“I always knew I wanted the good life, like I wont even lie about it”

Regrann from @zarithebosslady - WCW inspirational moment: I always knew I wanted the good life, like I wont even lie about it but then again dont we all? Well, at 30 I was already employing 258 employees and that alone on its own made me grow up mentally. The responsibility that comes with managing companies in a foreign country where you are always targeted as a foreigner least i forget the tight competition especially if your on top of your game wasnt easy...... so whatever you do, do it with passion. Fall down 99 times, get up the 100th. One day, and I say it again one day, the universe will respond. #Persistence #Consistence (See my life at 30, huge office with a personal boardroom?) me and Don started out in 2 offices, one PA, had just abit of ideas, got experts on board which we couldn't afford but they saw potential in us, did our logos which will forever remain a trademark and here is our recognized brand in the whole of SA www.brooklyncitycollege.co.za - #regrann Awiih! That's my gal! My true inspiration.  The real BossLady. Hakuiba kwa mume wa mtu akuuuu mtoto wa watu! Katafuta masiki mwenzake wakaanza kusaga visigido!! #I'mTheFoundationNotTheRoof ......I want good life too and hope to catch up with your achievement though I am in my 40s! Don't look down on me only God sits that high ? ??..... You go Zari! Keep winning! Keep shinning!

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