Michael Baisden Commentary: Sometimes You Have To Love Enough To Let Go

Michael Baisden Commentary: Sometimes You Have To Love Enough To Let Go 

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Let’s keep it real, we all know when we’re in a situation with someone who doesn’t want what we want? But we selfishly stay with them or allow them to stay connected to us because of what we’re getting out of it. In the end you both lose because neither of you are getting closer to your ideal. And while we claim to love this person we insist on keeping them around just for the sake of satisfying our sexual, emotional or financial needs. And that’s not right. And it’s bad Karma, whether you believe in it or not.

Ordinarily I would post these reflective commentaries at the beginning of the year but for me every day is a new year or at least a new beginning. So, why not begin the month of June by letting go of that person who you know deserves better than you or if you’re the one who’s holding on why not love your partner enough to see the truth, and the truth is you’re not compatible, at least not in the important ways necessary to maintain a healthy relationship.

Or maybe the problem isn’t loving your partner enough, more likely what’s needed is more self-love, more self-respect and more self-esteem. Life is short people and every day that’s wasted on the wrong person is another day less you could be investing in yourself to be prepared for the person who is perfect for you. ~ Michael Baisden.

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