R.I.E.P uncle Zou Fu!

As family of O.O Igogo, we mourn the tragic death of our best friend, business partner, and family friend Sir. ZOU FU QIANG (in dark-red Tshirt) that happened in China earlier today! Our prayers go out to his family, friends, and everyone who is touched by his death!

From left Mr Molnar, Mr Igogo, and late Mr Zou

Mr Zou Fu a.k.a uncle Zou, he was one of the three founders and Shareholders of the on coming giant multi-millions Usd Copper Smelter and Gold Refinery entity, IGOZOMO ( IGOGO – ZOU – MOLNAR) Minerals Company Ltd, located in Mpwapwa district in Dodoma region, Tanzania.

2019 at Saba saba grounds!

Also, he was the owner and founder of Aloe vera herbal drug (Jufeel Aloe Vera juice) for human body immune boosting ……. Great human being to say the least! Such a beautiful soul gone too soon! We will surely miss you greatly!.????

“Rafiki yangu wa KWELI KIKWELI KWELI. MAREHEMU ZOU FU QIANG.(PUMZKA SALAMA.) MY DEAREST AND TRUETH FRIEND LATE Mr. ZOU FU QIANG. (REST IN PEACE)” by longtime best friend, brother, and business partner sir O.O Igogo.

Words of sympathy from Magreth
Words of sympathy from Magreth
Words of sympathy from Janet

“Thank you so much Arwa. That is a man who made me so popular and higly respected in the Chinese Communities, He was very loyal, honest, hard working, creative, excessfully kind to me and our family. I fail to stop crying whenever I recall his helping hand to all that I have gained since knowing him in 21 years. Let all of us in the family keep on praying for his Soul to rest in peace.???” ….. shukrani za baba kwa bintie Alpha kwa kutengeneza video ya baadhi ya matukio ya hivi karibuni ambayo marehemu alishiriki nasi.

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