“Dear dad, you have been on my mind lately a specially this month”-Foster Mbuna Mkapa

fb_img_1480461403898Dear dad. You have been on my mind lately and especially this month. On this day it would have been your birthday and 30 something years Wedding Anniversary of you and mum. There are so many what ifs but God knows best. These pictures bring back so many memories and I just wish I could talk to you and share a joke or two. You are the best father any child could ask for and I pray to God to make me at least half a parent that you used to be. You taught me so many things but these will never depart in my heart and memory
1. Be kind and humble
2. Be a blessing and a source of smile to those who are less fortunate
3. Love your mother because she endured and sacrificed a lot for your wellbeing. As a mother now I understand
4. Never be too busy for your children
5. Enjoy life, give your best, work hard and don’t be too hard on yourself
I thank you for that advice because it has made me who I am and would not change even if the entire world is against me. It’s very painful that instead of bringing you a cake, card, flowers and take you out for dinner I can only bring flowers to your grave hoping that I can put a smile on your face as you are looking down on us as our guardian Angel. Sleep well my lovely dad just know that you are missed daily and we hope to see you one day! Always on my mind and forever in my heart. My first love, my true love and my best friend. It is well with my soul. A very happy birthday to you! I will always Love you babascreenshot_2016-11-29-17-26-18-1screenshot_2016-11-29-17-26-04-1screenshot_2016-11-29-17-26-45-1Wow! Such a lovely touchy msg to beloved dad!……….my readers here’s a question for you, if you were given a golden chance to tell the world about your dad how you think and feel / felt about him what would you say? ?? May God bless all the good dadies!

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