Mama Prince Kairo: Wipe their tears as you wiped mine father Lord

Regrann from @ladivamillen  -  I’m sharing my son’s pictures today not just for my supporters and followers to meet him, but  I needed to tell a different story.  Story of FAITH and HOPE. I needed to give hope by showing a picture of me holding my son, which I believe it could uplift and inspire someone out there. -Millen Magese .Catch my cover story interview Exclusively @genevievemagazine share it with that woman or family who lost Hope on Infertility battle. ?

 #NothingIsImpossibleWithHim #endometriosisawarenessmonth2018 #EndometriosisAndInfertilitySucks #SPEAKOUT #yellowdotfor1000needles #PutAStopOnEndometriosisAndInfertility. Custom dress by @eseazenabor you’re amazing.?  - #regrann  Regrann from @ladivamillen  -  To read part of my story please check out the link on my bio for EMag then you can download.  I look at your face my baby  and can’t stop thanking God! My Miracle Worker ! Awesome is your name! Mighty is your name ooh God, I praise you, there is nothing you can’t do Lord! Do for other women as you did for me. Wipe their tears as you wiped mine father Lord. Let them experience the joy of carrying their own babies. You’re faithful God and awesome is your name?. Praying for all women out there to experience this joy soon ?#PrinceKairo???. Get to read our story @genevievemagazine .

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