Awii! Aren’t they cute! The legendary Bosslady Zari Hassan na soldier wake katika ubora wao! Ee Mungu wabariki na uzidi kuwalinda ???……………Embu soma haya maneno matamu ya kutia moyo kwa wakina mama toka kwa mwanamuziki mashuhuli kutoka nchini Kenya ajulikanaye kama Akothee Akothee:

As a mother you have no time to sit & wait , you have no time to compare your present & past , all you have is to sort out the situation at hand , it doesnt matter who is watching just do your thing , dont think of what people think about you , because most of the time people think about their own problems , so why even care about them . Do some justice to yourself , live your life, for the rest are making noise, try drop your children at your friends house for a week & lets see if the next time you call to drop the kids they will answer your call , lets see if you wont be the topic of the group charts on how irrespossible you are , bottom line is , any woman who has had a child has a wondering heart , your heart never settles not unless you have all your children under one roof , I dont know your method of hustling as long as it can pay your bills hold on to it , be proud of what you do , be happy that the children are healthy & that you have something to do ,when you feel tired of your current job , remember how they used to laugh at you when you dint have a job, remember how hard you prayed to God to give you any job , remember how you used to ask for used weaves & borrow people clothes for occasions , be patient , be kind , be gratefull , your day is coming . DONT STOP BECAUSE YOU ARE TIRED , STOP WHEN YOU HAVE ACHIEVED #TEAMPOSITIVITY.

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