Jacqueline Mengi: Love is an act of endless forgiveness!

Nimeenda kuchungulia kwa Mrs Mengi nikakutana na picha nzuri sana zakwake na maneno Fulani amazing hivi, "love is an act of endless forgiveness"! Haya ni maneno rasmi aliyo yatamka Beyonce baada ya kumsamehe Jay Z kwenye ile "cheating scandle" nakusema kuwa amejifunza upendo ni tendo la kusamehe bila ukomo / kukoma! Dah! Haya maswala ya mapenzi namwachia Jacqueline na Dr Mengi wake maana site wengine tulishaga achana nayo  ????. 
Kuna mtu aliandika article akisema Beyonce amemsaidia sana kwa maneno yake hayo ............."The best part of the show is when Beyoncé gives us the quote about forgiveness.

Love is an act of endless forgiveness. Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me. Forgiveness is the final act of love” 

All this while getting shot in a wedding dress. Yes, shit gets THAT real.
We’ve all been there for before where we wanted to hurt the one we love because they hurt us. Why? Because no one can hurt you more than the ones you care for. They know you best and you feel so vulnerable to them.

It is a valuable lesson to be learned here. In order to sustain love, you have continuously BE love. You have to be willing to love through thick AND thin. It’s easy to stop loving once you’ve been hurt but as the late Maya Angelou once said, “Have enough courage to trust love one more time, and always one more time.”

If two people can put aside their ego and realize that mistakes will be made; and know that nothing worth having will come without HARD work to keep it, you can really have that ever lasting love you seek." ............unaweza soma article you kwa kubonyeza ?? (LoveIsAnActOfEndlessForgiveness).  

“If you are happy with yourself it’s very easy for others to make you happy”JNM……….Umependeza sana! Super clean and beautiful!

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