“Prayer for all the singles”

Prayer for all the Singlesย  FB_IMG_1472063447711Heavenly Father, thank you for being so amazing, for always being there for me. Lord you know how I feel and how much I wish to finally encounter the right one. I know I have to be patient because it’s all in your timing but dating is ruthless. I get approached by all the wrong ones, yet the one I desire is non-existent. Is this person out there? Have you really set someone apart just for me? It’s breathtaking to know I’m that special to You. My Father give me strength to ward off the ones who don’t deserve me, discernment to embrace the one that does. My Jesus guard my heart against the plans of the enemy and of the pawns he uses to make me fall. Give me your wisdom to see beyond the enemy’s seduction and to know when the sweet words are empty promises. Each day I’m growing stronger in you, slowly maturing and understanding my place in this world. Protect me from setting my eyes on someone who will destroy that. Amen.

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Screenshot_2016-08-24-13-00-35-1Mali Kimesera and Linda Bezuidenhount family wakiwa kwenye weekend gateway (min vacation) huko North Carolina kwenye milima inayo toa moshi (smokey mountains)! What a beautiful family! Hii family itapendeza sana ikiwa na reality show yao kwa TV ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ si hata nyie mnaiyona inavyo vutia eeh ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ glory and honor be to God!

“Every woman is born a princess. Yet not every woman grows to become a queen”!


Every woman is born a princess. Yet not every woman becomes a queen. Being a queen requires growth, change, evolving, maturing; and learning to value, respect, and care for yourself and serve others. Esther was selfless and willing to even die as she went before the king and plead with him to stop the death of the Jews. Back then you could be killed if you approach the King when he had not called for you , so this involves being more selfless than you are selfish, and more loving than you are defensive.

A queen is a woman who knows who created her and the purpose for which she was created. After Esther became a Queen it didn’t end there. She would pray and fast to fulfill the reason why she had been made Queen which was saving the Jews. A queen is a woman who never stops growing into who she ought to be, a wise woman who is rarely in the midst of gossip, and who partakes not in drama and childish things. Esther knew the dangers of what could have happened to her but she didn’t stop or give excuses. A queen is a woman who is strong-minded, intelligent yet humble, soft spoken, and doesn’t justify her weaknesses, but daily focuses on improving. A queen is everything a princess has potential to become. Until a woman grows into the queen she is created to be, she will remain a lost princess.”

Like Esther, discover your purpose of living and your God-given path which leads you to the palace. Your purpose will open doors for you as proverbs 18:16 tells us. Don’t get too comfortable being an idle queen but keep forwarding ahead. Be a woman of prayer, fasting and daily meditation of the word of God. God is raising women like Esther to arise from being a lost princess to becoming a Queen.

By: inspired with T_sha


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