hollietheblogger: So many people ask me If I get paid to promote

Regrann from @hollietheblogger - So many people ask me If I get paid to promote @zarithebosslady the answer is NO. But let me tell you what I gain and why I waste my time..it’s her rare STORY‼️ Rare because, she chose HER and HER KIDS above EVERYTHING something many women have no courage to do‼️ My benefits might NOT be in monetary terms but it’s in a sense of hope and reassurance. Reassurance that in future our daughters will NEVER have to sit silent in abusive relationships just because the society expect them to. But because of Zari’s and many other women’s experiences they will have the strength to reclaim CONTROL and emancipate themselves‼️ Just like you, in Zari I see my mother, my sisters, my aunties & best friends. Women who have been cheated on, abused and emotionally & physically trampled on. Women whose happiness have been snatched by another woman. Homes and children left fatherless, loveless, poor and homeless just because of men’s selfishness. Despite all these evil, society and some ignorant women still believe it’s ok for a man to disrespect a woman‼️ Religion & culture teach us that women are beneath men & aren’t allowed to be their own person. When a woman rises up to be her own voice there is so much noise surrounding her strength. Therefore if someone say that DP actions were innocent & didn’t mean any harm, I say that is nonsense. 

Zari the real Bosslady
DP knew and still knows what he does. His actions were & are still emotionally abusive and were/are meant to break ZARI and leave her dependent and powerless just as he’s done to all his exes. DP has broken them all emotionally and left them powerless and dependent on him‼️If Zari had hold on to this nonsense this guy would have continued to demean her publicly to show her she’s worthless. These actions would have created fear and decreased her self esteem making her dependent on him‼️? So don’t expect the dirty ***  to move on or find happiness anywhere else because she’s EMOTIONALLY broken and will sit in that rented flat as a side fuck for the rest of her life?Compared to Zari who had a loving upbringing, these two are both as bad as each other because they both had a fucked up-bringing #revisitthispostinfuture #goodmorning - #regrann

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