Zari don’t be fooled, stay awake!

Okay! I believe we all had a chance to listen to Diamonds ft Ravvyn new song #Iyena kwangu mimi naona wimbo upo kawaida japo video ni nzuri na nafikiri uwepo wa Zari mule umeongezea mvuto kwa kiasi kikubwa! Kama hujaona tazama ?

Lakini sijali sana kuhu wimbo, ujumbe wangu ni kwa Zari kwani nineona mashabiki "maandazi" wanavyo ongea eti "warudiane" na Diamond ?? I am like for real!! Who in a right mind will dare to say that?! Seriously people?  let us be real here for a second!! Hivi ni huyu huyu Diamond aliye m-cheat Zari na kuzaa nje baadaye akaomba msamaha Zari akamsamehe kwa moyo mkunjuvu na akasema "I made peace with his mistakes"!! Baada ya hapo nini kilitokea?!! Sindio akarudi kutoka South nakupokelewa na Wema Sepetu ukumbini na familia yake yote ikiwepo na Wema?! Na hapo ni baada ya mama Diamond kukaa South Africa kwa Zari zaidi ya mwezi pamoja na mumewe halafu kafika Bongo ndio huyo yupo busy na Wema? (With all due respect to Wema, mimi sinaga mambo ya timu bali nataka nifikishe ujumbe wangu vizuri ndio maana namtaja) Na bado picha na video akiwa na wanawake wengine zilirushwa kwenye mitandao na kila mtu anaona! Nyie watu acheni mzaha!! 
To you Zari, I'm not sure if you consider yourself "a celebrity" or a business lady who happened to be a "celebrity"! Celebrity is a culture, if you want to live a  celebrities culture then forget about your integrity, take Diamond back and prepare to lose respect from many people! What I am trying to say here you're way better off without Diamond! You stand as a very strong and powerful woman right now than those days you used to  zoom around  with Diamond everywhere like a homeless lady!!

You have added your value by showing people who you real are, how strong you can be, please don't trap kwa mama Diamond childish games! Adults, young girls and boys are looking up to you so do your children please don't let them down eti kisa nyimbo! Think about your daughter, you are laying a foundation of how boys and men should treat her be wise like snake! Build good foundation that every man will think twice before holding your daughter's hand! Teach young boys that women are not tools but rather are fellow human beings treat them with respect and dignity, not using them as "money making" machines!! Please, find a healthy  co-parenting way with Diamond and his family but don't take them back as family. That family is perfect but not for you, is perfect for those other women (if you know what I mean)! Achana nayo kabisa they don't deserve you even for a second. You were raised by a strong woman, whom she raised all those strong children alone why letting her down!! Usiseme eti watoto hata yatima pia ni watoto lakini wanakua!! That family isn't a healthy family to raise children with labda uwe unavuta bangi! Money is good but Not all money is great!! Choose your paycheck wisely! 

After all, you look more matured, focused, and well kept right now than ulipokuwa na Diamond. He stressed you out, took the strength out of you, misused your love, you didn't have peace at all.  Try to look at your old pictures you will agree with me!! They degraded you to accommodate and keep up with their uncivilized characters!! Trying to make money by destroying every woman that Diamond is involving with, I hope you are awake enough to smell the nasty coffee!!
Plus this babydaddy of yours care less about your life, he doesn't care if he would leave your children motherless perhaps even no parents at all that why he can't use any kind of protection-HIV is real woman! And what about Hippies, and Hepatitis C for God's sake!! Look how he was fooling around  with those ladies, let them recorded him with no fear or shame then shared them in social media?!! Guess what, that is the PROOF THAT HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU!! He is just using you! Selfish to the core!! If someone loves you will care about you, will always think about you before taking any action!! No one is perfect but some people are evil!! This is nothing but pure evil!!

You can do business with him but make sure every thing is clearly written and well documented. Make sure he is not a beneficiary of any of your money even if you happen to die today! Let ALL your children be the first beneficiaries, and your sisters legal guardian. You're better than this  Zari don't let this family destroy the woman you are!! ..... In the end, it's your life we are just cheerleaders!!

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