“If you have to prove it means you really don’t have it. The grace of GOD doesn’t come with stress.”

If you have to prove it means you really don’t have it. The grace of GOD doesn’t come with stress. If you must go through stress to get attention means you are fooling yourself. When GOD makes you a star you will never struggle to shine. If you have it flaunt it, but if you don’t have it then stop living in pain. Fashion police is equal to mental slavery. Stop going through stress just to be in vogue you can never be faster than life. The antics of today were once upon in vogue. Wear what looks great on you, those who loves you will accept you for who you are. Stop spending the money you don’t have to oppress the people who don’t really matter in your life. Those who truly matter don’t care as long as you’re not walking naked on the street. The only way to cut your coat according to your size is to know your real size. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. There’s no point in wearing expensive designer shoes and then you start walking like SHREK painfully in debts. The greatest form of slavery is a mental slavery, to be prisoner in your ownn soul while the greatest follishness is to fool yourself, like the blind man who pretends to be sleeping by closing his eyes. Stop trying to fit in to the status you don’t belong, that’s why shoes come in diffrent sizes. Friendship is not a do die. If you must beg people to accept you for who you are means your self esteem is dead. A low self esteem can be cured but there’s never a remedy for a NO self esteem. If their class is too high CHANGE YOUR SCHOOL. Age has nothing to do brain. Growing up and growing old are never the same. Growing old is a mandatory while growing up is optional by choice. Until you fully learn and understand the art of standing alone, you may not have any stand in life. “~~~Akin Al Ameen®™2017

***picha za  Mengi’s family has nothing to do with the story. Nimezipenda tu***

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