The Queen herself!…….. Ujumaa njema/ weekend njema wapendwa!

@aminadesign @laviemakeup…. Was great working with you, awaiting this project

Nawatakieni Ijumaa njema na weekend mjema. Embu tufunge wiki na hizi picha za Queen, the one and only one BossLady! Pendeza sana ❤❤…………Sorround yourself with love, wenye roho za kwanini kaeni nao mbali lakini msiwasahau kuwaombea! 

Allow me to thank the people who pulled through to make this project a success regarding my wardrobe @aminadesigns thank you for putting up with my demanding self, @luluzhair can’t even express myself because u made sure I had a variety to choose from and some needed up in my luggage.. oopsy? @laviemakeup garrrl you are bae thank u for the face beating effortlessly as you put it @mama_dangote for the headscurf


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