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Hakuna kitu kina vutia haswa kwa wakina dada kama kuona mumeo au mwanaume anayemjua na kufata matakwa ya Mwenyezi Mungu. Mungu akubariki sana my brother Noah na familia yako yote.

Brother Noah
Brother Noah S. Manongi akitoa somo katika kanisa la waadventista Wasabato la All nations pembezoni kidogo mwa jiji la Boston Massachusetts USA.                                


Kutoka Facebook

Nimeipenda sana picha hii. “First & Unplanned Family Picture in 2015 # I Love our Simplicity # We are truly blessed ღ” Hayo ni maneno aliyosema Mh. Advocate Janeth Igogo. Mungu azidi kuibariki hii familia.

Mr. and Mrs. Toby
Nyagilo’s family

Birthday Wishes

Not too late to wish Nale Boniface (Miss Universe Tanzania 2014 /15) a very Happy birthday. Miss. Nale’s birthday was on March 1st. The day was well spent, shared her blessings with children with Albinism whom reside at Salvation Army premises in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Humbly appreciate people like Nale Bonoface as right-now  our society is heavily fighting against Albino killings, more love and support is needed, and she just did the right way! Happy birthday cutie, blessed always.

Miss UniverseTanzania 2014 15
Miss Universe Tanzania 2014/15 Nale Boniface joins albino children living at the Salvation    Army premises in Dar es Salaam to cut a cake during her birthday

Linda Bezuidenhout

This weekend by the grace of God I will be able to meet and conduct an exclusive interview with the fashion designer Linda Bezuidenhount. Recently the fashion designer was invited to participate on the 16th Annual Oscar Viewing Part And Awards Gala to benefit Children Uniting Nations in Beverly Hills, CA. The fashion designer Linda Bezuidenhout was invited by Daphna Ziman to attend and contribute one of her dress designs that was auctioned to benefit Children Uniting Nations.

Congratulations Linda, see you soon!

Fashion Designer Linda Bezuidenhout being interviewed on the red carpet as she arrived at the 16th ANNUAL OSCAR VIEWING PARTY AND AWARDS GALA TO BENEFIT CHILDREN UNITING NATIONS IN BEVERLY HILLS , CA
Fashion Designer Linda Bezuidenhout being interviewed on the red carpet as she arrived at the 16th ANNUAL OSCAR VIEWING PARTY AND AWARDS GALA TO BENEFIT CHILDREN UNITING NATIONS IN BEVERLY HILLS , CA

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Nimeipenda sana hii picha, as you know dads are girl’s best friend! “Mtu kwao” Ni maneno aliyosema Miriam Odemba katika picha hii ambayo yupo na baba yake. Miriam hivi karibuni alikwenda kijini kwao Buturi, wilaya ya Rorya, mkowa wa Mara. Nia na madhumuni yalikuwa ni kumsalimu na pia kuhani msiba wa bibi yake mzaa baba yake. Pole sana Miriam, na bibi apumzike kwa amani. Miriam Odemba and her dad

My humble Letter to Wabongo

Women and the hope factor! I in my humble opinion I think the hope factor is a number one killer of many women who experienced abuse in relationship. Much research has shown that women who use hope factor as their shield to continue to live in a bad relationship normally something is wrong with them. Often they think they are not good enough or not strong enough to stand on their own feet. Recently, our beloved singer Lady Jaydee admitted that some redemption was needed in her marriage. That the man she once loved and married to was very abusive. Unfortunately, the singer used the same hope factor to stay in an abusive marriage for good 10 years; hoping that one day her husband will change!

Okay, ladies let’s talk for a min. Let me start by saying this, sometimes women are selfish and naive especially when we are young. We misunderstand what love is really all about until real love problems happen to us. But even though, how can you hope to change something you didn’t create to begin with? Do you have a “copy rights” of that man you are hoping to remake? Yes, you are one body but that doesn’t mean you are one soul! “I tell you, on that night there will be two in one bed; one will be taken and the other will be left.” Luke 17:34. What I’m trying to say is; you don’t have the ownership of neither their spirit nor their soul, for that matter, stop hoping to change something you don’t know how it was made.

Moreover, the “hope factor” isn’t the reason for me to write this letter. The superficial scrutiny of Jaydee attracted a lot of negative comments in the social Medias and that is a big reason I wrote this letter today. I can hardly believe that many people still think domestic abuse is okay and cannot be talked in public. Many have criticized Jaydee for coming out in the open telling the truth of what was really going on in her household with her former husband (Gardner Habash). That how dare was she to talk about her marital affairs in the public! That was misuse of social media. Some people went even far and claimed that; she (Lady Jaydee) herself was a “home-wrecker.” Referring to Mr. Habash was still married while was riding the “love roll coaster” with Jaydee. For that matter, no sympathy on her; she got what she deserves. What goes around must come back right at your face! Or I other words you can say Karma is real! I can’t speak on the issue (infidelity), as I’m not sure of what happened. Who knows what Mr. Habash told her to win her heart?

However, regardless of how the relationship was formed, I did not found any legit reason of why people chose to ignore the big issue (abuse) and choose to scrutinize her. I viewed the issue differently, I might be wrong, but I stand to be corrected! Breakup itself is a challenge leave alone being a victim of an abusive relationship! It’s unfathomable that people who’ve never experienced the pain of been abused with the people who were supposed to love and protect you like Jaydee feel justified in criticizing her decision. Do you know how many people are suffering from bad relationship; perhaps some are even dead from abuse? Sharing is caring; I am glad Jaydee chose to care for other people. If you read between the lines they way she was answering questions, you can notice that she’s really trying to transition herself from being a victim to a hero / survivor “nimeuacha hatuja achana” said lady Jaydee in one of her answers. People, don’t be so quick to judge. Why can’t we have mercy on her, give her time to rejuvenate her body and soul! I gave respect to you all who felt her pain, and sincerely tried to encourage her with some kind and wise comments.

I think as a society we have to be courageous enough to stand up for what is right regardless of the situation. Just because someone is or was a “home-wrecker” is doesn’t make it okay to be abused. By the way, doesn’t it take two to tangle?! Who broke the vows here?! Why people trying to overlook the real issue and blaming one person?! Oh! We’re so brain washed that its always woman’s faults; ‘the mfumo dume’ that used to physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and financially abuse our grandmothers, perhaps even some of your mothers is still existing, strongly running in our brain and blood streams! We are in 21century but yet people want to use the same bad manners that our African ancestors used to raise, define, and disempower women? To me as a woman, its offensive on many levels, and it’s another bit of proof that when it comes to domestic abuse women can’t win. We all saw how harshly Flora Mbasha was criticized, and now here comes Jaydee. Shame!

However, the marriage is over! What happened in her marriage is part of her life story of which she has full ownership and rights to tell it in her own convenient and comfortable way. Jaydee is a public figure that means many people are looking up to her as their role model. For her to speak out in public I strongly support it as many will be saved from the hands of monsters! Society cannot fix something they don’t know it exists, and they only way for us to know is by bringing it-out in the public, BRAVO Jaydee! The eras of hiding, ashamed of openly talking about violence in the family is so long gone! We need to encourage more people to come out and talk about it without judging them or blaming the victim. The worst part of this drama was the fact that Tanzanian women are the one went so hard on her. I was like really?! Where is the sisterhood, what is going wrong, and how can we fix it?
Ignoring the fact that such kind of abuses happened to her, frankly, was too painful to read. It is our duty as good citizen to fix the broken system, but first it has to begin with our mind. They way we reason things. For example, we have been hearing a lot of death where a husband announces that “she died in sleep.” How are we sure if it’s true? Who knows what really happened in that bedroom? As Tanzania society we always tend to be naïve, blame it on God, “ni mipango ya Mungu!” Even if someone was strangled to death, but we put it on God! Off course I understand we won’t be able to bring our beloved ones back, but we have the duty to prevent it from happening again. Isn’t that the same reason God imposed laws on us so we won’t sin against Him again?! We have the duty to do. We need to be an open-minded society with free judgmental mindset enough to make others comfortable to come-out of closet about domestic abuse or any issue that needs public attention.

Hence, father plays a big role in a girl well being. Most women who have insecurities are due to the lack of good relationship between a father and daughter particularly in younger age, or have lived in an abusive household. Indeed, parenting is a big challenge. Mothers need to be careful how they want to raise their boys although only a father is who can give real values of what it means to be a man. Whatever the case it is; ladies we need to stop putting our hopes in things that are hopeless. We keep our hope in God because not only He’s our maker, but He has given us the reasons to! God has the “title deed” of all of us, He gave us promises that many of us believe in them because are true. For me hope is more like investment risks that one can take. Does that man gave you reasons good enough to have hope in him? My dear, take your time, think deeply, and put your risks in the right place!

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Nimependa sana hizi picha za Mh. Shy-Rose Bhanji. Siwezi sema mengi kwa maana picha inajieleza yenyewe! Kiufupi unyenyekevu na kujishusha ni tabia ya watu wachache sana ambao wana hekima na hofu ya Mungu! Asante sana Mh. Shy-Rose Bhanji.

Mh. Shy-Rose Bhanji
Mh. Shy-Rose Bhanji



2015-Hottest And Best Couple Of The Year

Nyongo's familyNice picture of the 2015-Hottest And Best Couple Of The Year!

To read official announcement click HERE


Flawless“How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself?” ― Anaïs Nin



Stop It!

Kama una mtu au ndugu yako anapenda kwenda kwa Sangoma au kwa Kalumanzila ili apate fedha ndefu; naomba umsihi kuwa siyo deal at all!! Wana tuulia Albino wetu bila sababu. Kwanza kwenye list ya billionaires wa Bongoland mbona hao waganga hawapo?! Sasa wewe kwanini unamwamini mganga ambaye hata kwa Madiba hajawi fika? Its time to stop it!!


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Nimependa sana hii picha ya Norah Gordon. Kwakweli amependeza sana. Makeup na nywele zake ametengenezwa na Maznat Bridal Salon, wa Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Nora Gordon

Tazama unapo kwenda lakini kumbuka uliko toka

Kwakweli msema kweli ni mpenzi wa Mungu! Basi naomba niseme ukweli kuhusu huyu dada yetu Mh. Shy-Rose Bhanji kuwa ni mfano mzuri wa kuigwa kwa watu wengi hususani wadada. Wengi wanaweza wakawa wamemjua Shy-Rose sana baada ya kuwa mbunge wa Bunge la East Africa. Lakini ukweli ni kwamba dada yetu huyu alianza na kazi za kawaida kama Utangazaji katika kituo cha television cha TvT, pia na kwenye Bank fulani kabla ya kuwa Muheshimiwa!

Mh. Shy-Rose alipokuwa anasoma habari Televisheni ya 22/08/2014 Kamati ya uongozi EALA ilipotembelea IPP Media
22/08/2014 Kamati ya uongozi EALA ilipotembelea IPP Media

 Wapendwa, usiache watu wakukatize tamaa. Usiuwe ndoto zako eti kwasababu tuu fulani amesema huwezi, au amekataa kukusaidia. Piga moyo konde nyanyua kichwa juu, huko ndiko fungu lako lipo, Anasubiri tuu muda muafaka ufike akudondoshee! Hata kama wewe ni mbeba mabox nakusihi beba hayo mabox kwa nguvu zako zote ila kila siku hakikisha unazipa uhai ndoto zako. Yani usije  uwa ndoto zako labda itokee Mungu ameamua kukupumzisha.

Pia tunapo barikiwa kufanikisha ndoto zetu tusisahau tulipo toka. Au kuanza kudharau na kudhihaki wale ambao bado ndoto zao hazijatimia. Tuwe wapenda maendeleo ya wenzetu, ili tubarikiwe zaidi lazima nasi tubariki wengine. Tuige mfano wa dada yetu hapo juu ambaye siku ya jana ali post hiyo picha aliyo ambatanisha na ujumbe huu “Imenikumbusha mbali nilipokuwa nasoma habari Televisheni ya Taifa-TvT 2000-2003…Hapa ilikuwa jana 22/08/2014 Kamati ya uongozi EALA ilipotembelea IPP Media!” Hongera sana Shy-Rose Bhanji.

Happy Birthday-Miriam Odemba

Leo ni siku ya kuzaliwa mrembo na mwana mitindo Miriam Odemba. Namtakia siku njema na yenye upendo mwingi.

Miriam Odemba birthday

 Miriam Yeye amesherekea siku yake ya kuzaliwa na watoto yatima wa kituo cha VVK Morocco. Bible inasema dini ya kweli hujali wagonjwa, wajane, na yatima. Ubarikiwe sana Miriam.

2015-Hottest And Best Couple Of The Year

    Mr and Mrs Nyongo
    Mr and Mrs Nyongo: Symbol of love, couple made from heaven!

    Mr. and Mrs. Nyongo met more than 18 years ago in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. At that time Mrs. Nyongo was well known as Miss. Fina Kimati, student at Forodhani Secondary School. In 1999, while Fina was on her final stage pursuing her diploma in Marketing at College of Business Education, Aidan traveled to Australia for further studies. Surprisingly, in less than a year Aidan was back in Tanzania! You wonder why?!, Well, due to the strong bond that these “love birds” had, and still have, being away from each other was super nightmare of its own kind! FB_IMG_1452150694603-1After he asked for Fina parents’ permission, Aidan got Fina with him and together the “love birds” flew-off to Australia. In 2008 Mr. Nyongo asked Fina if she can marry him, and in February 14th, 2009 they tie the knot at St. Joseph Catholic church, Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Right after tied the knot Fina changed her last name from Kimati to Nyongo! Currently, the couple have been blessed with two beautiful children, George Jr, and Georgina Faith. 

    Nyongo's family

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    “Mtoto ulelewa na kijiji”

    Wanasema kazi ya kulea mtoto ni kazi ya kijiji. Binafsi sina huwakika na maana halisi ya msemo huo. Sababu ya kusema hivyo ni kwamba, waliotunga hawa kufafanunua mwisho wa mipaka ya malezi hayo ambayo kijiji kinapaswa kumpa mtoto, haswa ukiwa hauna huusiano wowote na mtoto huyo.

    Kwa mfano, ni vizuri kusaidiana, lakini sidhani kama kuna mzazi atakubali kuona mtoto wake anapewa zawadi kila kukicha na watu tofauti tofauti kisa “mtoto analelewa na kijiji.” Tafakari kidogo, unajua kiundani wewe unaweza kuhisi kuwa mnyonge (it will lower your self-esteem) kwani huwezi kutimiza mahitaji ya mwanao. Pili every human being needs to be a part of something (sense of belonging). Hivyo mazowea ya kuacha mtoto kupewa zawadi na kila mtu mtoto anaweza jenga tabia ya kuamini kuwa yeye ni mali ya kijiji, hivyo akashindwa kujidhamini.

    Mfano wa pili ni pale kunapo kuja swala la kumkanya mtoto pale anapo kosea. Je wewe kama mzazi utakubali mtoto wako sio tu kugombezwa, bali kuchapwa na mtu baki? Saa nyingine wewe ni mmoja wa wazazi ambao hawaamini katika uchapaji wa watoto, halafu ukute jirani yako (ambaye ana amini kwenye dhana ya kuchapa watoto) kamchapa mtoto wako, utajisikiaje? Mtoto ni kweli amekosea na alihitaji kumkanywa lakini yeye akashika fimbo na kumchapa, kwasababu yeye ndivyo aleavyo. Hapo hapo kwenye swala la kukanya na kuadhibu watoto. Je wewe utakubali ndugu, au jirani yako ambaye hana mtoto amuadhibu mwanao?

    Sasa wapendwa, ni nini haswa maana ya msemo huu “mtoto ulelewa na kijiji?” Na jinsi dunia ilivyo badilika utaki mtoto wako kuamini kila mtu. Angalau zamani ilikuwa rahisi kumwambia mtoto amini kila mtu, lakini siku hizi kitu cha kwanza unataka kumfundisha mtoto ni kuto amini kila mtu. Hata wale ambao wanaonekana well educated na public figure, kwasababu statistic za case za ubakaji na kulawiti watoto inaonyesha kuna wachungaji, mashehe, CEOs, wafanya biashara, majirani, wafanyakazi wako wa ndani, hata watu mashuhuri kwenye jamii. Watoto wengi ubakwa na kulawitiwa na watu ambao wana wafahamu na kuwaamini sana.

      Mwamdishi wa Mada Hii
    Mwamdishi wa Mada Hii

    Mahojiano Maalum: Tabu Obago

    “Ujane siyo ulemavu wala Huyatima siyo kufungwa”  image-1-1-1Wapendwa wasomaji, wiki iliyopita niliwaletea mahojiano maalum kutoka kwa dada Zawadi Kakoschke. Katika mahojiahano hayo moja ya maswali ambayo nili muuliza ni kama kuna huusiano kati ya majina ambayo wazazi wanawapa watoto wao na mafanikio au tabia ya watoto hao. Sehemu ya mahojiano hayo yalikuwa kama ifuatavyo:-

    Wewe binasfi unaamini majina ambayo wazazi wana wapa watoto wao yanachangia katika mafanikio yao kiuchumi, kielimu, na tabia zingine? Kwa mfano majina kama Amani anaweza akawa mtu wa kupenda amani siku zote, au majina kama Tabu, Sikujua yanaweza yaka changia mototo kuwa na matatizo katika maisha yake? Majina yanachangia sana katika maisha ya watoto wetu. Ndio maana mimi nilijitahidi sana kukaa na kufikiria majina ya kuwapa watoto wangu. Nimekua naamini hili kwa miaka mingi sana kuwa majina yana nguvu sana katika kujenga au kubomoa maisha ya muhusika. Huwa nashukuru sana kwa wazazi wangu kuamua kunipa jina la Zawadi nina imani kubwa hili jina limenisaidia kwa namna moja ua nyingine.

    Kwakweli majibu ya dada Zawadi yalinikumbusha binamu yangu mmoja aitwaye Tabu Obago. Nika muomba nifanye mahojiano naye mafupi haswa kutaka kujua kama jina lake limekuwa nuru kwakwe au la! Na hivi ndivyo ilivyo……

    Tabu naomba utuelezee, je jina la Tabu libekuwa “tabu” kweli au nuru kwako, tupe historia yako kwanza? Mimi ni dada niliye zaliwa kutoka katika mkowa wa Mara, lakini kwa sasa makazi yangu yapo katika kitongoji cha Mbagala. Mimi ni mama wa watoto wawili Jack na Julieth. Mmh! Tabu, kama jina lenyewe linavyotamkwa au maana halisi ya ili jina hakika limeambatana na mimi katika maisha yangu yote. Nimekuwa na taabu nyingi sana kama mjomba XX alivyo kuwa akipenda kusema mara kwa mara “Tabu, unatabu kama jina lako.”

    Kuhusu kuzaliwa kwangu mimi ni mtoto wa pekee kwa mama yangu, marehemu Rosebela Igogo. Kusema ukweli swala hili la kuwa mototo pekee kwa mama yangu huko nyuma lilikuwa linanisononesha hasa nilipowaona wenzangu na ndugu zao wa kuzaliwa tumbo moja. Lakini nilipopata watoto wangu nahisi wameziba hiyo hali ya upweke na sasa nina furaha na amani moyoni mwamgu.

    Japo katika maisha yangu nime ambatana na matukio ya kusitisha, lakini kwa kweli siwezi na wala sitamani kufuta kitu chochote kwenye historia yangu. Historia (past) ni historia iwe mbaya au nzuri ndo inaleta “leo” ya mtu. Labda niseme hivi, kwa upande wangu kitu ambacho najutia sana ambacho ningependa kufuta (edit) kwenye historia yangu ni maisha yangu ya shule. Kwani NAJUTA SANA TENA SANA nilivyochezea pesa za mama yangu shuleni na kupoteza muda. Leo hii jinsi ninavyo angaika kuwasomesha binti zangu ndo nahisi uchungu aliokuwa anaupata mama yangu.

    Tabu, Wewe si tuu yatima bali pia ni mjane; niwapi huwa unapata nguvu ya kuendelea na maisha bila kukata tama?
    Ni kweli mimi ni yatima na pia mjane tena mara mbili namaanisha kwa ndoa mbili!! Kinachonipa nguvu na msukumo wa kuendesha maisha yangu bila kukata tamaa ni wanangu Jack na Julieth. Natamani sana kurekebisha nilipo haribu japo ni ngumu mno. Lakini ugumu wa maisha na changamoto nilizopitia zimekuwa shule iliyonipa elimu kubwa sana.

    Nikitu gani unajivunia sana? Najivunia kusimama imara katika maisha na hasa kuamua kuishi katika Leo yangu na siyo kujutia ya nyuma. Naweza kusema mpaka hapa nimeweza kujiweka sawa kama siyo ku(edit) lifestyle yangu.

    Ujumbe kwa watu wote watakao soma hii story yako?(1) Kwa watoto zangu hakuna jipya chini ya jua. Mkipelekwa shule someni sana.
    (2) Kwa wenzangu namaanisha wa umri wangu (42) msikate tamaa unaweza ukiamua iwe (3) Kwa yatima na wajane wenzangu naomba niwausie ujane siyo ulemavu wala huyatima siyo kufungwa tujifunze kusimama wenyewe na Mungu anakusaidia. Mwisho, haijalishi uko chini au una udhaifu gani muujiza pia hipo ila naamini mpaka uitafute siyo ikutafute.

    Asante sana Tabu Obago. Nakutakia mafanikio mema na makubwa zaidi ya hayo.

    Ref: Mahojiano haya yamefanywa na Alpha Igogo


    Kutoka Facebook

    Leo kutoka Facebook, nimependa sana hii picha ya rafiki, na primary schoolmate wangu Ritha Semizigi. Pendeza sana!

    Ms. Ritha Semizigi
    Ms. Ritha Semizigi

    Mahojiano Maalum: Zawadi Kakoschke

    Zawadi Kakoschke     Blogger wa
    Zawadi Kakoschke
                                   Blogger wa

    Naomba utueleze Historia yako kwa ufupi: Naitwa Zawadi Owitti Kakoschke, mama wa watoto wawili Amani na Malaika na mke wa Bart Kakoschke. Nimezaliwa miaka 39 iliyopita huko Songea, Tanzania. Ni mtoto wa pili wa marehemu Fatuma ambae anatokea mkoani Iringa. Mimi ni mjaluo baba yangu anatokea Shirati Rorya mkoani Mara. Kwa sasa makazi yangu yako kwenye nchi za kiarabu ambapo mume wangu anafanyia kazi.

    Wewe ni mmiliki wa blog ya, ambayo hata mimi ni shabiki mkubwa sana wa blog yako. Je nini haswa kilipelekea wewe kuanzisha blog yako? Nilitaka kuhamasisha watanzania wenzangu kupenda mambo ya utalii na kwa kiasi kikubwa nimefanikiwa kwa hilo. Nitatoa mfano nchi yetu ya Tanzania ina vivutio vingi sana lakini sababu hatuna utamaduni wa kupenda utalii watu wengi hawajaribu hata kwenda kuangalia ni kitu gani haswa kinawafanya watu watoke nchi mbali mbali kuja kutembelea nchi yetu. Mimi kama mtanzania ambae napenda sana mambo ya utalii nikaona kuna haja ya kuwahamasisha watanzania wenzangu kwa njia ya blog ambapo huwa naweka picha na maelezo mbali mbali ya nchi ambazo nimefanikiwa kutembelea.

    Kusafiri ni moja ya mambo ambayo unapenda sana, unaweza kutuambia mpaka sasa umesha safari inchi ngapi duniani? Na inchi gani ambayo ungependa kufika lakini bado haujafika? Mpaka sasa nimebarikiwa kutembelea nchi kama thelathini na tano na miji mingi zaidi. Nchi ambazo nimefanikiwa kuzitembelea ni Tanzania, Kenya, Oman, Italy, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, UAE, England, France, Iceland, Switzerland, Qatar, Spain, Vatican City, America, Mexico, Cayman Island, Bahama, Jamaica, Colombia, Panama, Aruba, Portugal, St. Maarten, Malta, Us Virgin Island, Bonaire, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Holland.

    Zawadi, kusafiri kunahita fedha za ziada, je waweza kutueleza ni jinsi gani unaweza kumudu safari zako, nini haswa chanzo cha mapato yako kama utapenda kutuambia? Utalii unafanya kutokana na uwezo wako na si lazima uwe na pesa nyingi ndio uweze kutalii. Mimi kabla sijapata nafasi ya kutembelea nchi mbali mbali nilianza na utalii wa ndani kwanza ambapo nilifanikiwa kutembelea karibu mikoa yote ya Tanzania.

    Cha muhimu ni kujipanga tu kama vile unavyoweza jipanga kwa mambo mengine. Sisi huwa tunadunduliza kidogo kidogo mpaka pale tunapata pesa za kutosha na kuzitumia kwa ajili ya safari. Mimi na mume wangu tunapenda sana kusafiri kwa hiyo hatujisikii vibaya kutumia hizo pesa kwa ajili hiyo. Tunaamini pesa tunazotumia kwenye utalii hazipotea bure bali tunapata faida zaidi.

    Historia yako inaonyesha wewe ni dada wa Kitanzania ambaye umeolewa na mtu mwenye asili ya kizungu, je ilitokea tuu au ulikuwa na ndoto za kuolewa na mzungu siku zote? Nilikutana na mume wangu ambae anatokea Australia mwishoni mwa mwaka 2001 na mwanzo wa mwaka 2002 tulianza kuishi pamoja. Miaka miwili baadae tulifunga ndoa huko Sydney, Australia. Kusema ukweli siku ya harusi yangu ilikua ni siku ya furaha ya ajabu kwa sababu ndoto yangu imekua kweli.

    Nimekua na ndoto ya kuolewa na hawa wenzetu toka nikiwa mdogo, nina sababu nyingi lakini kubwa sikutaka kuolewa na kuishi maisha ambayo mama yangu alikua anaishi ya UKE WENZA. Niliona kama nikitaka maisha ya ndoa yenye furaha basi ni mzungu tu ambae anaweza nipa hayo maisha ingawa kipindi hicho ilikua nayaona hayo maisha kwenye movie tu ha ha haaaa. Kitu kingine niliona wenzetu wazungu wamejifunza kuwa wakweli nami napenda sana watu wakweli.

    Unawatoto wazuri sana Amani na Malaika. Ilikuwaje ukawapa hayo majina ikizingatiwa umeolewa na “mzungu” wengi wangetarajia majina ya watu wenye asili hiyo? Asante, watoto ni zawadi kubwa namshukuru mungu kila siku. Nilitaka kuwaachia watoto wangu kumbukumbu ya nchi yangu Tanzania. Nilikua najua kila mara majina yao yatakapokuwa yanatamkwa lazima watu watakua wanauliza asili yake na hapo ndio habari ya mama yao inakuja katika picha. Namshukuru mume wangu alikubali kuwapa watoto wetu majina ya kwetu.

    Je, unawafundisha watoto wako Kiswahili na natamaduni zingine za Kiafrica haswa Tanzania? Pili huwa unapika vyakula vya kiafrika kwa familia yako? Ni chakula gani cha kiafrika ambacho wanapenda? Nasikitika kusema nimefeli kidogo katika suala la kiswahili mpaka sasa bado hawajui. Ni kosa langu mimi mama yao sikulichukulia kwa nguvu zaidi ambapo sasa ndio naona makosa yangu maana jinsi wanavyokua ndio inakua vigumu zaidi. Ila sijakata tamaa bado naendelea nao kuwafundisha maneno mawili matatu kila siku. Najitahidi sana kuwafundisha utamaduni wangu na mara kwa mara najitahidi pia kupika chakula cha kikwetu. Napenda sana chakula cha kitanzania na watoto wangu wanapenda sana nikipika chapati, maandazi, wali na maharage. Ukiwauliza wanapenda chakula gani cha kitanzania basi nina uhakika watakwambia chapati.

    Wewe binasfi unaamini majina ambayo wazazi wana wapa watoto wao yanachangia katika mafanikio yao kiuchumi, kielimu, na tabia zingine? Kwa mfano majina kama Amani anaweza akawa mtu wa kupenda amani siku zote, au majina kama Tabu, Sikujua yanaweza yaka changia mototo kuwa na matatizo katika maisha yake? Majina yanachangia sana katika maisha ya watoto wetu. Ndio maana mimi nilijitahidi sana kukaa na kufikiria majina ya kuwapa watoto wangu. Nimekua naamini hili kwa miaka mingi sana kuwa majina yana nguvu sana katika kujenga au kubomoa maisha ya muhusika. Huwa nashukuru sana kwa wazazi wangu kuamua kunipa jina la Zawadi nina imani kubwa hili jina limenisaidia kwa namna moja ua nyingine.

    Kama mama mwenye watoto wenye asili mbili tofauti, ni changamoto gani unapata katika malezi yao, haswa katika maswala ya maadili, na utowaji wa adhabu pale mototo anapo kosea? Changamoto ni kubwa sana kwa kweli na hapa ndio unaweza kuona kuna utofauti mkubwa sana kati ya utamaduni zetu mbili. Nina imani waafrika wengi walioolewa na wazungu wanakumbana na ili tatizo. Mvutano wake ni mkubwa hasa kwenye maswala ya maadili na utoaji wa adhabu kila upande unaamini wenyewe ndio wanajua jinsi ya kulea zaidi.

    Sisi tumeaumua kuchukua maadili mazuri toka pande zote mbili na kuacha mabaya. Ila bado wakati mwingine tunavutana maana watoto wanafurahia zaidi maadili ya wenzetu maana yako malaini na ya kudekeza sana. Mimi nachofanya ni kusimama na msimamo wangu wa kuunganisha mazuri toka pande zote mbili kwa namna hii nina imani tutafanikiwa kulea watoto wenye tabia nzuri na watakaua wamefaidika kutoka pande zote mbili.

    Unasafiri sana na mara zote huwa upo na familia yako yote (mmeo na watoto). Je nichangamato zipi huwa unapata maana nafikiri ni ngumu sana? Au huwa unakuwa na msaidizi (dada wa kazi)? Changamoto haziwezi kukosekana hasa ukiwa unasafiri na watoto wadogo. Ila faida zake ni kubwa ambapo hata hizo changamoto hazina nguvu tena. Mimi na mume wangu tunapenda kulea watoto wetu wenyewe kwa hiyo hatuna msaidizi wa watoto. Msaidizi tulie nae ni wa kusafisha nyumba tu ambae anakuja mara mbili kwa wiki.

    Ni ushauri gani ungependa kuwapa wakina mama ambao wanapenda kusafiri lakini wanaogopa kwa sababu ya watoto? Faida ya kusafiri na watoto ni kubwa kuliko matatizo. Sidhani kama mama ambae amezoea kulea watoto wake anaweza ogopa kusafiri nao. Hata unapokua safarini watoto unawalea kama ulivyozea kuwalea kinacho badilika ni mazingira tu ambapo kwa watoto ni rahisi sana kubadilika na kufuata mazingira waliyopo.

    Tena unakuta wao ndio wanafurahi zaidi kuliko hata sisi wakubwa. Nawashauri wamama wenzangu tafadhali usiwaache watoto nyuma beba watoto wako nenda kawape kumbu kumbu na nafasi ya kujifunza mambo mapya yatawasaidia sana kwenye maisha yao ya baadae. Pia ni faida kubwa kwako mzazi maana ukiwa holiday unatumia muda wote kuwa pamoja na watoto wako na unajenga familia iliyokomaa na yenye kumbukumbu nzuri pia unawajengea watoto wako sifa ya kujiamini.

    Unawezaje kumudu majukumu yako kama mama, mke, na kuendesha mambo ya kiuchumi ndani ya familia? Ni mgawanyiko unachagua kipi muhimu kwako kwanza. Mimi nimechagua kuwapa watoto wangu muda wangu zaidi kipindi hiki wakiwa wadogo kwa kuamua kua mama wa nyumbani ili nipate muda mzuri wa kuwalea. Kwa kukaa nyumbani napata muda wa kujihusisha na shughuli mbali mbali za maendeleo ya watoto wangu, na uamuzi huu umeniwezesha kujenga familia yangu na kuwa yenye furaha sana. Pia nipatapo muda najitahidi kujishughulisha na shughuli za kiuchumi za familia.

    Zawadi, wewe ni mama ambaye unawatoto wawili lakini bado uko vizuri kabisa kama mdada ambaye hana watoto. Ni nini unafanya kujiweka katika hali hiyo? Hii ni changamoto kubwa nadhani sio kwangu tu ila kwa wamama wengi, hasa sisi tunaokua nyumbani unaweza kujisahau kabisa. Kwangu mimi changamoto niliyonayo ni mwili wangu ni rahisi sana kuongezeka kwa hiyo mara kwa mara lazima niwe kwenye diet na mazoezi maana bila hivyo naweza kuongezeka kupita kiasi, nikiongezeka nakosa raha kabisa maana napenda utanashati.

    Nashukuru kwa namna hii inanisaidia kunikumbusha kuwa kuzaa isiwe sababu ya kuharibika na kwa sababu napenda kupendeza basi najikuta lazima nitafute muda wa kujipenda mimi. Weekend ni muda wangu mimi siku hizi mbili ni jukumu la mume kuangalia familia na mama huwa napumzika kabisa kama nikiamua kukaa nyumbani nawaachia mume na watoto wanilee mimi. Nikiamua kutoka basi utakuta naelekea shopping au spa au kutembelea marafiki, kwa staili hii najikuta napata muda wa kupumzika na kuwa na furaha muda wote.

    Siku hizi tunasoma kwenye blogs mbali mbali na kusikia baadhi ya wakina dada wa Kitanzania wana amini kuwa kuolewa na “mzungu” au mtu mwenye ngozi nyeupe ndio njia pekee ya kujikwamua si tuu kiuchumi bali hata kimapenzi. Je wewe unalionaje swala hili? Na nini ushauri wako kwa wadada hawa? Hili ni swali ni gumu kwa kweli ila nitajitahidi kujibu kwa mtazamo wangu ambao kwa kiasi kikubwa umechangia kwenye maisha yangu. Mimi binafsi naamini kuwa kuolewa na mzungu asilimia kubwa una nafasi ya kujikwamua kiuchumi pia kupata mapenzi ya dhati. Sisemi kama watu weupe pekee ndio wanaweza kukukwamua kiuchumi hata pia watu weusi. Ila kwenye mapenzi ya dhati nadhani kura zangu zote napeleka kwa wazungu. Wenzetu wanaheshimu mwanamke na akipenda amependa yuko tayari kufanya chochote kuonyesha upendo wake. Hapo ndio tunakuja kwenye suala la uchumi mzungu akikupenda yuko tayari kukufanyia chochote kile utakacho, anachojali yeye ni furaha yako.

    Ushauri wangu ni kwamba kila kitu kina pande mbili nzuri na mbaya. Wazungu pia nao ni binadamu kama binadamu wengine wana mabaya na mazuri yao. Nawashauri kabla hawajajitumbukiza kwenye maisha ya hawa watu kwanza wachunguze je watawezana nao hasa kwenye upande wa pili ambao si mzuri? Maana naona wengi wanaangalia upande mmoja tu ambao ni mzuri. Inachukua muda mrefu kwa wazungu kutuamini sisi Waafrika maana wengi wanaamini kuwa Waafrika hatuna mapenzi ya kweli na wengi wetu ni waongo sana na hakuna kitu ambacho mzungu anachukia kama uongo.

    Hata kama anakupenda kiasi gani akishagundua tu kuwa wewe una vitabia vya uongo lazima atakukimbia tu. Kwa hiyo ushauri wangu mwingine kwa kina dada ambao wanapenda kuolewa na hawa watu kuwa wakweli kuanzia mwanzo, hata kama una vitabia vibaya wewe usijali mzungu akikupenda amekupenda yuko tayari kukusaidia kubadilisha hivyo vitabia au hata kuvumilia kuishi navyo maana wenzetu wana mapenzi ya dhani na ikitokea kama hatoweza au ajapendezwa na hivyo vitabia basi atakwambia ukweli mapema. Asilimia kubwa ya wazungu akikupenda amekupenda na yuko tayari kusimama kwa ajili yako kwa jambo lolote ila lazima uwe mkweli.

    Kwa kina dada wote ambao ndoto zao ni za kuolewa na hawa wenzetu mimi nasema usikubali mtu yoyote akukatishe tamaa, endeleza ndoto yako maana faida yake ni kubwa kuliko hasara.

    Zawadi, wewe ni dada ambaye mzazi wako mmoja (mama mzazi) hayupo nawe tena. Uliwezaje kupata nguvu ya kuendela na maisha bila kukata tamaa, maana kuna watu wengi ambao wameshindwa kuendelea au kukata tama ya maisha baadaya ya kuondokewa na mzazi au wazazi wao? Kwa kweli nimepitia matatizo mengi sana namshukuru Mungu hakuweza kunitupa alinilinda na kufanikiwa kuvuka vikwazo vingi sana katika maisha yangu. Usiombe ufiwe na mama hasa ukiwa na umri mdogo maana nguzo kubwa ya familia Afrika ni mama. Mimi nilipoteza mama nikiwa na miaka kumi na tano huku nikiwa na wadogo ambao walikua wadogo zaidi, mdogo wangu wa mwisho aliachwa akiwa na miezi kumi tu. Kusema kweli nimepitia kipindi kigumu sana mapaka kufikia hapa nilipo ila namshukuru mwenyezi mungu hakuweza kunitupa.

    Hili swali hili huwa linanipa wakati mgumu sana maana kumbu kumbu zote huwa zinarudi mtanisamehe kama nitakua nimejibu kwa kupitiliza maana kuna mengi sana ila nitajitahidi kujibu kwa ufupi zaidi. Hakuna kitu kibaya hapa duniani kama dharau, usimdharau mtu hata siku moja maana uwezi jua huyo mtu siku moja atakua wapi. Pale mama alivyofariki tu ndio tulianza kujua rangi halisi ya ndugu zetu na zinasikitisha kwa kweli.

    Namshukuru Mungu alinipa ujasilia wa hali ya juu na kuweza kusimama na kusaidia wadogo zangu pia. Ilibidi nikue kwa kasi ya ajabu ili niweze kuwasaidia wenzangu ambapo kwenye umri wa usichana badala ya kufurahia maisha mimi nilikua najiuliza nitawalishaje wadogo zangu, vipi wana nguo za kuvaa, je school fees safari hii nitaipata wapi. Kwa namna hii sikuweza kupata bahati ya kuendelea na elimu ya juu na kuamua kutafuta kozi fupi fupi ambayo ingeniwezesha kumaliza mapema na kupata ajira ili niweze kupata mshahara ili niweze kuwasaidia wadogo zangu. Na kwa bahati mbaya mpaka leo bado sijaweza kukamilisha hii ndoto ya kupata elimu ya juu ila bado naamini kuwa kila kitu na wakati muda muafaka utafika ambapo kutakua hakuna kipingamizi kitakachosimama kati yangu na ndoto yangu ya mwisho. Nina imani lazima nitalikamilisha sababu ni kitu ambacho napenda.

    Mimi ni mpiganaji na ambae sikati tamaa kirahisi na hiki ndicho kimenisaidia kufika hapa nilipo. Nilikua najua nataka nini na sikuacha kutafuta nachokitaka. Nilipitia vizingiti vingi lakini havikunikatisha tamaa kabisa na pale nilipoona karibu naanza kukata tamaa nilisali sana maana mwenyeji Mungu pekee ndio alikua anaujua moyo wangu, kwa asilimia mia nilikua nina uhakika siku moja atanisaidia tu na kunipa maisha ambayo nayataka, imani hii iliendelea kunipa nguvu kwa kiasi kikubwa sana.

    Kitu kingine ambacho kilinisaidia ni kuthamini watu wa aina yote, nilijitahidi kuwa na upendo kwa watu wote, kwa namna hii iliniwezesha kuishi na watu wa aina tofuati ambao wengi walinisaidia kwa kiasi kikubwa kufanikisha maisha yangu. Yaani siwezi kuwasahau watu wote ambao walinisaidia kipindi hicho wengi ni watu baki ambao hatuna uhusiano wowote. Kitu ambacho hawakuja ni kwamba msaada wao ulikua ni mkubwa sana kwangu.

    Nachofanya siku hizi kila nipatapo nafasi ya kukutana na hao watu nawakumbusha na kuwashukuru ambao karibu wote wameshasahau hata kama waliwahi nisaidia nini. Kutokana na msaada wao walionipa enzi hizo umenifanya hata mimi pia kuwa na tabia ya kupenda kusaidia watu wa aina tofauti bila kujali wanatokea kwenye mazingira ya namna gani. Pia huwa najitahidi kusaidia pale ninapoombwa msaada hasa kwa watu ambao nina uhakika msaada wangu utawasaidia kwa kiasi kikubwa.

    Huwa naamini msaada ni msaada hata uwe mdogo kiasi gani kwenye macho yako lakini kwa anayesaidiwa ni kitu kikubwa sana kwake. Nakumbuka kuna siku nilisaidiwa na mtu nauli tu ya daladala ya kwenda kazini hapo nilikua sina pesa hata ya nauli ya kwenda kazini. Msaada wake uliweza nifikisha ofisini na hapo niliweza pata pesa ambazo ziliweza kusaidia kupata chakula cha wadogo zangu siku inayofuata pia nauli yao ya kwenda na kurudi tution.

    Mtu gani ambaye wewe unamuangalia kama kioo chako (your role model), na kwanini? Huwa navutiwa sana na watu ambao wana moyo wa kusaidia wengine kwa namna moja au nyingine. Na Oprah ana sifa hiyo kubwa. Nimejikuta najifunza, nacheka, nasikitika, nalia na hata kupata nguvu mpya kipindi chote nilichokua naangalia show zake.

    Pia nimejifunza mengi kutoka kwenye magazeti yake kwa miaka mingi nimekua msomaji wake mkubwa. Napenda karibu kila kitu kuhusu Oprah kasoro kwenye suala la mbwa tu lol! Mimi ni mmoja wa wale watu wanaoamini kuwa mnyama ni mnyama na alelewe kama mnyama na sio kama binadamu, mtanisamehe kwa wale ambao nime wakwaza naelewa maana mume na watoto wangu hawakubaliani nami kwa suala hili.

    Ujumbe au ushauri wowote kwa wamama wenzako: Tupendane! Hakuna kitu kizuri maishani kama upendo maana upendo unajenga heshima, furaha, amani na mengine mengi. Sisi kama kina mama tunajukumu la kulea watoto wetu ambao baadae wataongoza taifa letu. Sasa kama sisi kina mama hatutakua na upendo ina maana tunawajengea watoto wetu taifa ambalo litakua na majanga huko mbeleni.

    Ushauri au ujumbe kwa wadada au wanawake ambao hawajaolewa na wangependa kuolewa: Kwanza kabisa jiheshimu na jitambue wewe ni nani na unataka nini. Baada ya hapo mtangulize Mungu mbele ili aweze kukuchagulia mume mwenye upendo. Ila usiache kutafuta kile unachotaka hata Mungu nae anakubali kubembelezwa hasa pale anatakapokua amekuletea mume ambae humtaki ni ruksa kuomba kubadilishiwa.

    Mimi pia nilimbembeleza Mungu anitafutie mume mwema mwenye upendo ila sikuacha kuweka kwenye sala zangu na kusema tafadhali naomba awe mzungu maana nilikua najijua nisingeweza kuwa na furaha ya ndoa kama angeniletea mume wa kutoka kwetu. Ingawa wanasema kuwa si vizuri kumchagulia Mungu yeye anajua zaidi, lakini pia Mungu ni mwenye upendo wa dhati angependa kukuona ukiwa na furaha. Kwa hiyo wapendwa usiache kumbembeleza ili aweze kukupa kile unachotaka. Kwangu mimi kanipa kile nilichoomba kabisa kwa kweli mwenyezi Mungu yupo na anasikiliza maombi yetu siku zote.

    Na mwisho, ujumbe kwa Watanzania wenzako: Tuache tabia ya kupenda kuhukumu watu hasa tusio wajua na tuache chuki zisizo na msingi. Utakuta mtu hata hakujui lakini utakuta ameshakupa hukumu ya hatari utadhani anakujua, hiyo yote ni chuki ambayo ni mbaya sana. Tupendane jamani upendo ni kitu cha bure na chenye mafanikio makubwa.

    Asante sana Zawadi.



    Source: Mahojiano haya yamefanywa na Alpha Igogo.

    Tulinde na Kuheshimu Watoto

    Kusema kweli nimesikitishwa sana na kitendo cha baadhi ya Watanzania kumdhalilisha mototo wa Flora Mbasha. Naomba niseme bie binafsi simjui Flora wa mumewe-Mr. Mbasha, na wala sijawahi kusilikiza nyimbo zake. Nilitokea kujua habari zake kipindi walipo kuwa na migogoro katika ndoa yao. Hapo ndipo nianza kusoma habari zake na kuangalia mahojiano kadhaa ambayo alikuwa amefanya huko nyuma na baadhi ya TV shows. Hivyo ninayo andika hapa si kwamba namfahamu Flora au mumewe la, hasha! Ni kwasababu ndivyo inavyo takiwa tufanye.

    Kutokana na maneno ya watu kuwa huwenda huyu kichanga aliye zaliwa yawezekana asiwe mototo halali wa ndoa ya Flora na muwewe Mbasha kwa kuwa ndoa yao inamigogoro na kwa sasa wametengana. Basi wengi wamehoji nani ni baba halali wa mototo huyo. Cha kusikitisha zaidi wamenda mbali na kuweka picha yenye sura ya Flora, Mbasha (mume halali wa Flora), Gwajima (mtu inaye semekana ni Mchungaji na pia ana sadikika kuwa ni ndiyo baba wa mototo huyo), masikini piya sura ya kichanga hicho nayo imewekwa! Watu wote, wa mama kwa wababa, wakaka na kwa wasichana wote wanaandika comments za kudhihaki na kukebehi chini ya picha hiyo. Hizo comments nyingine zime walenga wazazi, zingine zime walenga washtumiwa, na zingine zina mlenga mototo huyo moja kwa moja!

    Mimi binafsi, nalaani vikali kitendo hicho cha kumdhalilisha mtoto wa Flora. Nakiita ni kitendo cha kinyama na ukatili wa hali ya juu. Children should be protected, and treated in the highest respected level of humanity regardless of how they entered this world!! Si Yesu ndio aliyesema “waacheni watoto wote waje kwangu maana ufalme wa Mbingu ni wao?!” Yesu hakubagua watoto, aliwaita wote kwake, sasa kwanini sisi tunabagua watoto? Matter-of-fact, children should never be the victims of their parent’s wrong deeds! Haijalishi mimba yake ilitungwa na wababa wawili, au ilitungwa mbele ya Madhabahu, au Msikitini, au ilitungwa kwenye majani porini, it doesn’t matter, and it should never matter; watoto wote wanatakiwa kulindwa na kuheshimiwa period!

    Ni jukumu letu sote kama raiya wa hii dunia kulinda na kuheshimu watoto. Nandio maana nimeamua kuliongelea swala hili kwa uwazi katika blog hii. Hapa machozi yananitoka. Ndiyo, nalia! Kwasababu kwanza mimi ni mama, hivyo mototo huyu anaweza kuwa mwanangu wa kumzaa, au mjukuu wangu. Mimi ni dada, hivyo mototo huyu angeweza kuwa my niece or nephew! Jiweke kwenye miguu ya Flora, jaribu kuvaa viatu vyake kwa dakika moja, je ungekuwa wewe ungejisikiaje kuona mototo wako ambaye ndo kwanza amezaliwa katika hii dunia, hajui hata “social media” ana dhihakiwa, na kudhalilishwa kwa namna hii?! Je, wewe ni mkamilifu? “Na asiye na dhambi awe wa kwanza kurusha jiwe!” Mungu atusamehe kwakuwa hatujuli tulitendalo. Tulinde na Kuheshimu Watoto.

    Sing along with me…………….

    Jesus loves the little children
    All the children of the world
    Red& yellow, black and white
    they’re precious in his sight
    Jesus loves the little children of the world
    Jesus cares for all the children
    All the children of the world
    Black and yellow, red and white
    They’re all precious in His sight
    Jesus cares for the children of the world
    Jesus came to save the children
    All the children of the world
    Black and yellow, red and white
    They’re all precious in His sight
    Jesus came to save the children of the world

    The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”-Albert Einstein

    Usikate tamaa!

    Katika maisha watu tunapitia shida tofauti, na kila mtu ana kikomo cha uvumilivu wake. Lakini siku ya leo ningependa kuwasihii wapenzi wasomaji kuwa usikate tamaa. Mimi kuishi kwangu hapa Marekani kumenifanya nijuwe aina tofauti ya watu, nani ni rafiki wa kweli, na nani mwenye mapenzi ya dhati na maisha yangu. Pia imenifanya nijuwe uwezo wa kiwango cha uvumilivu wangu.

    Katika hii dunia kuna watu watakuchukia kwasababu tuu ya mambo waliyo sikia fulani akisema juu yako bila hata yakuwa na huwakika nayo wawo tayari wanakuhukumu na kujenga chuki nawe. Wengine watakuchukia kwasababu zao binafsi ambazo hakuna mtu anaweza jua. Yani hata yeye ukimuliza kwanini anakukuchukia huwa hana jibu. Na wenigne watakuchukia kwa sababu chuki ni asili yao. Mimi katika changamoto ambazo nimepitia nimekutana na watu kama hao.

    Sisemi kama nirahisi kuweza kujua nani ni nani mpaka uwe umechangamana nao. Nakama wewe ni mtu rahisi kama mimi kuamini watu kwa 100% kwa siku ya kwanza basi inakuwa ngumu zaidi kujua mpaka jambo litokee. Usikate tamaa. Kama unajua kuwa huko sahii naunacho kifanya, na unaamini kuwa yasemwayo ni chuki binafsi, basi wewe jiweke pembeni, mwachie Mungu.

    Watu wengi wanaogopa kufanya maamuzi magumu, haswa inapo tokea wale wanao kuchukia ni watu wakaribu yako ambao walitakiwa kuwa ndiyo ngao yako. Naomba ukumbuke kuwa sanyingine mtu baki anaweza kuwa wa maana kwako kuliko hata ndugu zako wa damu, na nabii huwa hakubaliki nyumbani. Hivyo wewe fanya kile ambacho ni sahii kukifanya kwa wakati huo ili maisha yako yasonge mbele.

    Samehe kadri uwezavyo, lakini usiruhusu watu wakugeuza wewe kanyagio la kufutia miguu yao michafu! Usifanye watu wafikirie kuwa wao ni Mungu; bila wao maisha yako hayato kwenda mbele. Hapana! Mungu pekee ndiye mtoaji wa riziki hapa duania, na huzigawa kutokana na wakati ambao Yeye anaona niwakati muafaka. Hivyo wakati wako ukifika wa kukubariki basi utapata fungu lako.

    Mwisho, amini kuwa siku zote hauitaji kijiji kilicho jaa watu, au bank account iliyo jaa pesa ili wewe  uwe na furaha. Kuna watu wanapesa nyingi sana lakini hawana amani ndani ya nyoyo zao. Kuna watu wana utitiri wa marafiki lakini bado niwapweke sana ndani ya nafsi zao. Jitahidi siku zote uzungukwe na watu wenye mapenzi ya kweli na wewe.  Wale ambo wanapenda kukuona ukiwa na furaha wakati wote. Wale ndugu na marafiki ambao hawato kucheka ukijikwaa  katika maisha. Nakama ikabidi ubaki mwenyewe; basi nivyema zaidi kuliko kuzungukwa na watu walio jaa chuki na fitina. Usikate Tamaa!

    The strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone.-Henrik Ibsen

      Mwamdishi wa Mada Hii
    Mwamdishi wa Mada Hii