have given birth,
  • Some are still searching and waiting on the Lord.
  • Some are dead, don’t forget that too.
  • And others are on the sick bed,
  • Some are running their higher degrees: Masters, PHD, etc.
  • Some haven’t even gained admission into the tertiary institution and may NEVER be able to.
  • Some own companies,
  • Some are now Directors and major shareholders in global companies.

But how do you feel

When you meet your classmates, and it seems like he/she has accomplished their dreams and you’re not yet close to yours? So many thoughts run through your mind, right?

First, you think God has not been fair to you. How about the ones you meet on the street wearing dirty cloths and still struggling for survival ?  Do you get the same thoughts running through your mind? I guess, NO. Don’t forget too that some are already dead.

Somehow it feels natural to have that feeling of jealous for those mates who seem better off, but it is really unnecessary. There is no room for regrets,

We are all different and our paths to greatness are also not the same in distance. Some might have arrived earlier before you and some after you, but whatever level you find yourself in life,

Please keep trying to break limitations and move further. Celebrate the success of others, its an indication that yours too shall surely come.

Zari the real Bosslady

Your friend buys a car now, be happy with him/ her. Remember when you’ll buy yours,  theirs might not be the latest again. There’s no permanent champion, but current champion.

Life is not about competition, do not be in a race with anyone; remember, we may seem to be reading the same book but different chapters at different times.

Don’t let the passion in you kill the desire in you, keep it burning. What you’re passing through today; Write it down because one day the world would be ready to read it, they’ll become part of your success story.

There’s no height you cannot attain, believe in yourself, define your goals, recognize distractions and don’t stop striving. Spend time teaching yourself, because those things that mainly take people to the top are the things they devoted their time to develop.

Don’t be intimidated by your friend’s success, the sky is wide enough for birds to fly without touching one another. Value every little thing that God brings into our life, love God and obey Him. For with God, all things are possible.

The Ambassador of Bryan Foundation-Zari in doing charity work in Uganda

*Now to those who are on top Never forget to give a helping hand to those who are down.Because Life is full of uncertainties; the one you pull up today, may be the one to hold your hands and prevent you from falling tomorrow*

A piece of advice there, food for thought

Share this to all your friends and let them realize that God has a purpose in their lives.

May God bless you.”

***Written by Mipigano Peter***

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