Makabidhiano ya Hati Miliki ya Ardhi ya Shamba na Kiwanda cha Udafco Ltd

Makabidhiano ya Hati Miliki ya Ardhi ya Shamba na Kiwanda cha Udafco Ltd, kwa Mh. Lameck Airo, MP. Toka kwa Bw. Otieno Igogo wa Udafco ili Mh. akaiwasilishe kwa Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Mara. Iliyofanyika leo tarehe 15.08.018 ofisini kwa Msajili wa Hazina. 

True Situation Analysis of Life: There’s no permanent champion, but current champion

             True Situation Analysis of Life.

Mapigano Peter and his wife

After Secondary School..

All your classmates have gone in different directions in the world.

Some have completed universities and are now:

  • Doctors,
  • Engineers,
  • Teachers,
  • Pilots,
  • Lawyers,
  • Administrators, etc.
  • Some are married,
  • Some have given birth,
  • Some are still searching and waiting on the Lord.
  • Some are dead, don’t forget that too.
  • And others are on the sick bed,
  • Some are running their higher degrees: Masters, PHD, etc.
  • Some haven’t even gained admission into the tertiary institution and may NEVER be able to.
  • Some own companies,
  • Some are now Directors and major shareholders in global companies.

But how do you feel

When you meet your classmates, and it seems like he/she has accomplished their dreams and you’re not yet close to yours? So many thoughts run through your mind, right?

First, you think God has not been fair to you. How about the ones you meet on the street wearing dirty cloths and still struggling for survival ?  Do you get the same thoughts running through your mind? I guess, NO. Don’t forget too that some are already dead.

Somehow it feels natural to have that feeling of jealous for those mates who seem better off, but it is really unnecessary. There is no room for regrets,

We are all different and our paths to greatness are also not the same in distance. Some might have arrived earlier before you and some after you, but whatever level you find yourself in life,

Please keep trying to break limitations and move further. Celebrate the success of others, its an indication that yours too shall surely come.

Zari the real Bosslady

Your friend buys a car now, be happy with him/ her. Remember when you’ll buy yours,  theirs might not be the latest again. There’s no permanent champion, but current champion.

Life is not about competition, do not be in a race with anyone; remember, we may seem to be reading the same book but different chapters at different times.

Don’t let the passion in you kill the desire in you, keep it burning. What you’re passing through today; Write it down because one day the world would be ready to read it, they’ll become part of your success story.

There’s no height you cannot attain, believe in yourself, define your goals, recognize distractions and don’t stop striving. Spend time teaching yourself, because those things that mainly take people to the top are the things they devoted their time to develop.

Don’t be intimidated by your friend’s success, the sky is wide enough for birds to fly without touching one another. Value every little thing that God brings into our life, love God and obey Him. For with God, all things are possible.

The Ambassador of Bryan Foundation-Zari in doing charity work in Uganda

*Now to those who are on top Never forget to give a helping hand to those who are down.Because Life is full of uncertainties; the one you pull up today, may be the one to hold your hands and prevent you from falling tomorrow*

A piece of advice there, food for thought

Share this to all your friends and let them realize that God has a purpose in their lives.

May God bless you.”

***Written by Mipigano Peter***

“A husband job is to provide for his wife and family”!

#RepostSave @cheyennebbostock with @repostsaveappI want my wife to be a wife, a mother, a friend, confidant, and much more! She will have everything she needs and more! If she wants to work, it will be her choice, but it will never be for the money. Only for sport. 😎 #MarriageGoals

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R.I.P the King of Comedy!

R.I.P the King of comedy, the Legend mzee Majuto! You have fought a good fight your legacy will forever live in Tanzania entertainment industry! You will be dearly missed with not only Tanzanians but many around East Africa and Africa in general! Rest in Eternal peace mzee wetu . Bwana alitoa na Bwana ametwaa jina lake lihimidiwe milele zote 🙏🏾

The FEAFFA board of directors meeting

The founder President of the Federation of Eastern Africa Freight Forwarders Associations( FEAFFA.) Mr. Igogo Otieno, addressing a meeting the Board of Directors in Nairobi, today 3rd August 018, at the Boma Hotel.

Hongera sana Mh. Jokate Mwegelo

#RepostSave @jokatemwegelo with @repostsaveapp  Amini Mungu ni mwingi wa rehema kamwe hamtupi amtumainiye yeye!! Ahsante Mungu Wangu.

Labda ni-share kitu kidogo, kuna muda mwaka jana mwishoni nilikuwa so down nilitamani kukata tamaa na kila kitu kwenye maisha nilikuwa pia sijaelewa vizuri hatma yangu kwenye siasa. Nilikuwa kwenye mkutano mkuu wa chama kuna mdada mmoja kutoka Arusha akanikimbilia na kunikumbatia kwa nguvu sana alikuwa na mama mmoja hivi walikuwa wamekuja kupiga picha namimi. Huyo dada mdogo hivi akasema ananipenda sana sana na mimi ndio nilimfanya aingie kwenye siasa na akagombea nafasi kupitia mkoa wa Arusha akashinda!! Nikabaki natabasamu. Ikanipa nguvu kubwa ya kupiga moyo konde na kusonga mbele. Nilifurahi kuona kuna mdada nimeweza kumhamasisha na kumpa ujasiri wa kugombea. Unaweza ukawa unapitia mitihani migumu sana kwenye maisha yako lakini inakubidi usikate tamaa saa zingine kwasababu tu ya wale wanaokutegemea, wanaokuangalia na kuvutiwa nawe na kujifunza kupitia maisha yako. Lakini zaidi kwasababu safari ya mafanikio ina milima na mabonde, inabidi upambane na kiukweli hakuna mafanikio yasiokuwa na changamoto. Na kuna muda changamoto ndio haswa zinatengeneza “character” zetu. .

Kikubwa zaidi wakati wa changamoto tukumbuke kuwa wanyenyekevu, wenye kujishusha na kumuomba Mungu aendelee kutupa imani, hekima na busara ya kusubiri wakati wake. Tukumbuke Mungu hamtupi mja wake. Nawatakia Jumapili Njema. Nawapenda Sana. Ahsanteni 🙏🏽”

Ninafuraha sanaaaa! Hongera sana mdogo wangu Muheshimiwa Jokate Mwigelo kwakuteuliwa kua  Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Kisarawe. Mwenyezi Mungu akuzidishie mibaraka yake, ukaongoze kwa hekima, na busara kwa faida ya wana Kisarawe na taifa la Tanzania kwa ujumla, zaidi ya yote utukufu wa Mungu ukapate onekana mbele za watu. Hongera sana tena sana! #WanawakeTunaweza

U.S.A_2018: Blessing katika ubora wake

Hongera sana Mh. Jerry Muro

"Namshukuru Mungu kwa Kunipa Kibali cha Kumsaidia kazi Mhe, Rais, Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli katika Nafasi Ya Ukuu wa Wilaya ya Arumeru, Nakushuru Mhe, Rais, Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli pamoja na Viongozi wote Waandamizi wa Serikali kwa kunipa Jukumu Hili la kuwatumikia wananchi wa Meru.#WakatiWetu #MeruYetu #TanzaniaYetu"
Naomba kutoa pongezi zangu za dhati kabisa kwa Mkuu wa wilaya mpya wa Arumeru Mh. Jerry Muro. Nakuombea uongozi bora wenye haki na tija  kwa maendeleo ya wilaya ya Arumeru na taifa kwa ujumla!. Hongera sana!

Happy birthday to my mama!

      Shout-out this this beautiful lady, humble soul, prayer worrier, woman who gave birth to me! Today is her birthday, namuombea mibaraka mingi zaidi ya hapa, Mungu azidi kumbariki, naomba uzingatie kuwa nimesema "naomba Mungu azidi kumbariki" kwa I naamini kuwa ameshabarikia kitambo ila naomba Mungu amzidishie isipungue hata moja! Namuombea afya njema na furaha tele. Happy birthday mama, I love you!

Relationships is understanding beyond any reasonable doubt that NO ONE IS PERFECT‼️

#RepostSave @hollietheblogger with @repostsaveapp  Relationships are never going to be what you want, what you expect, what you need, what the society expects or what people will say. F*ck all that BS‼ Relationship is what YOU make of it. Relationship is what you dream of and wake up and put in time to get what YOU want. That’s why you see people investing in their spouses, children and partner and silly people want to snatch not knowing it’s someone’s effort for them to look the way they do🤦🏾‍♂️Relationship is failing, making mistakes, learning and growing together. Relationships is understanding beyond any reasonable doubt that NO ONE IS PERFECT‼ Relationship is about saying sorry, acknowledging your failures and forgiving. That’s the best relationship that’s the lasting relationship! 🍎 🍎🍎 For those who know about Tuckman’s theory well and good for those who don’t know I will sum up quickly. Tuckman believes that relationship is formed in 4 stages, forming, norming, storming and performing. Forming is when you meet someone for the first time and form a relationship. Norming is where you normalise stuff. You’ve known each other and now you go to get coffee together to normalise your relationship. Storming is where the PROBLEM IS‼ this is where hell breaks loose! Now that you have met, gone for a coffee you are now at a stage of knowing each other’s weaknesses‼‼🤙🏾 This is where relationships break, die and murder happens BUT good news is that if you have survived this stage you’ve triumphed because performing stage you are just enjoying each other and it will take a miracle to break up or YOU AGAIN👍 However to get to performing it takes time, years to be precise. So to sum up Zari and her mother in law have passed the storming stage that’s why you see she’s comfortable with Wema visiting. So just remember when you are going through challenges in your relationship which stage are you at! ...🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙀🤦🏾‍♂️

If you want a woman to respect you as a man of the house …..!

#RepostSave @cheyennebbostock with @repostsaveapp 

Being a man isn’t about what’s in between your legs. It’s about what’s in your heart. Women respect leadership. If you’re not leading her anywhere, your relationship won’t go anywhere. It is time for us men to reclaim our positions as protectors and providers. Leader means “lead her”. 👌🏾



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Tanzia: Pumzika kwa amani mama Guka

Kwamasikitiko kwa niaba ya familia ya mzee Otieno Igogo tunatoa pole kwa mtoto / mdogo wetu Guka Otieno Igogo na familia ya mama yake kwa kufikwa na msiba mzito sana wa mama yao mzazi. Kama familia naomba mtambue kuwa tumeguswa sana ma msiba huu na dua na sala zetu zipo pamoja nanyi siku zote haswa wakati huu wa maombolezo. Bwana alitoa na Bwana ametwaa jina lake lihimidiwe milele zote. Kwafaida ya wasomaji wangu, marehemu ni mama yake na mdogo wangu Guka (pichani hapo akiwa na mimi kwa nyuma). Tumawaombea faraja toka kwa Mungu wakati huu wa msiba na siku zote. 🙏🏾

“This lady has taught me, resilience, faith and self worth”

#RepostSave @hollietheblogger with @repostsaveapp There are four pictures that define @zarithebosslady for me! All these pictures paint her journey both physically and emotionally.  @1. When she had lost Ivan and her mum and was sitting by Ivan’s graveside and was quietly dealing with Hamisa’s child scandal because the instagram was on fire 🔥 @2. When Hamisa decided to stalk her in Kampala during her annual white party☹️. @3' After dumping Baba tee. I had never prayed for anyone the way I prayed for this lady honestly. I was that 😔 and angry but helpless.  @4. MY BEST PICTURE her transformation!! She took control and had swam to the other side of the river. Duh! 🙏🙏💯 😍. 🌹🌹

This lady has taught me, resilience, faith and self worth. In three words what has this lady taught you?

Maisha ni nini?!

“Maisha ni nin? Swali hili limekuwa na utata na kuusumbua ulimwengu ni nini maana ya maisha; je! maisha ni kuwa na mume mwenye pesa nyingi? Je!maisha ni kuwa mke mzuri? Je! maisha ni kuwa na nyumba au gari nzuri? Je! maisha ni kuwa na marafiki wengi? Je! maisha ni kuwa na watoto? au je! maisha ni kuwa na kazi nzuri inayokupa heshima? Maswali haya yote ni sawa na bure maana watu wamekuwa na vyote hivyo na bado hawaelewi ni nini maana ya maisha! Maisha ni kutambua kuwa kuna Mungu na kukubali kuisikiliza sauti yake, kukubali kuwa yeye ametukomboa katika utumwa wa dhambi. Maisha ni kutambua kuwa miguuni pa Yesu pekee ndio mahali pa usalama Luka 10:38-42″ 

Sisters for life!

      Sema wapendwa wasomaji wangu, sorry ningekuwa busy kidogo nafurahia ugeni huu wa mdogo wangu. Amekuja kutembea kwa muda mfupi ambao wamefunga shule. Hii ni mara yake ya pili kuja U.S.A mara ya kwanza ilikuwa 2014 ambapo alikuwa ja mwaka mmoja na nusu. Hivyo ngoja tufurahi pamoja kwa moment hii 

Mama Keagan: Asante Mungu

Regrann from @nikypal8585  - Asante Mungu wewe ndio uliyenipa huyu mtoto  keagan P .Makonda 🙏 wewe ndio mtendaji na msemaji wa mwisho.Umefanya kwa wakati ulio ona ni sahihi 🙏🙏👼🏼 umenipa mtoto wangu Keagan  najua ulikuwa na sababu kwanini haikutokea wakati nilipotaka mimi. Mimi ni ushuhuda kamili katika maisha ya kila mwanamke au msichana aliyekata tamaa. Usiogope  kaa kimya jipe moyo tamka hili neno moyoni mwako MIMI NI USHUHUDA  ULIOKAMILI SITA TETEREKA KAMWE MUNGU NITENDEE  JAMBO LANGU KWA WAKATI  ULIOSAHIHI NA ULIO UPANGA  WEWE  AMEN🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏  -  
Asante Mungu kwa ajili ya mume wangu Paul (Baba keagan)hakika wewe ni jeshi lisilo tetereka kwani imani yako imepimwa kwa njia tofauti ila ulisimama imara💪🏽kwa machozi ya kishujaa,ulinitia moyo  sana ukuchoka kusema mke wangu wakati  wa Bwana huwa ni sahihi pangusa machozi mshukuru Mungu kwani  alikuwa amekuandalia faraja ya kudumu.Hakika nimemwona Mungu kila wakati nilipo pata jaribu nilijifunza kukaa kimya na kujipa moyo wa ushujaa na kusema hakuna mwanadamu anayeweza kukamilisha hii furaha ya mimi kuitwa mama na kupakata mtoto aliyetoka kwenye tumbo langu.Nasema tena  na tena upendo wa Mungu kwangu hauna kipimo kwani kanipa kicheko na rafiki wa kudumu .Nawapenda wanangu #PK nitawaleanakuwaombea daima ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ASANTE MUNGU🙏🙏🙏🙏  - #regrann


Ni wewe pekee mwenye kujua magumu unayoyapitia na uzito wa changamoto unazokumbana nazo katika maisha. Ni wewe pekee mwenye maelazo na lugha sahihi ya kumueleza Mungu juu ya shida zako, usikatishwe tamaa. 

Usinyamazishwe na watu ambao hawajui historia yako, hawajui shida yako, hawajui maumivu yako, na hawajawahi kuyapitia magumu yanayokusonga wala mazingira yako.

Ilikua rahisi watu kumnyamazisha Batimayo kwa sababu walikua hawajui nini maana ya UPOFU

°Usinyamazishwe na watu ambao wana wazazi wao kwa kuwa hawajui nini maana ya kuwa YATIMA

°Usinyamazishwe na watu ambao wako kwenye ndoa zao na hawajui nini maana ya kuachwa/kutelelekezwa, ujane /ugane, au kutalakiwa.

°Usinyamazishwe na wale walio na watoto na hawajui ugumu, maumivu ya kutokuzaa watoto

°Usinyamazishwe na wale walio na wenzi waaminifu na hawajui nini maana ya kusalitiwa.

°Usinyamazishwe na wale walio na kazi na hawajui ugumu wa kutafuta kazi miaka na miaka bila mafanikio.

°Usinyamazishwe na wale walio na watoto waaminifu/wasikivu na hawajui nini maana ya kuwa na watoto wakaidi, waasi, watukutu, walioshindikana.

°Usinyamazishwe na watu ambao wameshafanikiwa kimaisha na hawajui ugumu au shida ya kuwa masikini.

°Usinyamazishwe na wale wenye uwezo wakula Milo mitatu ya maana kwakuwa hawajui nini maana ya kulala na njaa

Wewe ndiye unajua uchungu unaoupitia, maumivu na upweke unajua wewe mwenyewe, kama Batimayo alivyoipaza sauti kwa Yesu, Endelea kuita na Yesu atakusikia hakika!

Nakutia moyo ya kwamba Mungu Yehova Yupo yeye aonae yupo, mwenye usemi wa mwisho juu ya maisha yako ni yeye!

USIOGOPE Yeye sio kipofu hata asione machozi yako, yeye sio kiziwi asisikie maombi yako, na hajakaa kimya kwa maumivu yako, Anajua, Anaona , anasikia atakutendea vyema hakika kwa majira na wakati unaofaa! 

Mungu akutie nguvu kusimama! 

Bwana akutendee vyema.

**by Melania Shedrack**

Baba Keagan: Lakini yote ni MUNGU anawapima imani ili aweze kuonesha UKUU WAKE

Regrann from @paulmakonda  - Mara nyingine unapopewa mtihani haupimwi wewe ila wale wanaokuzunguka, kupitia mtihani wako watatokea watabiri, wazungumzaji na watu wa kila aina hadi watakaojivisha U-Mungu kiasi cha  kufikia kukufukuru mara nyingine, lakini yote ni MUNGU anawapima imani ili aweze kuonesha UKUU WAKE, na anawakusanya kwa wingi ili atakapotenda NENO LAKE lisambae, hivyo sio kila mtihani ni wa kwako. Na naomba nikiri Kupitia Keagan nimeuona UKUU WA MUNGU, tena MUNGU yule yule asieacha neno lake likaanguka, na kwa unyenyekevu mkubwa kwa hii furaha yote aliyoniletea narudisha sifa na utukufu kwake yeye alie juu'  Lakini pia kwa moyo mkunjufu kabisa nitoe shukran kwa kila mmoja aliejitoa kufurahi na kushukuru pamoja nami kupitia message, simu, post na hata maombi ya chini, tunasema asante sana sana na kupitia nyinyi nimeshuhudia Baraka nyingine ya WATU, kikubwa mtambue nathamini sana sana na kwa niaba ya mke wangu na familia kwa ujumla tunawashuru kutoka moyoni na MUNGU AWABARIKI SANA. #babaKeagan  - #regrann

Hongera sana Mr and Mrs Paul Makonda

Mwacheni Mungu aitwe Mungu! Asante Baba Mungu kwa kumuaibisha shetani mchana kweupe!!! Tumzomeeni shetani kwa nguvu zote na tulitukuze jina lake Mungu milele zote! Hakika wewe ni mweza wa yote hakuna lishindikalo mbele yako. Pongezi nyingi kwa Mr and Mrs Makonda, Mwenyezi awajalie ulezi mwema, mototo Keagan akuwe katika kimo na hekima akampendeze Mungu kwanza kisha wanadamu. Mungu abariki uzao wenu hata kizazi cha tatu na cha nne, Amen!



There is no perfect family. We do not have perfect parents, we are not perfect, we do not marry a perfect person or have perfect children. 
We have complaints from each other. We disappoint each other. So there is no healthy marriage or healthy family without the exercise of forgiveness. 
Forgiveness is vital to our emotional health and spiritual survival. Without forgiveness the family becomes an arena of conflict and a stronghold of hurt.
Without forgiveness, the family becomes ill. Forgiveness is the a sepsis of the soul, the cleansing of the mind and the liberation of the heart.  Whoever does not forgive does not have peace in the soul nor communion with God. Hurt is poison that intoxicates and kills. Keeping heartache in the heart is a self-destructive gesture. It's autophagy. 
Those who do not forgive are physically, emotionally and spiritually ill.

That is why the family must be a place of life, not of death; 
Territory of cure and not of illness; 
Stage of forgiveness and not guilt. 
Forgiveness brings joy where sorrow has produced sadness; 
Healing, where sorrow has caused disease."

            ** by  Pope Francisco **