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“A husband job is to provide for his wife and family”!

#RepostSave @cheyennebbostock with @repostsaveappI want my wife to be a wife, a mother, a friend, confidant, and much more! She will have everything she needs and more! If she wants to work, it will be her choice, but it will never be for the money. Only for sport. ? #MarriageGoals

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Relationships is understanding beyond any reasonable doubt that NO ONE IS PERFECT‼️

#RepostSave @hollietheblogger with @repostsaveapp  Relationships are never going to be what you want, what you expect, what you need, what the society expects or what people will say. F*ck all that BS‼ Relationship is what YOU make of it. Relationship is what you dream of and wake up and put in time to get what YOU want. That’s why you see people investing in their spouses, children and partner and silly people want to snatch not knowing it’s someone’s effort for them to look the way they do??‍♂️Relationship is failing, making mistakes, learning and growing together. Relationships is understanding beyond any reasonable doubt that NO ONE IS PERFECT‼ Relationship is about saying sorry, acknowledging your failures and forgiving. That’s the best relationship that’s the lasting relationship! ? ?? For those who know about Tuckman’s theory well and good for those who don’t know I will sum up quickly. Tuckman believes that relationship is formed in 4 stages, forming, norming, storming and performing. Forming is when you meet someone for the first time and form a relationship. Norming is where you normalise stuff. You’ve known each other and now you go to get coffee together to normalise your relationship. Storming is where the PROBLEM IS‼ this is where hell breaks loose! Now that you have met, gone for a coffee you are now at a stage of knowing each other’s weaknesses‼‼?? This is where relationships break, die and murder happens BUT good news is that if you have survived this stage you’ve triumphed because performing stage you are just enjoying each other and it will take a miracle to break up or YOU AGAIN? However to get to performing it takes time, years to be precise. So to sum up Zari and her mother in law have passed the storming stage that’s why you see she’s comfortable with Wema visiting. So just remember when you are going through challenges in your relationship which stage are you at! ...?‍♀️?‍♀️???‍♂️

If you want a woman to respect you as a man of the house …..!

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Being a man isn’t about what’s in between your legs. It’s about what’s in your heart. Women respect leadership. If you’re not leading her anywhere, your relationship won’t go anywhere. It is time for us men to reclaim our positions as protectors and providers. Leader means “lead her”. ??



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“The Art Of Self -confidence”

Regrann from @lemutuz_superbrand - LIVE STRAIGHT TALK: The Art Of Self -confidence I mean huwa ninashindwa kuamini ninampigia simu Mbebezz anapokea Mwanaume na kujifanya kujitunisha please stop that guys unakuwa mjinga na utaishia kujiua cause Mwanaume unatafuta nini kwenye simu ya Mbebezz wala sio mke wako na hata kama angekuwa Mwanaume huingii kwenye simu ya Mbebezz cause utayakuta unayoyatafuta yaani Ugonjwa wa moyo ..kila binadam anahitaji nafasi au space to be themeselves sometimes na hakuna binadam anayeweza kumchunga mwingjne na mpaka kufanikiwa HAYUPO nina maana Mwanaume huwezi kumchunga Mbebezz ukafanikiwa utakwama tu kila binadam anahitaji uhuru wa kufanya mambo yake bila kuchungwa na kwenye mapenzi tunatakiwa kuongozwa na TRUST!
Now what is TRUST kwenye mapenzi wewe hakikisha you dont Cheat ukiweza hilo ujue na Mbebezz wako hata ku cheat ila kama wewe Mamen una Cheat ujue 100% Mbebezz wako naye ata Cheat tu yaani wewe ule wabebezz wa wenzako ila wako asiliwe wewe nani hapa.Duniani na nani kakudanganya kuwa inawezekana? ...guys kuna Sheria ya maisha sijaitunga mimi kua ukiona una cheat mke wako hakukamati ujue na yeye ana Cheat cause giza ni kwa giza na mwanga ni kwa mwanga babe yaani haiwezekani wewe U cheat mke wako asi cheat no way UNAJIDANGANYA TU hahahaha ...halafu guys acha utoto mpenzi wako akiamua kuku cheat haina maana hakupendi ila ni mapungufu tu ya kibinadam wote huwa tunapitiwa na jifunze kuwa kama mimi Sheria yangu ya maisha ni mpaka NIMKUTE MBEBEZZ WANGU RED HANDED ANA CHEAT ndio nitaamini ila siwezi kusikiliza maneno ya watu au majungu majungu au kwa vile nimeona sms ni Ujuha wa hali ya juu sana kukosa Kujiamini ...sawa mapenzi mapenzi lakini jifunze kwamba unampenda binadam mpungufu kwama wewe ulivyo so mpe nafasi usimbane mpaka anakosa pumzi U know ...kumpenda mpenzi wako sio kumfuatilia kwenye simu hapana mpe mapenzi ya kweli ataona huzuni na aibu kukuibia na ukiona mbebezz anaruka ruka ujue kuna kitu anakosa kwako muulize kwa upole atakuambia tu kuliko kujifanya mbabe na unajua kuchunga cause huwezi ...guys Mwanamke ni kama kisima cha maji huwezi kujua kuna mtu kachota ndoo moja mpaka umuone kama hukumuona hutajua so relax and chill like me! - @lemutuz_superbrand - #regrann

But if you’re the type of person who is a visionary, you could turn even a homeless person into a success!

Regrann from @cheyennebbostock – Know yourself! If you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you have a one size fits all approach to life, you have a closed mind, etc then dating someone who has no money will be a NIGHTMARE for you. But if you’re the type of person who is a visionary, you could turn even a homeless person into a success! The moral of the story is, when it comes to dating, STAY in your LANE! Know thy SELF! If you don’t have the patience or the will power to push someone to reach their dreams ALL THE WAY up until they reach them, then you shouldn’t be dating the type of person who needs your help. There are women who have been with a man for YEARS and he’s still broke, still unsuccessful, still not applying to jobs, but has a WORLD of potential. All that means is you’re not compatible. But let a woman who is compatible get a hold of him. You’ll see more results within 90 days than you ever saw in ALL the years he’s been with you. That doesn’t mean you are a bad person or that he’s a bad person. You just weren’t compatible. Learn to find your match. If you’re a visionary, date someone who will benefit from your vision, who respects your vision, believes in your vision and is willing to follow your leadership. Now that’s how you attract your ideal mate. ? – #regrann

Be the person you want to attract!

 Regrann from @cheyennebbostock – Be the person you want to attract. If you want a rich man, start by being a rich woman. ?? Despise the free lunch! Quality men of substance are attracted to independence and self-sufficiency. Get there! ?? – #regrann  

Stop allowing people to take up space in your life that they haven’t earned and don’t deserve!

Regrann from @cheyennebbostock – Stop allowing people to take up space in your life that they haven’t earned and don’t deserve. You are worth more! #CheyenneBostock – #regrann  

Some people need Jesus not you!

Usitake kujifanya wewe ni Yesu mwana wa Mungu kwa kujifanya “shujaa ushwara” wa kubeba mizigo ya watu ambao hawabebeki! Hata Yesu yalipomfika akaona kikombe hakibebeki alimuomba Baba yake kuwa “Baba yangu, ikiwezekana kikombe hiki kiniepuke”!! Some people need Jesus not YOU!!   

Seek God first!

@Regranned from @cheyennebbostock - The reason a lot of folks can’t find love is because they are looking in the wrong places. The fastest way to find a husband/wife is to find God. Once God fixes you up to be the man/woman God wants you to be, you won’t have the desire to go looking for Love because Love dwells inside of you. He will make you whole. Now here is where I’m about to help someone. >>> Too many people are looking to go out on a date, be in a relationship, or jump into a marriage and they haven’t been made whole. They are broken vessels trying to become whole through the help of a man/woman, then wonder why it doesn’t work out. When you get right with God, your thirst level will go down, you won’t be as eager and impatient to get into a relationship or marriage. You’ll notice your friendships and your network will change, the way you dress will change, everything about you will change... and then finally... your relationship status will change, but this time it will be with God’s help. If you’re looking for love, you’re doing it wrong! Seek God first! ??  

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Akin Al-Ameen: There is no such thing as fighting for love unless you’re both on the same page fighting for the same cause

Some people are naturally difficult, very hard to love. Never allow such people to take your happiness away. No matter how good your intentions are, never force kindness on people against their wish. Most people think loving them is a weakness. Always have a boundary. Sometimes accepting everything doesn’t mean you’re peaceful, it means you’re vulnerable and desperate for love. If you take everything, people will give you anything. Love is peace, and love is sweet but “IF LOVING SOMEONE IS GIVING YOU MORE SADNESS THAN JOY, LEAVE THEM ALONE AND LOVE THEM FROM FAR AWAY”. Never lose yourself while searching for the right person. The best you can do is to make yourself a right person. Try your best to save your relationship but if giving your best is not good enough, you’re probably giving it to the wrong person.

Mercy, Sammy, and Alpha

There is nothing bad in loving people from distance, that doesn’t mean you stop loving them, it simply mean you respect yourself and cherish your peace of mind. Always remember that everybody in life needs help. Sometimes staying out of some people’s life is the best way to help them. Love is not a favor, don’t beg for it. It’s not a war, don’t force it. You can never be in a relationship alone. There is no such thing as fighting for love unless you’re both on the same page fighting for the same cause. If your dream partner cannot see you in his/her own dreams means it’s time for you to wake up and stop dreaming alone. Never mistake a SITUATIONSHIP for RELATIONSHIP if you want peace of mind. Be honest with yourself. Never make a life changing decision based on your emotions alone.

Akin Al-Ameen®™2018

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Regranned from @mcpilipili - HUU NI UKICHAA WA MAPENZI. ?Kushika mimba ukadhani ni mtego ili uolewe.
? Kutafuta mkamilifu wakati tabia zako tunakuvumilia tu.
? Kutafuta msichana mrembo wakati huna pesa.
? Kutafuta mke mwema kanisani wakati we unaenda kanisani wakati wa maombi ya Christmas tu.
? Kusema wanawake wote sawa.
? Kuendelea kuchagua wanaume wakati unajua waoaji siku hizi wachache.
? Kuishi na mpenzi wako kabla ya ndoa, unamfulia, unampikia na unampa penzi wakati unajua hujulikani kwao, ukiachwa unatafuta ushauri mitandaoni.
?Kusema umeokoka lakini unazini na mchumba kama kawaida kwa kisingizio kwamba soon mtakuwa mke na mume!
?Kuogopa kuongozana na msichana au mvulana eti mtaingia majaribuni, unajua kutamani tu ni uzinzi?
? Kufikiri kwamba utampata mtu mwenye sifa mia nane unazozitaka labda umuumbe mwenyewe!
?Kujifanya unapendwa wakati moyoni unajua wazi mtu kakuchoka, na amekwambia kabisa anatafuta mtu mwingine!
? Kumhonga mwanaume ili akuoe!
? Kudhani kwamba kutoolewa ni laana, hii ni bangi mbaya!
? Kumtongoza mchumba au mke wa rafiki yako!
? Kuoa wakati huna kazi /chanzo cha kipato!
? Kufikiri eti wanaume wa kiafrika wanaweza kufanya mambo ya kwenye tamthiliya za kifilipino.
? Kumsomesha mtu ili uje umuoe!
? Kumng'ang'ania mtu asiyekupenda, utazimia ukialikwa harusini!
?Kuwaeleza mashosti zako 'utam' anaokupa mtu wako!
? Kumwambia bebi wako anunue gari wakati amepanga chumba kimoja……..

You deserve!

You Deserve

 Make room in your life for what you really deserve instead of settling for a comfortable compromise. Join her on a journey to forgiveness.
Iyanla Vanzant
Photo: Gary Lupton/Studio D
Some years ago, I was shopping and came upon a beautiful red dress. The color, style and length were perfect. But the store didn’t have it in my size. It did, however, have the same dress in navy, which I wasn’t crazy about. Then I noticed a pair of blue shoes nearby that complemented that blue dress. (I didn’t love those, either.) So what did I do? I bought both. I was afraid I wouldn’t find anything else, so I settled. (It won’t surprise you to learn that I’ve never worn the dress or the shoes.)

You’ve probably heard the saying “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” Here’s a question: Why put up with any devil? Why not give ourselves only good things? When we believe we cannot have what we desire—when we lack faith in ourselves and in the goodness of life—we settle for less. We decide that whatever is in front of us is better than nothing. But believe me when I tell you that better than nothing isn’t good enough.

I often see people settle for less than they deserve in personal relationships: accepting bad behavior, excusing broken promises, accommodating people who take more than they give. Why? Because doing things we’ve grown accustomed to is familiar, comfortable.

Which is why sometimes it can be tough to gauge whether we’re settling: When we tell ourselves that things are fine, we soon forget that they could be better. Here’s how to know whether you’re putting up with less than you deserve:

  • When you have to work yourself into a state of excitement rather than naturally experiencing joy and passion, you’re probably settling.
  • When you bargain with yourself about what you can do without rather than feeling gratitude for what you already have, you’re probably settling.
  • When your focus is on the time and energy you’ve invested in an endeavor rather than the love, joy and gratification you’ve gained, you’re probably settling.
  • When you’re making excuses about why you should stay put rather than going for what you truly want, you’re probably settling.
  • When you spend more time complaining about what you have than appreciating it, you’re definitely settling.

    But there is a lesson to be learned in everything. When we realize we’ve been settling, we discover what we actually believe. We learn that we perhaps think ourselves undeserving of happiness and find how susceptible we are to outside influences—because often we settle when others convince us it’s the right thing to do. Most important, we learn that we are not standing fully in our truth. Armed with this information, we can make new choices that support our desires—by beginning to believe that we can have what we really want.  Iyanla Vanzant is the host of OWN’s Iyanla: Fix My Life and the author of Peace from Broken Pieces.

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Open_kitchen2014: Love is a natural feeling and it doesn’t come with a price tag

In life no mattet how desperate you are, no matter how much you long to love or to be loved, never ever make a mistake of buying love! You will regret this for as long as you live. Love is not for sale never have never will be! Love is a natural feeling and it doesn't come with a price tag
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In my life time I have seen what money has done to alot of people. I have seen how money changes people. I have seen how money brakes up families, relationships, and so on. It is very scary! Never let money control you because if you do money will make you become someone you never thought you will be and once that money goes away will you ever be the same person, will you ever talk to the same people again whom you looked down on when you had money, will you ever accepted that now your life has changed and your no longer the Don but the Doughnut ???????? Be real, be yourself, be humble no matter how many zeros you have in your account money is not everything in life AND YOU CANT BUY LOVE WITH MONEY just my morning thoughts  AMKA TWENDE LET THIS BE YOUR MONTH PUSH YOURSELF EVEN HARDER


BLESSING THROUGH RELATIONSHIPS Did you know that God will bless you through your relationships? He will pour out his favour on you by using the people in your life. He’ll use your friends, family, coworkers and even your spouse. It says in PROVERBS 18:22 “HE WHO FINDS A WIFE … RECEIVES FAVOR FROM THE LORD.” Men , do you realize that your wife is bringing you favor from the Lord.? We should always be thankful for our relationships and not take our loved ones for granted. We should do our best to seek peace and choose love.

One way we can show love is by giving others room to make mistakes. Ladies, the scripture says in First Peter that you are to enjoy your husband.” It does not say that you are to remodel that man! It doesn’t say to try to change him or make him fit your mold. No , let him be who God made him to be and learn to enjoy him. He may have weaknesses. He may do things that you don’t particularly care for, but don’t focus on that. Focus on his good qualities. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing your husband to someone else’s husband.” Well , my husband never brings me flowers like Susie’s husband. They go out on a candlelight dinner every weekend. I don’t know what’s wrong with my husband,” NO, Quit comparing and be grateful for the man God has given you.

If you are married, don’t let little things build up. Don’t let resentment creep in. Before long, resentment and bitterness will bring in strife and division and make you difficult to be around . Instead, I challenge you to find something good, one great quality, about your husband or wife , and then begin to magnify it. Your husband may not be the most romantic man, He may not be the best communicator, but maybe he is a hard worker. Maybe he provides a great living. Well, why don’t you start telling him,” Hey, I appreciate you being such a great provider for our family.” If you will magnify the good, not only will you be happier, but you’ll see that man come up higher in other areas. Remember, you aren’t called to change him; you are called to love him and pray for him. Just focus on being a good example and let God do the rest. Don’t take the people in your life for granted. Magnify the good, choose to forgive and watch how God will poor out his favor on you through your relationships!

HEBREWS 3:13- ” But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called ‘ Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.


IVI DUNIA YA LEO BADO KUNA MWANAUME ANAKATAZA MKE KUJITAFTIA KIPATO???? ------ Jamani Kuolewa kunatakiwa kukubadilisha tu kuwa umetoka kuishi mwenyewe na sasa unaishi na mwanaume lakini sio ubadilishwe kutoka kwenye kazi uwe mama wa nyumbani. Halafu kuna wanaume wanatumia hicho kama kigezo kisa kujifanya wana wivu kuhisi labda mwanamke akitoka kwenda kazini atakuwa na mchepuko. Yani wewe mumeo akisema acha kazi mwambie nipe kazi ingine ya kujiajiri na tena hiyo kazi nayo uwe na haki nayo sio umeachishwa kazi umefunguliwa kiduka siku mnaachana kiduka chake anachukua unaenda kuanza upya. Usikubali kupoteza kazi yako kisa ndoa tambua maisha ya leo yenyewe hayatabiriki wanaume wenyewe wa sasa maji kupwa maji kujaa sasa ndo uache kazi unajua umeolewa ukiachwa unaenda kuwa omba omba. Kwanza mwanaume mwenye akili atamuacha mke wake afanye kazi ili siku mambo yamekuwa mabaya kwake mke anaweza endelea kutunza familia. MWANAMKE PIGA KAZI KWENYE NDOA FUATA MAHABA... Kumekucha achia shuka bibi weeeeeee, SHAURILO

Jacqueline Mengi: Love is an act of endless forgiveness!

Nimeenda kuchungulia kwa Mrs Mengi nikakutana na picha nzuri sana zakwake na maneno Fulani amazing hivi, "love is an act of endless forgiveness"! Haya ni maneno rasmi aliyo yatamka Beyonce baada ya kumsamehe Jay Z kwenye ile "cheating scandle" nakusema kuwa amejifunza upendo ni tendo la kusamehe bila ukomo / kukoma! Dah! Haya maswala ya mapenzi namwachia Jacqueline na Dr Mengi wake maana site wengine tulishaga achana nayo  ????. 
Kuna mtu aliandika article akisema Beyonce amemsaidia sana kwa maneno yake hayo ............."The best part of the show is when Beyoncé gives us the quote about forgiveness.

Love is an act of endless forgiveness. Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me. Forgiveness is the final act of love” 

All this while getting shot in a wedding dress. Yes, shit gets THAT real.
We’ve all been there for before where we wanted to hurt the one we love because they hurt us. Why? Because no one can hurt you more than the ones you care for. They know you best and you feel so vulnerable to them.

It is a valuable lesson to be learned here. In order to sustain love, you have continuously BE love. You have to be willing to love through thick AND thin. It’s easy to stop loving once you’ve been hurt but as the late Maya Angelou once said, “Have enough courage to trust love one more time, and always one more time.”

If two people can put aside their ego and realize that mistakes will be made; and know that nothing worth having will come without HARD work to keep it, you can really have that ever lasting love you seek." ............unaweza soma article you kwa kubonyeza ?? (LoveIsAnActOfEndlessForgiveness).  

“If you are happy with yourself it’s very easy for others to make you happy”JNM……….Umependeza sana! Super clean and beautiful!



Kuna watu wengine ambao unakutana nao katika maisha halafu wanaishia kukupa hasira tu, unawaza hivi ni kwanini sikukutana nao miaka kadhaa kabla nakutana nao sasa, lakini yote ni mipango ya Mungu.

Miaka mitatu iliyopita nilikua katika kipindi cha kupigania ndoa, kipindi ambacho nililazimika kufanya vitu vingi vya ajabu ili tu mwanaume anikubali, nilikua nadhindani na wengi hivyo nikiamini kua mimi ndiyo napendwa zaidi nilijua nitaolewa mimi.

Lakini mpenzi wangu hakujali hilo, baada tu ya kunipata alinigeuza kama ka ATM kake, wote tulikua wafanyakazi wa serikali, alitaka kununua gari, hakua na pesa za kutosha na aliniomba nimkopeshe. Nikiwa najua kabisa hatanilipa nilitoa kiakiba changu cha miaka miwili ambacho nilipanga kufungulia biashara na kumpa. Hiyo ilikua ni baada ya kumbembeleza na kumshauri sana kuwa kwanini afanye vile, kwanini tusingejenga kwanza.

Jibu lake lilikua yeye ni mwanaume siwezi kumpangia. Aliniambia kama nataka kumpanda kichwani wakati bado hajanioa akinioa itakuwaje? Niliufyata mkia nikanyamaza nikampa zile pesa lakini hata gari yenyewe hakununua, aliishia kuhonga Malaya wake.

Nilijua kwani walinipigia simu kunitukana kua mimi natafuta na wao wanahongwa, niliumia sana lakini baada ya kumaliza zile pesa basi alikuja kuniomba msamaha. Alijutia sana na kama unavyojua mwalimu wetu kipofu aliniambia msamehe, hakuna mwanadamu aliyakamilika.

Lakini sasa nilimpa mashariti kua tunapaswa kuwekeza katika maisha yetu, aliniambia anatafuta pesa anunue kiwanja na anataka kunioa. Kama kawaida ukisikia ndoa unchanganyikiwa, ingawa kwetu walikua wanamfahamu lakini sa alijitambulisha rasmi.
Alinivalisha pete ya uchumba kuonyesha kua alikua siriasi na mimi. Maisha yaliendelea na baada ya kuvalishwa pete nilivyokua mpumbavu nikageuka kua mke tena, nikijua kuwa nikikaa naye ndiyo nitamdhibiti nilihama kwangu na kwenda kuishi kwake, ndiyo ni upumbavu kuwa mke kabla hujaolewa.

Kabla hata sijaolewa basi tulianza kuishi pamoja nikiamini pete ndiyo cheti cha ndoa. Nilihamishia vitu vyangu kwake na tukawa mwili mmoja, hapo ndipo nilianza kuona chungu ya pilipili. Sio kwamba tu alizidi kuninyanyasa lakini alinipiga pia.

Akichelewa kurudi nikiuliza napigwa ananiuliza mimi ni Malaya tu kaniweka ndani na si mke. Lakini sinishavalishwa pete nilivumilia kwa wimbo uleule wa ndoa ni uvumilivu sijui hata nilikua navumilia nini wakati ndoa yenyewe hata sikua nayo.

Alinunua kiwanja kitu ambacho nilikua namshauri kila siku na akataka tuanze ujenzi, hapo nilijua mwanaume kabadilika, kwakua kipato chetu cha kawaida si unajua mishahara yetu hii basi aliniambia nichukue mkopo ili tukichanganya na kipato chake kidogo basi tujenge.

Nikijua kuwa tutakuja kufunga ndoa karibuni nilichukua mkopo, ujenzi ukaanza na Mungu si Athumani alijalia pamoja na vidilidili vyake vya kazini basi tulifanikiwa kumalizia ujenzi. Katika kipindi chote hicho tunajenga aligeuka na kua malaika, akiwahi kurudi na kufanya kila kitu kama mume mwema.

Lakini baada ya kumaliza kujenga, nikitaka kuhamia hapo ndipo ilizuka kasheshe. Wanaume ni washenzi ndugu zangu na hapa ndiyo najuta kwanini Kaka iddi sikukuona mapema nikasoma makala zako. Unakumbuka makala moja ulisema kama mwanaume hajakuoa si mumeo chako ni chako na chake ni chake. Hilo ndiyo lilinitokea, nikijua najenga na mume wangu mtarajiwa kumbe nayeye alikua anajenga na mtu mwingine.

Yule mwanaume hakutumia hata senti tano katika lile jengo, alikua na mwanamke mwingine ambaye naye kama mimi alichukua mkopo tena wakwake wa benki kibiashara na kuwekeza kwenye ile nyumba. Lakini yule mchaga alinizidi kete, wakati mimi nasubiri kuambiwa tuhamie yeye alihamia kabisa.

Ndiyo kwa mbinde alianza kuishi pale kwenye ile nyumba, nilipotaka kwenda na mwanaume alikataa hakutaka twende, nilipokazania sana alinipiga na kunifukuza, ndiyo alinifukuza na kuniambia sina changu, nililazimika kuondoka na kwenda kuishi na rafiki yangu.
Wakati nikiwa huko nikagundua kua nina ujauzito wa wiki mbili, namuambia ananiambia hanijui. Yaani sijui nini kilitokea lakini nilisikia katangaza ndoa na yule mwanamke aliyekua akiishi naye, kabla hata sijastuka naambiwa wameoana ndoa ya kiserikali.

Ndiyo nikabakia na mimba yangu, yaani nilibaki nalia tu, nilitamani hata kujiua lakini maisha ilikua ni lazima yaendelee. Ilinibidi kuanza upya kwani mbali na ujauzito lakini mshahara mzima ulikua unaishia kulipa mkopo wa nyumba ambayo nilishanyang’anywa.

Mpaka leo hii nalipia mkopo na mpaka leo hii nawaona tu wakipita wapo na furaha na maisha yao. Yaani mimi nina mtoto wangu na wao yule mwanamke kumbe alishazaa naye mtoto mmoja mimi sijui na sasa ana mimba nyingine.

Natamani hata niende niichome moto ile nyumba kwani napata uchungu kila siku nikiangalia Salary Sleep yangu, kwa bahati mbaya wote tunaishi hapahapa Dar hivyo haiwezi pita wiki sijawaona. Nina hasira sio kwasababu nimedhulumiwa tu bali nina hasira na wewe Kaka Iddi kwanini sikukujua mapema nikasoma makala zako mapema. Nina uhakika asilimia mia nisingefanya upuuzi nilioufanya. Kama unakumbuka tulishaongea niliponunua kitabu chako.
Nimeandika hivi ili wanawake wenzangu ambao wanabembelezea ndoa nao waamke na wasiwe mabwege kama mimi. Natamani hata kila siku uirudie ile makala yako kuwa kama mwanaume hajakuoa basi mali zake hazikuhusu.

Kuna wengi tu humu mnajifanya mnapendwa lakini siku likiwatokea mnawalaumu wahusika kumbe makosa ni yenu. Nimejifunza maisha yanaendelea ila nashukuru Mungu nilikupata kwani nilishakata tamaa, ila kwa ushauri wako kaka nimeanza biashara na inaenda vizuri.
Nashukuru kwa kitabu chako pia kimeniamsha sasa najielewa. Sipo kwenye ndoa wala mahusiano kwa sasa ila najua kabisa kuhusu wanaume, nimejifunza mengi kupitia makala zako na zaidi katika kitabu chako, kaka umeniponya.  Sasa hivi nataka kulipa kisasi, sitaki kulipa kisasi cha kuchoma nyumba yao moto bali cha kujenga nyumba yangu na kufanikiwa zaidi. Nakumbuka siku ya mwisho tulipoongea uliniambia hakuna kisasi kizuri kama kua na furaha zaidi ya mtu aliyekuumiza kumuonyesha kuwa humhitaji yeye kufurahi Ahsante kaka Iddi.


#Nimekopi kutoka Facebook na kuleta hapa kwa blog. Sijui muhusika!

LeMutuz: vijana wadogo sana wanaojaribu kutafuta muongozo wa maisha nyuma yenu kuna vijana ambao majumbani mwao na familia zao hakuna muongozo bora wa maisha ndio sababu wapo Instagram kujifunza

 LIVE STRAIGHT TALK:- The Art of peace hii picha ni kumbukumbu sana ya siku ya pili ya kuanza kwa mahusiano yao yaani @diamondplatnumz & @zarithebosslady na jana Instagram nzima tumeshuhudia mambo yasiyokuwa ya kiungwana baina appeal to both of them ni spare us your close friends and your fans cause wote kwa pamoja mna wafuasi Millioni 7 wengi ni vijana wadogo sana wanaojaribu kutafuta muongozo wa maisha nyuma yenu kuna vijana ambao majumbani mwao na familia zao hakuna muongozo bora wa maisha ndio sababu wapo Instagram kujifunza now kwa you guys Icons wa maisha ambayo Vijana wengi wangependa kuwa nayo mkianza kuwaonyesha kwamba mkifarakana cha msingi ni kwanza kuionyesha Dunia kwa kutumia kuunfollow each other huku kwenye KIOO yaani Instagram mtawavuruga sana vijana wadogo Instagram the worst of all ni sisi marafiki wa karibu mtatupa wakati mgumu sana wa kuchagua sides baina yenu that is not fair to us your friends ...again ninawaomba sana mtumie busara na uungwana wote sio wageni wa Mapenzi na watuwazima kila mmoja anajua anachokifanya kupendana na kuachana ni mambo ya kawaida na infact hata kurudiana tena ni kawaida sana so please guys calm down and solve your ishus kwa manufaa ya wafuasi wenu Milioni 7 they deserve better than what you guys did yesterday ...please I am again appealing to both of you @zarithebosslady and @diamondplatnumz please spare us na msipokuwa makini mtawapa maadui wenu wakubwa mwanya wa kuingia hapa kati yenu na kuwavuruga zaidi ....kwenye mapenzi kufarakana ni kawaida na kuachana ni kawaida na kurudiana ni kawaida pia ila angalieni msije mbele ya safari mkaja kushindwa ku overcome the distarctions you are about to bring to yourself wazungu wanaita SELF DISTRACTIONS U all guys but please tuoneeni huruma mashabiki na marafiki zenu tusifikie kuchagua sides baina yenu......MATATIZO KWENYE MAPENZI YANATATULIWA YAKISHINDIKANA MNAACHANA KWA AMANI!....... MUNGU AWATANGULIE WOTE! - le Mutuz

“Naamini bado nina nafasi kwenye moyo wako please usiniangushe”!

Umeshawi kumpenda mtu asiyekupenda? Well, naamini wengi tu imeshawatokea. Pengine utakuta kama ni mwanamke basi anakubali hata kuwekwa kimada miaka nenda rudi basi tu mlimradi naye aseme nipo kwenye “relationship” au “married” ?? hiyo yote nikupenda asiye kupenda. Nawengine ndio wanakuwa na ujasiri zaidi kama huyu mrembo Teddy!  Jamani hii siyo hadithi ya kutunga, ni kitu cha kweli kabisa. Teddy Lacoste ni binti mzuri sana, na mchakarikaji. Kwakweli ametokea kumpenda kijana Tuma. Kwa bahati mbaya Tuma anampenda Teddy kama rafiki tu / kama dada. Lakini Teddy anaona kuwa yeye na Tuma ni “soul mate” match made from Heaven! Hivyo amekuwa akimbembeleza Tuma wawe pamoja naikiwezekana waoane wawe mke na mume wazae watoto! Ameshakuwa akimbembeleza Tuma kwa zaidi ya miaka 2 sasa kwa kutumia lugha zote za mapenzi, in private lakini ikashindikana. Sasa akaamua kuja public kwa social media. Yani ni anapost picha na status za kumuomba Tuma amkubali #Live lakini Tuma kagoma!!   Tuma ni kama mdogo wangu, age mate na wadogo zangu, amekuwa nikimuona pale mtaani kwetu KJ. Hivyo amenizoea ananiita dada. Sasa, mwaka jana mie nikaona Relationship status ya Teddy kwa Facebook kuwa “engaged to Tuma” na picha ya pete. Halafu na Tuma aka “Like” hiyo status. Basi mie nisifurahi  nikaja ipost humu (somahapa) si ndio Tuma anakuja niambia kuwa it’s not true haja mu-engaged ni vituko vya Teddy ?? mbona yalinishuka, nami nikagoma kuiondoa kwani yeye Tuma huwa ana “LIKE” hizo status za Teddy!  Sasa jana nikamwambia Tuma kuwa leo nakuja kuanika hii story yao kwa blog ili watu wengine watoe ushauri wao. Kwani mie hiyo kesi ilinishinda pale Teddy alipoileta kwangu mwaka jana. Nilimwambia mapenzi ya kutongozewa au kulazimisha mtu hayanaga mema mengi! Nimeona wengi huwa hawana furaha ya kweli. Ni shida. Hivyo yeye mwenyewe ndo itabidi aendelee kum #Seduce Tuma mpaka aukubali wimbo ?? Though moyoni natamani kama wangekuwa pamoja. I love both of them ?? ……. Haya wewe una ushauri gani kwa Teddy na Tuma?

Don’t settle! Ladies learn to wait!