2016-Hottest And Best Couple Of The Year!

FB_IMG_1455423073211-1Mr Mali Kimesera and Linda Bezuidenhout met for the first time in 1989 at Bahari Beach hotel, Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Four (4) months after they met they went separate ways. Linda always has the desire for bettering herself thus she decided to move from Tanzania to Europe looking for a way to achieve her dreamed life as well as to improve the life of her parents whom she loved dearly. Mali also decided to move to U.S.A where his mother originated. After hustling for couple of years between Europe and Tanzania, Linda had enough and made another move! She decided to move to U.S.A FB_IMG_1455422789659-1If something is meant to be it will be! May 31st, 2008 after 19 years of separation Linda and Mali met again in Atlanta, Georgia! Both were married but unhappy! They decided to end their marriages and reunited. On February 2009, twenty (20) years after separation Mali proposed to Linda. May 29th, 2009 they got married in Houston, Texas. Since then, they have been blissfully happy couple! Screenshot_2015-12-08-15-18-36-1-1God has blessed them with four (4) beautiful girls; Leyla, Brenda, Maryam, and Marlinda. IMG_20160213_231500A little over four years (4) ago, Mali saw something very special in his wife-Linda. The love for fashion, the passion and talent for designing. He distinctively made a decision to tell his wife to close the clothing stores that they had and focus on designing. He became her manager. The couple agrees that was the best decision ever! LB has been brightly shining and the best is yet to come! 

IMG_20160213_231355As they are about to celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary, it is my great honor and pleasure to introduce Mr and Mrs Mali Kimesera as 2016 Hottest And Best Couple Of The Year! FB_IMG_1455422724347-1I know some may wonder why this couple? The reason I chose them is due to the fact that they have been able to solve the mystery that many people who are in a relationship  are struggling to find the answer for; ‘if you see my weakness will you still love me?’IMG_20160213_231635Vulnerability is the hardest and scariest aspect of love-relationship especially to women. The fear of rejection makes many women to be opposite of who they are, simply because all they want is to be accepted even if in a wrong way. Many women in relationships tend to hide their emotions and feelings because of the fear of what might happen if he sees me at my lowest point! If you happen to see my weakness will you still love me?! What a mystery!! IMG_20160213_231313-1I do believe none of you can disagree with me that Mr and Mrs Mali Kimesera has vividly answered that question; Yes! I will! We all know about the drama that what was going on in the social medias couple months ago. Many waited to hear Mali’s opinion on the issue. Some even wished to hear the “D” word!Unfortunately Mali refused to make any public comment regarding the matter. All we see is a very happy couple enjoying life to the fullest! IMG_20160213_231106Isn’t that something, and best example to many! Loving someone unconditionally!   I strongly believe this couple where they are now their greatest fear is more of there will be an accident or illness that will separate them and steal their future away?! That will leave it into God’s hand, may He forbid it! IMG_20160213_231715Please understand, by no means I’m endorsing those kind behavior. But we have to agree that in any situation bad or good  there’s a lesson to learn, and that was one of them! Don’t get twisted, there is a different between weakness and evil! Some people are just evil! What I saw in Linda was her weakest  side, not evilness.  Screenshot_2016-01-24-11-04-51-1With that being said, may I once again congratulate Mr and Mrs Mali Kimesera for the winning! Wishing them happiness, joy, and endless love. Congratulations! FB_IMG_1437317045145-1Here’s the family of 2016 Hottest And Best Couple Of The Year! congratulations!

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